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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. Where does the man want to go?
8. How can he get to the bank?
9. What does the woman say about the bookstore?
10. Why is the man calling?
11. What does the man imply when he says, "I'm supposed to start my shift at noon"?
12. What does the man say about a company's web site?
13. What is broken?
14. When will the repair person arrive?
15. What will the man do while he is waiting?


16. Why does the speaker want to be a doctor?
17. How long was the speaker's mother in the hospital?
18. What does the speaker say about being a doctor?
19. What is the problem?
20. What does the speaker mention about the Web site?
21. What does the speaker imply when she says, "Our prices are already low"?
22. What type of business does the speaker work in?
23. According to the survey results, what do customers like about the speaker's company?
24. What does the speaker imply when he says, "You're familiar with Fox International Deliveries, aren't you"?


25. I'll look for another restaurant _____ Chez Michel is fully booked.
26. Only Speedy Shipping offers a variety of delivery options _____ utilize both air and sea transportation.
27. The director is not as particular about the project _____ he used to be.
28. Several executives raised _____ to the expansion proposal which was put forward at the board meeting.
29. Melbourne Super's fresh fruit and produce are _____ certified as organic and free of all additives and preservatives.
30. In order to suppress harmful insects and weeds, garden maintenance companies must choose the right products and apply them _____
31. At any given time, a minimum of four different expiration months are available for every _____ stock.
32. There is one date you mustn't forget and that's the _____ for sending in details of your earnings to the tax office.


Questions 33 - 35:

Reading text:

At Grover Investment Services, we understand that you work hard to earn your money, and it is important to invest it _____(1)

This is where we come in. We offer our _____(2) a full range of investment services.

Whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, we can help you develop an investment plan that suits your needs. At Grover, we are _____(3) to helping you get the best possible return for your money.

Call us today.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)


Questions 36 - 38:

Reading text:

Reece Anderson
Are you at the caterer’s yet?


Amy Goldman
I’m on my way over there now.


Reece Anderson
OK, good. The Leville branch just confirmed that they’re coming to the banquet.


Amy Goldman
So, we need to order more food?


Reece Anderson
Yes, for approximately 50 extra people. Also, let’s switch the dessert.


Amy Goldman
Do you have anything in mind?


Reece Anderson
Something light. Maybe a fruit salad.


Amy Goldman
No problem. I saw something like that on the menu earlier.

36. Why did Mr. Anderson contact Ms. Goldman?
37. What is suggested about the Leville branch?
38. At 3:51, what does Ms. Goldman mean when she writes, “No problem”?
Questions 39 - 40:

Reading text:

Waldorf Books is excited to announce it will be offering a new print-on-demand publishing service. The company has created a database of all the major and minor book titles in the world and developed a program that can access electronic versions of these books. If a customer is unable to find a book in paperback or hardcover in the store, he can go to the Print-On-Demand kiosk and with the push of a button print a copy of the book without ever leaving the store! This new technology has a couple of advantages: customers can choose from a more extensive selection of books, and the final product is cheaper. The service is especially useful for individuals who are most interested in less popular titles by relatively unknown authors. The print-on-demand service will be available at all Waldorf Books stores starting this September.

39. What service will Waldorf Books offer?
40. According to the advertisement, who will benefit the most from the service?


Questions 41 - 45:

Reading text 1:

Autumn Leaf to Open Second Location in Buenos Aires
By Leonard Oldman

Autumn Leaf Hotels has announced plans to open a second branch in Buenos Aires' Liniers district. Autumn Leaf public relations director Angelo Suarez said that the new hotel will be more like a temporary apartment building for businesspeople visiting the city. "There is a lot of demand from visitors who need to stay in Buenos Aires for long periods of time but don't wish to spend a fortune on a full-service hotel," he said. He went on to say that the hotel will consist of large units with living areas as well as kitchens so that guests can prepare their own meals. Although the new hotel will not house a restaurant or offer room-service like the main branch in Monserrat, there will be a 24-hour café on the ground floor, housekeeping staff, and a concierge desk. The hotel open sometime in August, and prospective guests may make bookings or inquire about rates at

Reading text 2:

April 9

Leonard Oldman
World-Biz Magazine
Unit 542, Nelson Building, 432 W. 24th Street
New York City, NY 10013

Dear Mr. Oldman,

Thank you for writing the article about our hotel chain's expansion. We appreciate the publicity.

