Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 05/04/2024

Test duration: 30 minutes

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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 05/04/2024

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Questions 1 - 3:
1. Where does the speaker most likely work?
2. What does the speaker thank the listeners for?
3. Look at the graphic. Which amount has changed this year?
Questions 4 - 6:
4. Who is most likely listening to this report?
5. What is the problem on Highway 33?
6. What should listeners do if they're planning to cross the lake?



7. While earning her degree via an online school, Ms. Duthuit worked _____ summer as a receptionist for a dental hygienist.
8. The campaigns that _____ assigned to the broadcasting division have been scrapped due to lack of support.
9. Maria Vega's keynote address at next month's Entrepreneurs Symposium in Singapore _____ by a short video.
10. Anonymous Writers is less expensive than the Writers' Consortium, and its work is _____ as dependable.
11. As her first _____, the committee chairwoman wanted to attract new, energetic members to the group.
12. Nobody wanted to _____ the meeting, but it was necessary to have time to cover the entire agenda.
13. Yes, we've almost run out _____ cheese, butter, milk.
14. A road collapse has _____ traffic delays on the main route between Mildura and Merbein.


Questions 15 - 18:

Reading text:

Alfonso Pellegrino

Alumni Hall 407

1271 Washington Avenue

Poughkeepsie, NY 12155

Dear Mr. Pellegrino,

We are pleased to accept you to the Vicksburg Junction Culinary Arts School! Here at VICAS, we accept only the most qualified applicants with the most impressive applications. _____(1).

Your background in Chemistry and Botany will surely be useful as you learn several different culinary styles here. Our goal is _____(2) you to the work of various chefs so that you can create your own truly unique recipes.

As part of your _____(3) coursework, you will be required to do an internship at one of the local restaurants that sponsor our programs. More specific details about that portion of our program will be decided as you enter your third semester here.

Enclosed with this letter is information about tuition, expenses to expect, and information about financial aid. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our admissions office. We hope to see you at the VICAS orientation at the _____(4) of next semester!


Daria Constantine

Dean of Admissions, Vicksburg Junction Culinary Arts School

15. (1)
16. (2)
17. (3)
18. (4)


Questions 19 - 21:

Reading text:

12 Blue Bird Drive
Newark, NJ
12 May 2007

Paul Thorntree
Spotless Cleaner's
145 Market Drive
Newark, NJ

Dear Mr. Thorntree,

I recently had three jackets dry cleaned at Spotless Cleaner's. Unfortunately, when I got home and looked at one of the jackets, I noticed there was a large rip on one of the sleeves. I immediately returned the item to your building on Market Drive, but the sales clerk told me that the company was not responsible for any damages incurred during cleaning. I have been doing business with Spotless Cleaner's for three years and have always received excellent service, but I am quite distressed about this recent incident. I would like the company to pay for the repair of this item, and to give me a full refund on the cost of dry cleaning all three items. Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss the matter. I can be reached Monday to Friday after 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday any time. My home number is 632-365-1456. You can also reach me at my office at 653-362-9876.

Linda Applebee

19. What is the purpose of the letter?
20. What does Mrs. Applebee request from the company?
21. What does Mrs. Applebee say about Spotless Cleaner's?
Questions 22 - 23:

Reading text:

Job Opening at Law Office

The offices of Chang and Brown are currently seeking a full-time secretary for an executive. This person will be responsible for scheduling and assisting one of our partners.

Primary responsibilities include:
- Arranging and scheduling appointments 
- Taking messages, answering calls and forwarding responses 
- Typing and filing legal documents 
- Making travel and hotel arrangements

The ideal candidate should have experience working in a law office and a current secretarial certificate. Other requirements include knowledge of word processing and other applicable office programs, and strong communication and interpersonal skills. The chosen applicant will receive a competitive salary, along with partial medical coverage and a generous expense account. 

Applications for the position should be sent to the following contact:
Mr. Rajiv Masilimony, Human Resources Manager 
Chang, Brown and Associates
800 Thompson Road
Singapore, 1129 
Fax: 555-1193 
E-mail: rajmas@cba.net

The deadline for application is May 31.

