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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. What are they discussing?
6. Why doesn't the man go to the gym?
7. What has Misty been doing to lose weight?


8. What type of business does the speaker work for?
9. What does the man mean when he says, “The new equipment should help with that”?
10. According to the speaker, what will come along with the new equipment?


11. I thought by now we would have learned the lesson that if we ignore overhead, we _____ our expenses.
12. To keep distribution costs low, we have selected only two _____ firms for the region.
13. Dr. Masahiro Sato was the featured speaker at last month's international _____ on economic policy.


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

To: All employees

From: Management

This is a reminder about the next general meeting. There will be a meeting for employees _____(1) 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 25th.

All employees must attend. Please _____(2) John Fisher in the payroll office if you cannot attend.

If you have not told him _____(3), please tell him before Tuesday afternoon.

The meeting will be held in the main conference room.

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Questions 17 - 18:

Reading text:

Towel Policy

Thank you for choosing the Wellington Hotel - your home away from home in the heart of Chicago! We care about the local environment, and in an effort to reduce our water consumption and the amount of harmful detergents we use, we have put the following policy into effect.

We ask all guests to please hang up the towels that do not require changing on the towel racks. Place all used towels in the bathtub, and they will be exchanged for fresh towels. Should you require any additional towels, please feel free to contact the front desk staff.

Thank you for doing your part to protect the environment.

17. Where would this notice likely be found?
18. What are guests asked to do if they require clean towels?


Questions 19 - 23:

Reading text 1:

To: Edmont Apartments (
From: Jean Chase (
Date: April 26, 2007
Re: Apartment Rent

To Edmont Apartments,

I will be relocating to the Edmont area in Canada in July, and am now looking for a studio or one-bed-room apartment. I will be working at Sun Engineering in the Edmont downtown area and wish to get an apartment nearby. As I will not have a car and will rely on public transportation, I am interested in what is available in the vicinity. Could you please reply to me with appropriate information?

I am planning a visit to Edmont in May and would like to schedule an appointment for viewing some places. Please send me the relevant information via e-mail or fax at 208-447-3056.



Reading text 2:

Edmont Apartments enables landlords to improve the exposure of their vacant Edmont apartments, villas, condominiums, and houses for rent. Information on apartments and homes for rent in Edmont is uploaded with comprehensive details of Edmont rental properties as well as its neighboring areas.

Alberta Villas
Studios, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom suites available immediately. Rents start at $550 in a great central location from where you can walk to Great Miles. Direct bus services to the University of Alberta. Close to shopping and restaurants.

Glenwood Court
Recently renovated studio. Perfect for those who need to stay close to Edmont's downtown area. Looking for a nice home on a budget? Then, this is for you! Rent is $650 a month.

Grand Washington
Sparkling clean two-bedroom condominium. Close to bus stops! Near all amenities! Lovely Washington Square location! Professionally Managed! Pet friendly. Heat and water included.
A perfect place for a starting family! Prices start at $1,200 a month.

Parkview Lofts
2nd floor 1-bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom. Coin-operated washers and dryers in the basement. Newly installed fridge and stove. Parking available for an extra charge. Rents start at $800.

Central Peak
Roomy 1-bedroom rent $750- $775. Surveillance cameras, brand-new elevator, and laundry facilities on each floor... 1 Block from Great Miles.

To learn more about how to post your Edmont rental, please visit our website at, call us at 337-309-4422, or fax your questions to 337-309-4423.

19. What is Ms. Chase most concerned about?
20. Why is Ms. Chase moving?
21. What housing complex will Ms. Chase most likely be interested in?
22. What is NOT implied about the housing at Grand Washington?
23. What is not mentioned as a method of contacting Edmont Apartments?

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