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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. According to the man, what did the woman do earlier today?
5. What does the woman mean when she says, "That's what I figured"?
6. When did the man originally plan to finish the work?
7. Why are they having difficulty arranging a site for the conference?
8. When will the conference take place?
9. How many people do they expect at the conference?


10. According to the speaker, what will happen tomorrow?
11. Look at the graphic. Which number should guests dial to request towels or pillows?
12. What will be offered to guests this week?


13. Be aware that candidates _____ applications are incomplete will not be considered for an interview.
14. Of the two games, no one thought the previous one was _____ exciting game.
15. Fortunately, his response _____ the board members, and the meeting was finally adjourned.
16. It is _____ through broadcast media such as television and radio that companies place an advertisement to attract prospective customers.
17. The third, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, deals with complying with those laws and regulations to which the entity is _____


Questions 18 - 21:

Reading text:

Scott Harper has been _____(1) to lead Canada’s national sailing team in the upcoming Cannon Regatta. Team spokesperson Jeremy Dawes made the announcement at a press conference earlier today. _____(2).

Harper, a 39-year old New Brunswick native, is a lifelong boating enthusiast who has competed in several international events. He has won two Yachtmaster trophies for solo sailing and will compete in a third later next month, _____(3) time with a crew of six.

Speaking on behalf of his team in his new capacity, Mr. Harper appeared confident about Team Canada’s chances. “Most of us have worked together on previous occasions. _____(4), I've been in races with at least four of the other members,” he said.

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)
21. (4)


Questions 22 - 25:

Reading text:

First Global Expands Further
December 28

Electronics giant First Global, which makes components for smartphone manufacturers, said in a press release on Tuesday that it expects to start building its 20th overseas production plant soon. The announcement comes at the end of a successful year, with sales in the fourth quarter surpassing those in the third quarter by 15 percent. President and CEO Ms. Genevieve Durand attributes First Global's growth to its efficiency in manufacturing. -[1]-. "We find ways to do more with less," Durand claims, "producing high-quality goods at competitive prices." -[2]-.

Upon completion, the new factory will be situated near Beijing, China. It will be First Global's largest and one of six of its facilities located in the East Asian region. -[3]-. Just as First Global has done before, it is using its own earnings to fund construction rather than taking out additional loans or selling off assets. It is hoped that the new factory will boost productivity by approximately 20 percent. -[4]-. Construction on the plant will begin in spring of next year.

22. Why was the article written?
23. How does First Global plan to finance its newest project?
24. What does the article suggest about First Global?
25. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "This increase in output will help the company keep up with the strong demand for smartphones."


Questions 26 - 30:

Reading text 1:

Dear Ms. Knight,

Thank you for giving Vacation Planners the opportunity to make your travel arrangements for your trip to Italy. We are confident that you will be very pleased with the destinations and accommodations we chose for you.

Since you mentioned in your initial telephone call that your family was interested in Italian cooking, for your stay in Rome, we booked a special tour of an authentic Italian restaurant, where an Italian chef will teach you how to prepare a traditional five-course Italian meal. As promised, we did not charge you for this activity.

We recommend that you review the enclosed itinerary and e-mail us immediately, if you have any questions or would like to make any changes. Note: a $50 fee will be applied to any changes you make.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will afford us the opportunity to help you plan your next vacation or business trip. And don't forget to take a look at the enclosed brochure, which highlights all the special deals we'll be offering this summer. Thank you.


Patrick Anderson
Travel Associate
Vacation Planners

Reading text 2:

Rome (3 days)
Venice (2 days)
Florence (1 days)
Tuscany (3 days)
Italian Riviera (2 days)
Rosa Hotel
Green Hotel
International Hotel
Regency Bed and Breakfast
Hotel Italiano

. For more information on traveling to Italy, visit our new website at

26. What is most likely Ms. Knight's reason for visiting Italy?
27. What is mentioned about Vacation Planners?
28. What can be found in the company's brochure?
29. Where will Ms. Knight be staying while she learns about Italian cooking?
30. How long will Ms. Knight stay in Tuscany?

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