22. What position is being advertised?
23. What is NOT listed as a job benefit offered by the company?
Questions 24 - 28:
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Reading text 1:

Boston Concert Hall

An internationally well-known theater production, Broken Promises, will be shown at the Boston Concert Hall from December 5 to 7. Periso Dramatists Award-winning playwright and director Lisa Adams has been on tour with her crew around the world since last month, visiting South Africa and Canada so far. Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the thought-provoking and enthralling play. Tickets are $90 each for the general public and $75 for members of the Boston Concert Hall. Tickets are available at the door or at www.bostonconcerthall.com. A membership discount can be applied to up to 2 tickets per member. A complete list of the crew members, photos of the play from the past, and a brief background history of the playwright can also be viewed on the Web site.

Reading text 2:

To: Samuel Ferris (s.ferris@donaldaccounting.com)
From: Melinda Nafure (m.nafure@donaldaccounting.com)
Date: November 26
Subject: Broken Promises

Hi, Samuel.

Did you know that the play Broken Promises is coming to Boston in December? Since I personally know the director, as she used to live next door to me when I went to college in Sydney, I am eager to see her production and to talk to her. Would you like to watch the play with me? I will pay for the tickets if you say yes.


Reading text 3:

Boston Concert Hall Online Ticket

Broken Promises
December 6, 7:15 P.M.

Customer Name: Melinda Nafure
E-mail Address: m.nafure@donaldaccounting.com

Admission for 2 ($75 each)
Seats: B25, B26

• Please print out this ticket and present it at the door for admission.
• Go on www.bostonconcerthall.com for cancellation or change of tickets.
Please show up at the concert hall 15 minutes before the stated time to be seated.
• There will be a brief picture-taking section after the play.

Thank you.

24. What is suggested about Broken Promises?
25. What is available on the Boston Concert Hall’s Website?
26. Who is Ms. Nafure?
27. What is indicated about Ms. Nafure?
28. What are ticket holders requested to do?
Questions 29 - 33:
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Reading text 1:


Ruben St. Claire: Freelance Writer/Editor

ABOUT Contact Portfolio/Writing Samples

I write, edit, proofread, and research materials on a wide variety of topics. If your association, business, or institution requires help creating or perfecting magazine articles, blog posts, newsletters, or press releases, do not hesitate to contact me.

Major Clients
Borton University Alumni Association, North East Gardener's Journal, Urban Planning Association of Georgeville, Sportsworld Outfitters, Society for the Decorative Arts

National Association of Businesses Communications Award, GRB Prize for Editorial Excellence, Georgia P. Smythe Freelance Writers' Award

Reading text 2:

To: Ruben St. Claire
From: Christa Gables
Date: February 28
Subject: Inquiry

Dear Mr. St. Claire,

I am the proprietor of an online retail business, and I recently came across your Web site. I am interested in possibly hiring you to work on a series of short blog posts for my online clothing store, FineThreads.com. I went through your portfolio and noticed that you have done quite a lot of work for an athletic wear company that I know rather well. I believe you may fulfill my requirements as I retail similar types of products. Initially, I would need you to write three pages of copy to post on my Web site. If I am satisfied with your work, I will have three hours of research and about six hours of proofreading assignments for you to do as well. Please send me a list of your fees and an estimate for the total cost. Hopefully, we can get started as soon as possible.


Christa Gables

Reading text 3:

St. Claire Editing and Writing Services
(805)555-3988/ rstclaire@stclaireeditwrite.com

Invoice: 001 March 6
Christa Gables, FineThreads.com
14 Lewis Crescent
West Center, OH 49242

Type of work Quantity/Time Price
Writing 3 pages $225
Proofreading 6 hours $120
Research 5 hours $100
Total Amount Due
The total amount is due no later than five business days from the invoice date, and online payments and bank transfers are accepted. If you are sending a check, make it payable to: Ruben St. Claire.
Thank you very much for your business!

29. What is NOT indicated about Mr. St. Claire?
30. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?
31. With which of Mr. St. Claire's clients is Ms. Gables most likely familiar?
32. What does Ms. Gables ask Mr. St. Claire to do?
33. What can be inferred about Ms. Gables?