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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 29/05/2024

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1. Because all members were busy doing their work, the sales manager had to finish the sales report by _____
2. Bristano Machine, Ltd. first _____ the computer market in 1987 with the introduction of its Model A-2 desktop.
3. All _____ for long-distance phone calls made from the office are the employee's responsibility.
4. Headlines magazine is a very _____ publication that has continued to grow in popularity over the past seven years.
5. Another word that is very similar in meaning to appointment is the word date. A date is usually a private meeting with _____ person.
6. The chairman was obliged to bring the meeting to a _____ because a fire broke out in the adjoining room.


Questions 7 - 9:

Reading text:

Manage your business!

The _____(1) of making your business successful are here!

Successfully managing a business _____(2) specific management skills in addition to knowledge of key business practices.

Within this section you'll learn about leadership traits, decision-making skills, and how to manage your employees.

Additionally, we'll help you learn a host of important topics which _____(3) marketing basics, setting prices, filing your business taxes, legal considerations, forecasting for future growth, and financing options.

7. (1)
8. (2)
9. (3)


Questions 10 - 11:

Reading text:

Riya Shankar [9:10 A.M.]
I received a customer complaint about our Web site yesterday. I was wondering if you have time to look into it now.


Noel Mitchell [9:13 A.M.]
Was the complaint about our Frequently Asked Questions page? We finally finished fixing it last night. Everything should be okay.


Riya Shankar [9:14 A.M.]
That's good to hear, but the problem actually concerns the store content page. The customer mentioned that several images of our latest products aren't loading.


Noel Mitchell [9:18 A.M.]
If it was yesterday evening, it was probably because we were updating the pictures. But I'll double-check the page and get back to you right away.


Riya Shankar [9:20 A.M.]
Fantastic. Thanks for your help!

10. At 9:13 A.M., what does Mr. Mitchell most likely mean when he writes, "Everything should be okay"?
11. What problem did a customer have with a Web site?
Questions 12 - 13:

Reading text:

Used Computer For Sale

Pentium 4 - only 3 years old

. Includes 19-inch LCD monitor, 40X CD/DVD combination drive, 256 MB of memory, and a 40-GB hard drive.
. Comes with a color printer-scanner combo, surround sound speakers, and a super-fast wireless Internet connection.
. Can be yours for only $350. Call Steve at 568-1974 (after 6:00 p.m.) or at 574-4791 (from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).

12. How old is the computer?
13. What is offered with the computer?
Questions 14 - 18:
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Reading text 1:

From: Beth Wolt(bvolt@runtcorp.com)
To: Chris Gately(cgately@spectron.com)
Date: November 22
Subject: Details for Conference on December 2

Hi, Chris!

First, I'd like to express my excitement that you've agreed to speak at this year's technology conference. As you know, Runt Corporation has been organizing this event for the last ten years to promote innovation in the computer industry.

In my previous email, I told you that the conference would start at 8 a.m., but it has been changed to 9 a.m. becase a few of the companies who will be providing exhibits wanted a little more time to set up their product displays. Now, when you get to the conference center, you will have to pass through security. Please hand the security guard the four-digit code that I gave you, and he will issue you a temporary visitor's ID badge. You will need to wear this badge at all times while you are in the building.

If you need us to provide any equipment, such as a laptop computer, or overhead projector, please contact the event organizer, Martin Walsh. His email address is mwalsh@runtcorp.com. You can also reach him by phone at 1-529-236-1478.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions that you might have. I look forward to meeting you on the day of the conference.

Beth Volt, Public Relations Director

Reading text 2:

From: Chris Gately(cgately@spectron.com)
To: Beth Volt(bvolt@runtcorp.com)
Date: November 23
Subject: Update on December 2 Conference

Dear Mrs. Volt,

Thank you so much for your kind email. I am also very excited to speak at your conference. My company's innovative business strategy has greatly increased our profit margins and I am confident that, if implemented properly, it will help any computer company improve its total computer sales.

Since the subject I plan to cover is rather technical, I have asked one of my colleagues, Bill Front, to give a brief PowerPoint presentation to familiarize the audience with a few new technology terms. Mr. Front is a software designer who has been working for Spectron Inc. for five year. His innovative product designs have contributed greatly to Spectron's success in the last three years.

With regard to equipment, I will need a couple of things for the presentation. I will leave a list of required items with the event organizer when I visit his office on Wednesdday, November 25. Thanks for all of your help.

Chris Gately

14. Why did Beth Volt write the email?
15. What is Mr. Gately required to do before entering Runt Corporation?
16. When will Ms. Volt and Mr. Gately meet?
17. Who is Bill Front?
18. What does Mr. Gately plan to do on Wednesday?