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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. What does Tom's brother do?
5. Why is the woman surprised?
6. What does Tom think is possible?
7. What is the conversation mainly about?
8. What does the man offer to do?
9. Look at the graphic. What brand does the woman want to return?


10. Who is Christina Chine?
11. Look at the graphic. Which quantity is no longer accurate?
12. What information will the speaker provide?


13. Who does she _____ to take care of her?
14. Nobody was allowed to see him at _____ time during the meeting.
15. Sometimes diners request _____, or "separate", checks.
16. When you look at the modern office today you could compare the changes with those that took place in the industrial _____ in the 19th century.
17. Forecasters are _____ that the weather this summer will be unseasonably cold and wet.


Questions 18 - 21:

Reading text:

To: All staff
From: Louise Nixon, Director of operations
Subject: VIP event
Date: September 6

We have confirmed a booking for over 200 guests from September 27 to 30. Many of _____(1) are important people from respected organizations who anticipate a high level of service from us.

They will be our only guests over the entire four-day period. For privacy reasons, you are expected to cooperate with requests from their security personnel and _____(2) from discussing the event outside the hotel.

_____(3). We've also agreed that guests will be allowed complimentary use of the spa, gym, and business center. _____(4), they should be billed if they order room service or make long-distance calls.

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)
21. (4)


Questions 22 - 24:

Reading text:

To: Robert Crowley (
From: Kimberley Phillips (
Subject: Recommendation
Date: October 16

Hi Robert,

It was terrific seeing you at the tourism conference in Miami last week. I'm sure you'll agree the event was hectic but very productive and enlightening. -[1]-. Best of all, I came away with several new contacts who can help me promote my establishment, Oleandar Hotel. -[2]-.

Anyway, I recall you mentioning that you were looking for an events manager for the new resort opening in Orlando. -[3]-. The marketing manager currently working for me here in New Orleans will be relocating to Orlando next summer, and she will be searching for employment.

Her name is Anna Harwood, and I have known her for six years. Currently, she oversees a staff of about 30 employees and presides over most client meetings for her department. -[4]-. She has been fantastic to work with here at the Oleandar, so I can guarantee you wouldn't be disappointed.

If you are interested and the job is still available, I can give Anna your e-mail address so that she can send you her résumé and possibly arrange a phone interview.

Take care!

Kimberley Phillips

22. What did Ms. Phillips do last week?
23. What is indicated about Ms. Harwood?
24. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "I believe, the role you’re offering also requires staff supervision and client communication."


Questions 25 - 28:

Reading text 1:

Dear Jenny,
It's been a time since I last saw you. A lot has happened since then. I got a new job working at a toy company. It's nice and big. If you have time, you should come visit me soon. I have a vacation next month, so you could visit me then. Call me soon!


Reading text 2:

Dear Sarah,
It was great to get your letter. My classes are going well, and I got an A in every subject this semester. The winter vacation starts next month. I have to find a part-time job, so I won't have much free time. Maybe I will have more time during the summer vacation to visit you. I'll call you next week.
Take care,


25. Where does Sarah work now?
26. When does Sarah have a vacation?
27. What does Sarah ask Jenny to do?
28. Which of the following is probably NOT true?

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