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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. What does the woman want to know?
7. What is being offered at no cost?
8. What will the woman most likely do next?
9. How does Mr. Williams know Mr. Harris?
10. What does the man say he will do for the woman?
11. When is Mr. Williams scheduled to give a speech to the salespeople?
12. Where do they most likely work?
13. How did the woman learn about the news?
14. What have they done to improve their business?


15. Who is talking?
16. When is the speaker talking?
17. How will the weather be tomorrow?
18. How old are the children who play T-ball?
19. What is special about T-ball?
20. What is true about baseball?


21. _____ the holiday is only going to last three days is a disappointment to the entire staff.
22. The loan agency has been closed for investigation _____ claims were made that the owner dipped into overhead funds.
23. Make sure you have all the _____ data with you.
24. The consultant believes that the _____ revisions to the ordering process will make it more cost-effective.
25. A university education is of course important but it is essential that all employees undergo a period of intensive _____
26. If you leave me now, you don't _____ to come back.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

TO: Randy Huffington (
FROM: Olivia Cottrell (
SUBJECT: Machine issues
DATE: June 20

This is my second correspondence regarding the factory equipment that _____(1) at our Denver plant recently. As I stated in my first e-mail, a factory worker said a machine was making a lot of noise and shaking _____(2). Because there was a risk of danger, we shut the machine down to prevent it from causing serious injury to any of our workers.

The machine was delivered to our plant by your company just one week ago. _____(3). Could you please send an engineer to our plant to examine the equipment? Hopefully, your technician will be able to determine why the machine failed soon after its _____(4).

We will wait for your response and anticipate that it will be speedy.


Olivia Cottrell
Senior administrator
Edicare Industrials

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 33:

Reading text:

To: All employees
From: Tylor Johns
Date: May 20
Subject: Parking lot

This is an announcement that the management has approved a plan to repave the employee parking lot. The work will begin on June 1. During the work, employees are not allowed to use the parking lot. We strongly recommend taking public transportation. Employees can use a parking lot in the Commerce building for $100 a month. The work should be done by June 15.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and thank for your cooperation.

Tylor Johns

Facilities Manager

31. What is the purpose of the memo?
32. How long will the construction take?
33. What inconvenience will employees face in June?
Questions 34 - 35:

Reading text:

Green Forest ... we care about your lawn

Green Forest specializes in friendly service at an affordable rate. Our services include basic lawn mowing, custom landscaping, garden design, and general maintenance. Here are just a few of the jobs we can do for you:

. Monthly mowing: Organize someone from Green Forest to mow your lawn once a month.
. Custom Landscapes: For anyone who needs a little help designing their dream landscape. Our professional staff can help you choose which flowers and trees to buy, and where to plant them.
. Garden Design: For experienced gardeners who want to learn more about the science of creating a successful garden.
. General Maintenance: For people who already have a garden, or landscape design, but who need a little help maintaining it.

Green Forest is a small family-run business with over fifteen years of experience. In addition to providing great service, Green Forest also uses only the best tools, so you can be sure that your lawn is in safe hands with us. Call today and receive a free lawn care consultation.

34. What kind of service is being offered?
35. Which is NOT one of the characteristics mentioned?


Questions 36 - 40:

Reading text 1:

The Meredith Fashion Institute (MFI) invites you to attend our annual spring fashion show featuring our graduating students:

A Breath of Fresh Air
A showcase of fashions that are light, airy, and innovative

Entertainment, Lunch, and Fashion Show
Master of ceremonies: Stylist Melvin Lee
Music by DJ Raina

$40 per Person
Saturday, May 7, Noon

Hannah Hall Banquet Room
Meredith Fashion Institute

As always, the event is being held at our campus on 1000 South Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. All proceeds benefit a start-up fund for beginning designers who need support to become established in the competitive world of fashion design.

Reading text 2:

To: Troy Seeger
From: Anna Cruise
Date: April 4
Subject: Re: Photo services

Dear Mr. Seeger,

I received your message concerning Meredith Fashion Institute's upcoming event. I appreciate what the proceeds of the show will be used for, so I would be happy to participate as the official photographer. Moreover, I am willing to offer my services free of charge and provide you with images for the school's use. However, the costs of covering an event as large as this one are quite high, even though it will provide me with a lot of exposure. Therefore, I am asking your permission to install a photo booth by the entrance and to charge visitors a small fee for prints. All I need is space to set up my camera, table, backdrop, and printer. I can leave an assistant in charge of the table while I photograph the event. Please contact me at 555-0493 to discuss this further.

Anna Cruise

Reading text 3:

Fashion Guide Magazine

LA Scene
By Beth Rowlands

As always, the Meredith Fashion Institute's annual showcase of student fashion offered an exciting glimpse into the possible future of the industry. For those who are unaware, MFI has turned out many successful graduates, including Roxy Cooper and Belle Hashimoto. The event's host, also a graduate of the institute, has done models' hair and makeup for several of Fashion Guide Magazine's feature articles. The fashions in this year's show truly lived up to the theme of being "light, airy, and innovative." They featured plenty of loose tops, baggy pants, and oversize coats. The clothing was subdued, consisting mainly of neutral shades accented by the occasional hint of color. But the materials stood out the most — textured fabrics expertly cut into a variety of bold shapes. Check out some photos below. You may be able to find some of them at a local fashion retailer one day.

36. What is NOT indicated about Meredith Fashion Institute's event?
37. What does Ms. Cruise say that she appreciates about the event?
38. Why does Ms. Cruise want to set up a booth?
39. What is true about Melvin Lee?
40. What does Ms. Rowlands mention about the fashions featured at MFI's event?

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