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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. What are the speakers talking about?
6. What is the man currently working on?
7. Why is the woman concerned?


8. Why will local traffic be rerouted?
9. What are travelers who use Yonge Street to get downtown advised to do?
10. When will Yonge Street reopen to the citizens?


11. Politicians are said to be the _____ reliable people in the world; nevertheless, there are always some people who seek such a career.
12. It is very important in any organization that the people in positions of responsibility know how to manage their time _____.
13. Participants in the Mumbai Business Seminars must pay a small fee to cover the cost of materials and _____


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

The Keys to Great Sales Presentations

If your business depends _____(1) on selling products or services to other firms, then you and your staff need to make great sales presentations.

Here's how to make presentations that show _____(2) clients exactly what your company can do for them.

.Rehearse every aspect of your presentation.

.Read in front of a mirror to practice eye contact.

.Rehearse in front of a friend or colleague who can offer _____(3) criticism.

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Questions 17 - 18:

Reading text:

Date: April 22
To: All managers
From: Alan Turing
Re: Company Tennis Tournament

Please distribute this notice to all full-time employees.
It's that time of the year again - time to dust off your racket for our annual company tennis tournament! We were so pleased with the exceptional turn-out last year, and we're hoping to see all of you again for more fun! We'll be holding the tournament at the same location as last year, the Lanark Country Club, on Sunday, May 26. The matches start at 1:30, followed by our usual patio party and gourmet barbeque at 6:30. The price has gone up slightly to $40 because our caterer is charging more. But we're also offering some more valuable prizes this year, including a 62-inch LCD TV for the winner and laptop computers for second and third place. So, we're hoping to see some competitive spirit! Space is limited to 48; so, hurry and sign up. You can sign up with Ashley Briggs in Accounting. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

17. What is different about this year's tennis tournament?
18. What reason is given for the slight price increase?


Questions 19 - 23:

Reading text 1:

New Conference Center

Limited Properties (LP) is proud to announce that it has completed construction on its second conference center in Springfield, Ohio, a spokesman for the company said. The first conference center is located next to the Upton Insurance building downtown, and is famous for its golden windows. For three years in a row, this conference building has been the venue for important international seminars and meeting between oil companies. The second conference center is even larger than its predecessor; it has ten more floors and is roughly three times wider. Construction on the second conference center began on March 2, 2004, and was not completed until July 29, 2007. To commemorate its opening, CEO of LP, Robert Henley, is planning a huge dinner, which will take place on August 15. Prominent members of the business community and city officials will attend the event, which will include a five course meal and live music from the Springfield Harmonic Symphony.

Reading text 2:

43 Princeton Rd.
Springfield, OH
August 5, 2007

Mr. Todd Poll, Public Relations Division
Limited Properties
124 Hunting Lane
Springfield, OH

Dear Mr. Poll,

I was honored to receive an invitation to the commemoration dinner at the new conference center in Springfield, and I would be delighted to attend. I was in Milan on a business trip when the conference center was completed and I could not wait to get back and see how it looked. I agree with the general consensus that Limited Properties has created a place that is even better than the first conference center. In fact, I would like to host the 4th Annual Business Development Conference at the new facility in September. This year, representatives from Chile, Korea, China, Japan, and Australia will attend the event, and I am confident they would be impressed with the LP Grand Conference Center. Perhaps we could meet at the dinner and discuss this matter further. I look forward to seeing you there.


Charles Gates
CEO, GMA Oil Corp.

19. What does the article mention about the first conference center?
20. What is expected on August 15th?
21. When was Mr. Gates in Milan?
22. What can be inferred about the Business Development Conference?
23. Why does Mr. Gates want to meet with Todd Poll?

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