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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What is being explained?
8. What will the woman put in the tray?
9. Which button should the woman press?
10. What are the speakers talking about?
11. What does the man suggest they do?
12. What department will most likely help the man?
13. How long is the basic warranty effective?
14. What will happen if the woman uses an unapproved mechanic?
15. What does the woman decide to do?


16. What is the meeting about?
17. Look at the graphic. What percentage of customers want a large screen?
18. What does the speaker imply when she says, “It has always been our policy to go along with what our customers want the most”?
19. To whom is this advice directed?
20. What does this speaker encourage?
21. How will following this advice benefit a person?
22. Who is the speaker?
23. What is served with the Sticky Rib soup deal?
24. What will take place tonight?


25. Michael Perrier was supposed _____ hosting the event, but has had to cancel unexpectedly.
26. Before the prime minister arrived, the police ordered the area _____
27. The committee informed Mr. Yamamoto that _____ application cannot be accepted because he didn't submit the required documents.
28. _____ for the finance seminar will be forwarded to all the managers tomorrow.
29. Larger discount stores that sell products in bulk are _____ to middle-class families that lead busy lives.
30. A particularly _____ drawback of this book is the almost complete lack of useful illustrations or tables.
31. Virtually every assignment will require an _____ of creativity.
32. Feel free to visit anything of interest to you in the exhibition and also you can _____ of any of the refreshments available.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Seattle New Light Nursing Home

We’re Here to Help

Many elderly people find themselves in nursing homes far from city life and at a considerable _____(1) from family and friends. This is not the case at Seattle New Light Nursing Home. The physical and mental health of seniors is our number one priority. We therefore help residents to _____(2) a healthy degree of social interaction by keeping them occupied with a variety of stimulating activities each day including exercise classes, games, and musical performances. _____(3). Furthermore, because public transportation, community centers, and parks are all easily accessible from our location, residents are free to pursue their interests while also benefiting from the daily _____(4) and attention our staff provides.

Call us at 206-665-8924 to reserve a time to tour our facilities.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 39:

Reading text:

"Movies at the Marquis"

The Marquis is proud to announce a repeat of our special feature week. Introduced last month, the special feature week was a great success. We will now be holding this event on a monthly basis.

Classic movies special feature week

Blazing Rules (1956) Western. Kip McVities, Rosie Ranger.
Monday, 6:00 p.m.

The Bilge and the Brine (1943) Drama. Mack O'Jangler, Gregory Ryan.
Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.

Elvis and the Swamp Monster (1978) Comedy. Mike Myhrom, Rupaul.
Friday, 8:00 p.m.

Digstown (1987) Comedy. Lou Gossette, Jr., D.Hasbro Eisenman.
Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00 p.m.

37. On what day can a person see two movies?
38. What two movies are the same type?
39. Which movie is the oldest?
Questions 40 - 43:

Reading text:

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL EXPO - Shipping Instructions for US Exhibitors

Fastex has been designated the official transportation coordinator of equipment and display materials for all exhibitors participating in the International Travel Expo. The following information includes shipping dates, consolidation points, and documentation requirements for the transportation into France of all your material for the exposition. The following air freight cut-off dates have been selected to allow as much time as possible to prepare your exhibition materials prior to shipment:

Door-to-door delivery
Drop off at consolidation point
No later than June 15th
No later than June 21st

Fastex is able to pick up your cargo from your facility and arrange delivery to one of our domestic consolidation points: Oakland, Denver, New York, Los Angeles, or Houston. Simply call us to schedule the pickup. If you choose, you may send your goods directly to the consolidation point, prepaid. Please notify us of your freight's impending arrival at the consolidation point. Include the Carrier's Bill of Landing/ Airway Bill information, the gross weight, total number of pieces sent, and copies of the commercial invoices for the goods sent. Whether we pick up your freight or it is delivered, we urge exhibitors to use strong, wooden cases that offer protection from the weather for the transportation of exhibition materials. In the event that your cases are secured with a lock or combination, please don't forget to provide the key or combination number to us for customs examination.

40. Who is this information intended for?
41. Where is the International Travel Expo being held?
42. If shipments are sent to one of the consolidation points, what must be done?
43. How does Fastex recommend that items be packed?


Questions 44 - 48:

Reading text 1:

Save money on your international calls!

Elite Wireless is now pleased to offer all its regular plan users unlimited* international calls and texting! So, if you have friends, family, or business associates abroad, the Elite Regular Plan is now a perfect match for you. With fees starting as low as $50 per month when you sign up for a one-year contract, you can save hundreds of dollars on international calls. Sign up for 12 months by April 1, and pay nothing for your first month of service! Find out about this special offer as well as our prepaid mobile plans and packages for businesses at

*Not all countries are applicable. To see a list of applicable locations, check the Web site.

