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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What are the speakers discussing?
8. How many workers does the woman suggest hiring at first?
9. How will the speakers find more help?
10. What are the speakers trying to do?
11. Why is the woman concerned?
12. What will the man do next?
13. How did the man find this place?
14. According to the woman, what is special about this place?
15. What will the woman do first?


16. Who most likely is listening to this message?
17. How long does the caller have to wait?
18. Who is Mr Johnson?
19. What is the man talking about?
20. Which of the following foods did the man NOT mention?
21. According to the man, what should you drink?
22. What is the purpose of today's meeting?
23. Who is attending this meeting?
24. What will happen after the meeting?


25. _____ he is quite old, he actively participates in group activities.
26. The CEO addressed the future of the company so passionately _____ the conference that he didn't even realize that he was losing his voice.
27. A test was given to the applicants to eliminate those who did not _____ the basic knowledge requirements for the job.
28. Ms. Handa was unable to express her _____ for all that her colleagues had done for her.
29. The architect had to revise the blueprint because it contained too much unusable _____.
30. New factory workers must have their superintendent's _____ for requisition of any supplies needed for the assembly line.
31. Another name similar to a suck-up is a _____ noser.
32. A _____ up period normally is required before full production can begin.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

To: Talia Moroz (
From: Miles Kaufmann (
Date: July 31
Subject: Your request

Dear Ms. Moroz,

I am writing in reply to your inquiry about the Coldmaker refrigerator you purchased recently. In your e-mail, you stated that the compartment does not close properly. _____(1) issue was brought up by other customers in the past. Our technicians have since discovered what the problem is. _____(2).

As indicated in the manual, to _____(3) the door, you must push it forward until a clicking sound is heard. If you simply close the compartment without holding the tab, the door will not remain closed.

Could you please try this method first? If you continue to have a problem, please contact a service center _____(4) on our Web site.

Thank you for writing, and I hope I have been of service to you.


Miles Kaufmann
Warranty service agent

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 40:

Reading text:

A Very Fruity Idea

Our cities are filled with trees, and the vast majority of those trees produce edible fruits. -[1]-. But with no one to collect and process them, most simply fall to the ground and rot, wasting a potentially excellent source of nutrition.

One new organization wants to change that. -[2]-. Fresh From The Tree is a non-profit group that aims to collect as much fruit as possible from the city's trees, and then make it into delicious snacks that can be sold at low prices to local residents.

"We have been doing a survey of the locations of all the fruit trees in town," says co-founder Michaela Anderson. "Once we have identified a promising tree, we contact the homeowners and ask if we can pick the fruit for them. -[3]-. They usually don’t have time to manage it themselves."

After the volunteers collect the fruit, they give half of it to the owners of the residence, and keep the other half to turn into fruit pies, jams, sorbets, and other tasty but healthy desserts. The group only has a handful of volunteers at the moment but are hoping to recruit more in the coming months. -[4]-. They are also negotiating with the city to collect fruit from trees on government property.

37. What is the article mainly about?
38. What does Fresh From The Tree do with the fruit it collects?
39. According to the article, what do homeowners receive from Fresh From The Tree?
40. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Most of the residents accept the offer with pleasure."
Questions 41 - 43:

Reading text:

Kratschen Pharmaceutical Canada, Inc.
100 Wellington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ms. Julia Kruger,
Kratschen Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.
Kratschen Plaza
175 Rubens Strasse
Berlin, Germany

Dear Ms. Kruger,
It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our offices for the strategic planning meeting.
Heinrich Nasse informs me that you will be arriving in Toronto on Lufthansa flight LA843 on Monday, January 15 at 6:30 a.m. I have made arrangements to have my assistant, Ms. Cathy Somerset, meet you at the airport and drive you to our offices. I have also instructed her to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction for the duration of your stay, so if there is anything you need, please feel free to ask her. We have made a desk and computer available for you to use to prepare your presentation materials for the meeting on Wednesday. If you have any other special requirements, please give me a call, and I will make the necessary arrangements.
A room has been booked for you at the InterContinental Hotel, which is a short taxi ride from our offices. They have an excellent restaurant where you can have your breakfast. Otherwise, I can certainly let you know of many other restaurants in the area. You may feel free to have your lunches in the staff cafeteria here at the office. I'm sure you will find it surprisingly good. Ms. Somerset will help you with your transportation while you are here with us.
I look forward to meeting with you in person in a few days.


