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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. Why can't the woman speak with Mr. Curtis right now?
5. What will the woman do?
6. Why does the woman want to see Mr. Curtis?
7. What are the speakers mainly discussing?
8. Why does the man say, "That's strange. Mine's working perfectly fine"?
9. What does the man suggest the woman do?


10. What is the purpose of the message?
11. What does the speaker ask the listener to do?
12. Look at the graphic. Which quantity on the invoice has to be updated?


13. A medication is known to be dose-dependent when its effects _____ as its dosage varies.
14. The restaurant critic advised patronizing _____ the newly opened Greek restaurant nor the 20-year-old grilled food eatery.
15. Trains are generally more _____ than airlines.
16. We are hosting a community lunch and need someone to help organize booths for the _____ business representatives that will be attending.
17. All the _____ you make on your internet account are recorded so that you can check the details at any time.


Questions 18 - 20:

Reading text:

The Keys to Great Sales Presentations

If your business depends _____(1) on selling products or services to other firms, then you and your staff need to make great sales presentations.

Here's how to make presentations that show _____(2) clients exactly what your company can do for them.

.Rehearse every aspect of your presentation.

.Read in front of a mirror to practice eye contact.

.Rehearse in front of a friend or colleague who can offer _____(3) criticism.

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)


Questions 21 - 24:

Reading text:

Pat Fiorentino 3:10 I am guessing most of you read the article in yesterday's newspaper about the city's growing trash problem. Mayor Watkins wants the city to address the issue right away, and he wants us to put together a list of recommendations to present at the next council meeting. Are there any initial thoughts?
Vickie Hill 3:11 I think a media campaign would be helpful. We can focus on the concepts of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
Lloyd Medrano 3:12 Sounds great. I couldn't agree more. But I also think we need to provide more containers to dispose of trash, especially in public areas and parks. The sanitation department has complained about a shortage.
Marcella Sanders 3:13 They also say they're understaffed. We could hire more employees, but the difficult part is figuring out how to pay for everything.
Dennis Kang 3:15 As long as you can come up with a solid plan of action, I can figure out how to supply the funding.
Pat Fiorentino 3:15 Thanks, Dennis. That will be a great help. OK, so I'd like us to meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 P.M. in conference room 3. We will have a brainstorming session, so write out your ideas and recommendations. Will that be a problem for anyone?
Lloyd Medrano 3:16 That works for me. I have a meeting at 4 P.M., though. Will we be done by then?
Dennis Kang 3:16 I'll be free. Maybe we should get the head of the sanitation department to come as well.
Marcella Sanders 3:17 I have the day off tomorrow, but I'll send some ideas to you by e-mail before I leave today.
Pat Fiorentino 3:17 We should be, Lloyd. Yes, Dennis, that's an excellent suggestion, so I'll give Edith Holmes a call right now. Thanks, Marcella.

21. What have Ms. Fiorentino and her colleagues been asked to do?
22. At 3:12, what does Mr. Medrano mean when he writes, "I couldn't agree more"?
23. What has NOT been recommended as a solution to the city's trash problem?
24. What is suggested about Edith Holmes?


Questions 25 - 29:

Reading text 1:

Date: Monday June 11, 2007 11:32:10
Subject: "Intro to Java" cancellation and tutoring alternative
From: Louis Vanegas

Hi all,

First, let me apologize for the fact that the "Intro to Java" course was cancelled. There were simply too few people signed up for the course. I also want to apologize for the manner in which the Continuing Education Department handled some of the logistics surrounding the course registration and refunds. The department is overwhelmed by work and continually short-staffed. Again, my apologies.

Although the course has been cancelled, you can still learn Java. I propose that you participate in small-group tutoring classes during the summer beginning next week. Details follow:

. Tutoring session days: Mondays
. Number of sessions: 8 (8 weeks)
. Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m
. Dates: Monday. June 18 - Monday, 13 August (We will skip the first week in August.)
. Where: 3rd floor computer lab, Tisch School, 832 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
(On the first day, we will meet in the lobby as you need a proper ID to access the building.)
. Cost: $30 per session
. Payment: $240 in cash, check, or money order payable on first day of class.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so I will have a good idea about the size of the group. Again, my apologies for the course cancellation.

Best regards,
Louis Vanegas

PS: More tutoring will be available at the end of the summer for those who might need more help.

Reading text 2:

Date: Tuesday June 12, 2007 15:22:00
Subject: Re: "Intro to Java" cancellation and tutoring alternative
From: Angela Wong (
To: Louis Vanegas (>

Dear Mr. Vanegas,

Thanks for the information. I would like to know if I could only attend the first four sessions since I have to be away for about a month. After I was notified of the cancellation this Monday, I made all my travel arrangements, including my flight ticket.

Please let me know if you will allow me to do this. I would really appreciate your prompt reply. Thank you.

Angela Wong

25. Why has the course been cancelled?
26. For whom is Mr Vanegas' e-mail intended?
27. What has Louis Vanegas suggested as an alternative to the course?
28. Why did Angela Wong write her e-mail?
29. How much will Ms. Wong pay for the course if Mr. Vanegas accepts her request?

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