Reading text 2:

February 20

Joann Majors
1919 Crestside Drive
Kansas City, MO 64101

Dear Ms. Majors,

We hope that you are enjoying your phone, text, and data service from Elite Wireless Telecommunications. Your current plan is:

Prepaid Cell Phone - unlimited talk, text, and 1 gigabyte of data
- $40 prepaid month-to-month
- additional fees apply for international calls

We have analyzed your usage pattern and would like to recommend a plan that is more suitable to your needs. During the past six months, you made a few international calls and consumed an average of 3 gigabytes of data per month. Based on these findings, we recommend you switch to our regular plan:

One year contract - unlimited talk, text, and 3 gigabytes data including international calls and texts
- a complimentary mobile phone (three models available)
- $50 per month

To activate the new service, simply visit and enroll using this special code: 5A6792B, or call 555-8383. You may also feel free to e-mail me at with your questions.


Brady Farmer
Elite Wireless

Reading text 3:

To: Joann Majors
From: Brady Farmer
Date: March 4
Subject: Re: phone plan

Dear Ms. Majors,

In regard to your query, it is possible to cancel your Elite Regular Plan at any time by requesting early termination. However, you will be obliged to pay an early termination fee. The fees are a minimum of $80 for a one-year plan, $150 for a two-year plan, and $180 for a three-year plan. However, other charges may apply if, in addition to your monthly subscription, you decide to purchase a mobile phone upgrade from us.

The information you requested on our devices is below. Click on any of the names to view more information on our Web site:
Crosscode SlimTouch with fingerprint security
Crosscode HighLine with extended battery life
Gogotel TX800 with 18-megapixel camera

Thank you,

Brady Farmer
Client services representative

44. According to the advertisement, what is NOT true about Elite Wireless?
45. What is indicated about Ms. Majors?
46. What might Ms. Majors use to register for a phone service?
47. What does Mr. Farmer suggest about Elite Wireless?
48. What did Ms. Majors ask Mr. Farmer to do?
Questions 49 - 53:

Reading text 1:

To: All members of Reinholdt Street bridge team
From: Michael Smith, manager, information services dept.
Re: Video Conference - Friday, August 21st at 6:45 a.m.

You are advised that there will be a video conference with head office this morning Friday. Everyone who has been involved in the planning and implementation of that project is expected to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to update Mr. Bill Sanderson, who is replacing Jim Watson in overseeing all government contracts, about the progress that has been made and what still needs to be done. This project is presently behind schedule, and Mr. Sanderson would like to get some idea of how far back the deadline needs to be pushed before he calls the city. Please send Mr. Sanderson a brief summary of your role in the project and any other information that you think might be pertinent so that he can have a chance to prepare for the meeting. Mr. Sanderson will also be asking you for your ideas about streamlining our work-flow, so please give that some thought and offer your suggestions.
The conference is scheduled to start at head office at 9:00 a.m. EST, and the time difference means that we will have to start at 6:45 a.m. Of course, we are aware that this falls outside of your regular work schedule. You will be compensated for your time at the overtime rate. The meeting should last about 2 hours, so you will be able to start your regular workday on time.
This is the first such conference that we have conducted, and if it is successful, we hope to hold all meeting between our San Diego branch and head office via video conference. So, your participation in making it successful is very much appreciated.

Reading text 2:

To: Bill Sanderson,
From: Aaron Rothschild,
Re: Video Conference

Dear Mr. Sanderson,
My name is Aaron Rothschild, and I am the senior engineer on the Reinholdt Street bridge project. I was asked by Michael Smith to e-mail you with some information with regard to the project schedule.
As I'm sure you are aware, the project has fallen behind schedule. We were originally slated to begin construction at the beginning of May, but there were numerous problems. The most significant of these was that we were unable to find a local firm that could handle the kind of blasting that the project required. The bridge called for blasting for the underpass for James Street, and this was very close to a residential area, requiring a very specialized excavation blast. None of the firms in the San Diego area had the necessary expertise. We were able to locate a company in LA that could do it, but this put us two weeks behind schedule.
At the video conference on Friday morning, I think one issue that would be important to address is why this oversight happened. We were under the impression that the blasting company that we usually hire would be able to do the job, but this is because we were not given a clear idea of the exact nature of the site until it was too late. I think this was a simple case of communication breakdown, but it would be useful to discuss it to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Yours truly,
Aaron Rothschild

49. Who wrote the notice?
50. According to the notice, what will happen on Friday morning?
51. What are the readers of the notice asked to do?
52. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?
53. What is the main cause of the delay in the project, according to Mr. Rothschild?

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