John Mitchell
President, Kratschen Pharmaceutical Canada, Inc.

41. Why is Ms. Kruger going to Toronto?
42. Why might Ms. Kruger need to contact Mr. Mitchell before she arrives?
43. Where does Mr. Mitchell say Ms. Kruger should have her lunch?


Questions 44 - 48:

Reading text 1:

Dear Mr. Pompeii,

On behalf of FRT Electronics, I'd like to thank you for your interest in submitting to us a product proposal relative to the FRT Digital Cell Phone. We always appreciate receiving ideas from independent inventors.

Our firm receives many ideas, suggestions and proposals, and has many of its own projects under development. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to accept your proposal for review, provide it is accompanied by an acknowledgement letter signed and dated by you. Enclosed with this letter, you will find the specific terms and conditions (T&C) of submitting a proposal to FRT Electronic. If these terms are acceptable to you, please sign the document where indicated and return it together with your idea or proposal.

Please note: FRT Electronics will only accept the original copy of the T&C document.

Again, thank you for your time and interest in FRT Electronics. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Very truly,

Bob Appleby
Project Manager

Reading text 2:

Dear Mr. Appleby,

I have reviewed the terms and conditions that were sent to me in a letter dated June 23, 2007. Unfortunately, I spilled coffee on the original document and therefore have copied the terms and conditions for submitting a project proposal to FRT Electronics below:

I understand that:

1. Samples or other submissions will be returned to the submitter only if return postage or freight is prepaid.
2. The company accepts no responsibility for loss of samples in its possession.
3. The company shall pay compensation only in the event it, a) accepts the idea, and b) reaches an agreement with the submitter about intellectual property rights and commensurate compensation.
Note: contracts are drafted on an individual basis and will vary according to the estimated value of the proposed products or idea.

The foregoing terms and conditions are understood and acknowledged:

Charles Pompeii
June 25, 2007

I have also included the project proposal for your review. Thank you again for this great opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Pompeii

44. Why did Mr. Appleby send the letter?
45. In the first letter, the word "specific" in paragraph 2, is closest in meaning to
46. Which product does Mr. Pompeii intend to improve?
47. What is mentioned in the T&C document?
48. What could be the problem with Mr. Pompeii's T&C form?
Questions 49 - 53:

Reading text 1:

Announcing Babson's Annual Clearance Sale
September 1 to 15 at all our locations

Babson's Department Store is holding its annual summer clearance sale. Find great deals on select items as we make room for next season's inventory.
• Up to 25 percent off bed and bath items, including bed linens, towels, and pillows
• Up to 50 percent off women's clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves, and sunglasses
• Up to 75 percent off menswear as well as men's belts, wallets, and ties

Note: This offer may not be combined with other promotions or regular discounts available to Babson's Rewards Club members. Discount prices apply to products purchased in our retail outlets or online at

Reading text 2:

Sales Summary
August 1 to September 30

* All amounts in millions

Department August 1-31 September 1-30 Total earnings
Women's 812 924 1,736
Men's 358 312 670
Kids & Teens 448 569 1,017
Bed & Bath 589 713 1,302
Watches & Jewelry 315 388 703
Total earnings 5,428
Less discounts (1,592)
Net earnings 3,836

Reading text 3:

To: Margaret Atkins
From: Lawrence Devine
Subject: Meeting
Date: October 6

Dear Ms. Atkins,

I just wanted to confirm the details that were discussed at the marketing meeting you called this morning. Following your instructions, additional funds for market research will be allocated to the only department whose sales performance in September declined. Also, it was agreed that we should continue promoting the categories that showed an increase in sales. As for watches and jewelry, you want us to conduct surveys to learn what specific items customers want most. Since profit margins for those items are high, you indicated that the company may wish to enlarge the selection in that department next year. Please let me know if this covers everything you requested or spoke about at the meeting so that I don't overlook anything. Once I hear from you, I will discuss this with the rest of the marketing staff. We can present a tentative plan when we meet with you again next week.


Lawrence Devine

Marketing associate

49. Why did Babson's Department Store hold a sale?
50. What is NOT mentioned about Babson's Department Store?
51. What is indicated about the Watches and Jewelry Department?
52. Which department will receive additional funds for a market study?
53. What can be inferred about Ms. Atkins?

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