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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. What position does the woman hold?
7. Why can't the man speak to Mr. Dimmit?
8. How does the woman suggest helping the man?
9. Who is Donald Powell?
10. Look at the graphic. Where will the sign most likely be placed?
11. What will the man distribute on May 1?
12. What did the man forget?
13. Look at the graphic. Which service is the man most interested in?
14. According to the woman, what is the man unable to receive?


15. Where most likely is the announcement taking place?
16. Why is the minivan mentioned?
17. What is the owner of the sports car asked to do?
18. What will the listeners do first?
19. Why should listeners go to the second floor of the building?
20. Look at the graphic. Which trail will the listeners use?


21. You didn't ask me; otherwise, I would _____ you the whole story.
22. It is the company's policy that the director _____ must abstain from any political involvement in carrying out his responsibilities.
23. _____ goods can ruin the future of a new company.
24. Marilyn Rahman is viewed by most in the department as a _____ coworker with a talent for exceeding expectations.
25. Installing air-cooling systems is scheduled to begin _____ at 10 a.m.and end at 3 p.m.
26. I now want some kind of compensation for the total _____ of service I've experienced.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

Join us as we embark on a special journey to the world’s most loved places in Europe. Walking amongst the ruins of Rome or taking a sip of premium regional wine while enjoying the night view from the Champs-Élysées in Paris will let you _____(1) parts of Europe that you have never seen before.

Carpe Diem Travel, a premier, full-service travel agency, offers the largest number of destinations in Europe in the nation. Just say a _____(2) that you would like to see in Europe, and we will make your wish come true!

Let your dream trip begin with us. _____(3). We do so because we have plenty of experience in the field and know _____(4) to do to make you fully satisfied.

Visit us at

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 34:

Reading text:

Midland Zoo Opens Crocodile Farm

Always a favorite among locals, Midland Zoo opened a new attraction for animal lovers yesterday. Adding to more than 40 exhibits of animals from around the world, the zoo's newest facility is a crocodile farm that will serve to educate guests on how crocodiles live, breed, and survive. The farm, which is located at the zoo's man-made lagoon, contains more than 20 Siamese crocodiles. -[1]-. Visitors will have a chance to view the animals at close range through windows in an underwater observatory area. -[2]-.

The new site also has a research laboratory used for animal breeding. -[3]-. This was made possible through a partnership between zoo management and a group of biology professors from Central Plains University.

"It is necessary for children and adults to appreciate the importance of caring for endangered species as these creatures are essential to maintaining a diverse ecosystem." Midland Zoo manager Joshua Synco said. To increase guests' understanding of the animals, the laboratory's nursery and incubation sections will be open to the public beginning next week.

The zoo is also planning to open a new screening facility this weekend. -[4]-. The room seats up to 100 guests and will feature documentary films about crocodiles and other endangered species. For information about wildlife preservation, or the hours and fees of the zoo, visit

31. The word "serve" closest in meaning to
32. What has the facility recently added for visitors?
33. What does Midland Zoo plan to do in the future?
34. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "It is hoped that the facility will enable zoo staff to increase certain species' population numbers."
Questions 35 - 37:

Reading text:

Sampat Labs
Cosmetic Testing
525 Hilltop Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

April 14

Bethany Fulton
Little Miss Makeup
255 Greystone Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28201

Dear Ms. Fulton,

For over 30 years, Sampat Labs has helped both large and small manufacturers secure reliable test data on their cosmetic, beauty, and personal care products. Our fully equipped laboratories are staffed by experienced technicians and researchers who understand the issues that most concern consumers, researchers, and manufacturing companies like yours. -[1]-.

In addition to testing products for its effects on skin, we are able to guide you through the proper methods for mixing chemical ingredients as well as storing and transporting finished goods. -[2]-. We also test how long your products last under a variety of environmental conditions. Moreover, our access to an extensive database of test results from other providers allows us to completely avoid conducting tests on animals. -[3]-.

Please review the enclosed documentation for complete descriptions of each of our services as well as detailed information on how to submit a product sample for testing. -[4]-. To obtain estimates of specific costs and processing times, you may call me at 555-9476 or e-mail me at

Thank you.

Jacob West
Client relations, Sampat Labs

35. Who most likely is Ms. Fulton?
36. What is NOT indicated about Sampat Labs?
37. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "In this regard, you can be assured that they will be able to provide you with expert service."


Questions 38 - 42:

Reading text 1:

Serving Manhattan for more than 20 years, Piedmont Limousine Company continues to provide the very best in rental vehicles as well as the most experienced and professional drivers. Whether you need a stretch limousine that can seat up to 12 passengers, a luxury minivan that holds 8, or a regular-sized sedan with a capacity of 4, Piedmont Limousine can help! We provide clean and modern vehicles for any occasion, including business functions and weddings. We can even pick up important visitors from stations or airports and offer weekly or daily rental rates for those requiring the full-time services of a driver and vehicle. And for the month of April only, any booking for three days or more will entitle you to receive a voucher worth $50 to use for any future service from Piedmont Limousine Company!

For more information on our rates, location, hours of operation, and the types of vehicles we have available, visit us online at

Reading text 2:


NAME Benjamin Lopez PHONE 555-0495
E-MAIL COMPANY Neuro-Tech, Inc.
DATE/TIME OF SERVICE 10 A.M. April 18 - 10 A.M. April 21
PICK-UP LOCATION Central Station
TYPE OF VEHICLE Regular sedan

*I would like to book a car and driver to pick up a visiting investor. His name is William Bail. He will need your company's services daily during his stay.

Once you have checked and confirmed that the information you have provided is correct, click "submit" below.


Reading text 3:

TO: Benjamin Lopez
FROM: Fatima Khan
DATE: April 6
SUBJECT: Re: Booking inquiry

Dear Mr. Lopez,

Thank you for considering Piedmont Limousine Company! We do have drivers and the type of vehicle you want for the dates and times you requested. Below is the fee breakdown.

Car Rental $180.00
Driver Services* $340.00
SUBTOTAL $520.00
TAX $52.00
DEPOSIT $50.00
TOTAL $622.00

*Driver will be at your disposal from 8 A.M. until 8 P.M. for daily service.

If you accept the fees, please reply to this e-mail to confirm your booking. Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours prior to the service, but deposits will be forfeited under all circumstances. Customers canceling less than a full day in advance will not be refunded.

We also request that you provide us with the train information for your arriving guest. That way our driver, Solomon Nyongo, can be waiting for him with a sign at the platform.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Fatima Khan

38. What is NOT mentioned about Piedmont Limousine Company?
39. What will Mr. Lopez be given?
40. What is true about Benjamin Lopez?
41. What happens if a booking is canceled one day before a rental date?
42. What is true about Solomon Nyongo?

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