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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. Where is this conversation probably taking place?
6. Which of the following is true?
7. When did the man and woman last meet?


8. Who is Dr. Lulu?
9. When did Dr. Lulu leave the university?
10. What will Dr. Lulu discuss on the show?


11. I would like to help my daughter learn to play by _____ but I feel guilty.
12. From the moment he comes up with a concept, it usually takes Mr. Barnes a week to produce the _____ product.
13. Mr. Ben referred me to the prestigious British medical journal "The Lancet", where the research _____ were published last week.


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

Ace Supplies, a Paris-based firm _____(1) in office supplies, announced its plan to relocate its headquarters.

After decades of progress and growth, Ace Supplies found itself needing extra facilities. Storage rooms are also filled to capacity. _____(2), the inadequate number of employees parking space is another concern of the company.

But the most important challenge that lies ahead is _____(3) to move quickly to the new headquarters without affecting work.

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Questions 17 - 20:

Reading text:

Dream Vacation

Golden sandy beaches, deep blue seas, peace and quiet, and delicious food.

Would you like to take the vacation of a lifetime? Have you always thought about getting away on a romantic cruise but could never afford it? Now your dream can become a reality. Get away with Dazzle Tours. Why not take one of our mini-breaks? You will find that a seven day break costs a lot less than you thought. If you book now, you can get away for even less. For a limited time we are offering a Caribbean cruise with stops in Jamaica, Aruba, and Puerto Rico for only $499. (Excluding taxes, service charges, and visa fees included.)

Your Dazzle Tour includes:
. Round-trip airfare from Palm Beach to Belize
. All meals and on-board entertainment
. Choice of breakfasts, buffet lunch and three course dinner menu
. Includes full use of our sports center, sauna and casino
. Jet-skiing and scuba diving
. Savings on shopping
. Book of discount coupons given to each passenger-can be used in any of our on-board shops and boutiques (excludes alcohol and tobacco)
. Guided tours at destination cities with one of our expert local guides. All guides are fluent in English and extremely knowledgeable about their city.

With a Dazzle Tour, every day is a new adventure. All tours last seven days, six nights. Departures every Sunday until August 31st. Reservations must be made two weeks in advance. Call one of our agents to reserve your place now!
Dazzle Tours: 0800-990-990

17. Which place is NOT a stop for the cruise?
18. What is NOT included in the tour price?
19. If you wanted to go on June 21st, which would be the best date to make reservations?
20. How long does a Dazzle Tour last?


Questions 21 - 25:

Reading text 1:

August 8

1 2 3
office visit, Japan-America Society
4 5
staff meeting
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19
staff meeting
21 22
President's birthday
office closed
23 24 25      26
annual softball tournament
28 29 30 31
end-of-month sales meeting

Reading text 2:

Subject: August Calendar
Date: July 19

I have been asked to inform you of some changes to the summer events calendar. I would like to ask you to add these changes to the calendar posted in your offices, and to be sure to announce them at your monthly sales meeting at the end of this month. I have attached a copy of the original calendar, but I am afraid you will have to mark the changes for yourselves.

The first change is to the date of visit from the Japan-America Society. This has been postponed for a week and will happen the following Wednesday instead. Next, the annual softball tournament was marked incorrectly as Thursday and Friday, the 25th and 26th. It will be held, as always, on the fourth Friday and Saturday of August. In other words, the 26th and 27th. Finally, the meeting on August 31st is canceled.
Thanks for noting the changes.

Jason Potter

21. How often are the sales meetings scheduled?
22. What date will the Japan-America Society visit the office?
23. How long does the sporting event last?
24. What will happen on the fourth Monday in August?
25. Which event has been canceled?

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