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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. How long have the speakers been waiting?
7. What are they buying?
8. What will they use to pay for their purchases?
9. What problem does the woman mention?
10. What does the man imply when he says, "the branch supervisor seems to think that's an important issue to address"?
11. What will probably happen later today?
12. Who most likely are the speakers?
13. What is true about the training sessions?
14. What is the man concerned about?


15. How many bedrooms does the man's house have?
16. What is true about the man?
17. What is close to the man's house?
18. Where does the speaker work?
19. What does the speaker offer to do?
20. Look at the graphic. Which exit does the shuttle bus stop at?


21. World Travel Co. is currently offering all new _____ two free round-trip airline tickets.
22. Without the health clubs in the city, amenities such as weight machines and separate saunas _____ for men and women
23. The recommendation, which was faxed by the president herself, was _____ to the success of the merger.
24. Tito _____ drove the rental car through the crowded garage following the signs to the car rental return location.
25. Descending _____ are a bearish indication formed when a stock begins a downward trend and makes successively lower lows as it declines.
26. The experience I received being an apprentice was _____.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

May 30

Cayman Interior Decorating
23 Arbor Drive
Cleveland, Ohio, 39005

Dear Mr. Maximus,

I am writing to _____(1) you and your crew for redecorating the interior of our lobby. The results are even better than we had initially expected. _____(2). Overall, our guests appreciate the new look, and they love the authentic 1920s _____(3) and the comfortable furniture.

We thought we’d mention that the hotel intends to renovate the guest rooms. If things go according to plan, we expect to begin renovating next month. In addition, we _____(4) expanding the business center on the second floor. More space will be allocated to permit the installation of new facilities.

I would like to contact you again once our plans become more definite. We hope that your calendar will permit you to work for us when we are ready.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Devon Green
Manager, Nuance Hotel

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 32:

Reading text:

Dear Michael,

I am shopping for the day. I have to buy a new table and chairs. I won't be home until eight o'clock this evening. Please take the dog for a walk and don't forget to clean your room. Your dinner is in the microwave. There is some orange juice in the refrigerator, too.
See you later!


31. Who wrote the note?
32. What should Michael do?
Questions 33 - 35:

Reading text:

Fax Cover Sheet

Date: August 15th, 2004
Time: 9:55 a.m.

To: Saul Leganza, Guzzi Imports
Fax: [345] 123-5668

From: Peter Brown, Mel-Mart Superstore
Fax: [336] 999-7356

This is just to confirm that I received your phone message. My flight to California has been canceled because of bad weather. I will now be leaving Denver and arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on United Flight 77 tomorrow. I am sorry for any trouble this will cause you. Hopefully we can reschudule our meetings for the 17th. I have attached my new itinerary. Please call me if you have any questions; otherwise, see you soon!

33. Where is Mr. Brown now?
34. Why did Mr. Brown send this fax?
35. When will Mr. Brown arrive in Los Angeles?


Questions 36 - 40:

Reading text 1:

NanoMac Inc.

Finance Department
Office #402
26 Mountain Dr.
Sharonville, SC

Brooks Brothers Marketing
356 Brewster Rd.
Applewood, TN

Att'n: Paul O'Reilly

1 desktop computer $590.75
1 laser jet printer $195.95
2 cartons glossy 8x11 inch copy paper $54.25
100 blue Shic pens $1006.96

GST (Goods and Services Tax) $62.03
Customer Registration No. 878-96854-632
Invoice No. 856
Date of Invoice: July 15, 2007
To be paid within 30 days of invoice date. Should customers fail to pay within 30 days, a charge of $50 will be added to the account each month that payment is overdue.
Note: NanoMac Inc. is trying to improve its customer service. Since your company has been a loyal customer of ours, we invite you to fill out an online survey to assess our customer service. Fill out the survey at and you can enter to win a $500 coupon.
*If you have any question about the invoice, please contact our department by e-mail or phone.

Reading text 2:

To: Michael Shoe(
From: Paul O'Reilly(
Subject: Surcharge
Date: September 25, 2007

Hi Michael,

I recently received an invoice for the products we purchased from your company in July. I noticed that we were charged an additional $100 dollars because our payment was two months overdue. I would like to explain why we failed to make these payments, and hope that you will reverse the charges immediately.

At the end of July, our department underwent restructuring and Brian Davies, our Finance Manager, was asked to leave. Unfortunately, in the process of changing managers a few files were misplaced, including the one containing all of our office supplies invoices. I hope you will accept my request so that we continue doing business with your company in the future.


Paul O'Reilly

36. What kind of service does NanoMac Technology provide?
37. Which of the following is TRUE about Brooks Brothers Marketing?
38. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
39. What happened at Brooks Brothers Marketing in July?
40. What can be inferred about Michael Shoe?

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