However, there were a couple of errors. The article mentioned that bookings for the new hotel can already be made on our Web site. We have been receiving inquiries from readers of your article about this, but unfortunately, your information isn't accurate. We will only start accepting reservations several weeks before our opening date, which hasn't been established yet. Your article specified the month the hotel would likely open, but we are actually planning for somewhat later than that.

I would be grateful if your publication printed corrections in an upcoming issue.

Sincerely yours,

Angelo Suarez
Public Relations Director, Autumn Leaf Hotels

Reading text 3:

TO: Angelo Suarez
FROM: Leonard Oldman
SUBJECT: Sincere apology
DATE: April 13

Dear Mr. Suarez,

I would like to apologize for the errors in the article I wrote. I must have misunderstood one of the people I interviewed at Autumn Leaf's main branch last month. I have spoken to my supervisor, and we will print a retraction in our next issue. Please review the draft I've attached with the corrected information.

Also, I would appreciate if you could let me know once the hotel's opening date has been settled as the magazine might send me there to review it.

Once again, I am sorry for the mistakes.


Leonard Oldman

41. According to the article, why is Autumn Leaf opening a new hotel?
42. What is indicated about Autumn Leaf's new hotel?
43. What does Mr. Suarez state about the article?
44. What is suggested about Mr. Oldman?
45. In the e-mail, the word "settled" is closest in meaning to
Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

Port Royal Cruises!
An unforgettable adventure in historic Jamaica!

Have the adventure of a lifetime by taking a cruise on an incredible replica of an actual pirate ship! Departing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from beautiful Port Royal, Jamaica, the H.M.S. Lady Blackbeard travels to numerous sites of interest! Featuring gourmet meals and beverages, the ship has a dining room, lounge, bar, and café. And the itinerary also includes a deck party with a buffet meal created by popular chef, Elijah Bolt. The vessel can accommodate up to 110 passengers, and rooms are equipped with private bathroom facilities and televisions. Tickets are just $450 per person for a two-night cruise, including three daily meals. The ship is also available for lease for corporate or private functions. To inquire about trip details or to view images of the ship and its facilities, visit

Reading text 2:

TO Evan Baughman
FROM Rayleen Webb
SUBJECT Re: Post-conference activity
DATE April 30


I checked the Port Royal Cruises Web site you mentioned. I agree that it would be a fun activity for those of us from the company attending the conference in Jamaica in June. I contacted the company to find out about renting the ship, and the cost is $7,500 per day including meals, staff, accommodation, and tours. So, a two-day rental would fall within our budget. We could depart on Friday and be back in Port Royal on Sunday morning, in time for our return flights to Edmonton in the afternoon.

If needed, the ship has audiovisual equipment we can use, and Internet access is available. It also has a paid laundry service, and the cruise line's bus can pick us up at the Mont Drake Resort where the conference is taking place.

I'll proceed with the booking once you give me your consent.


Reading text 3:

Port Royal Cruises
Your comments are very important to us...

Please take a few moments to comment on your trip with Port Royal Cruises! The feedback we collect will be used to improve services and facilities. Your details will not be shared with any third party. After completing this card, please visit the reception desk on the ship or our administrative office to hand it in.

1. How did you learn about Port Royal Cruises?
It was recommended to me by a colleague.

2. Would you recommend a cruise with us to your friends?
Yes, as well as companies hosting events.

3. What were the best aspects of your trip?
Great onboard facilities, helpful staff, fun sites, excellent gourmet menu from Elijah Bolt, and comfortable lounge.

4. How could your trip have been better?
The laundry service could have been better. Some of my clothes came back wrinkled. Also, the shuttle bus could have been less crowded.

5. Would you like to receive regular e-mail newsletters from Port Royal Cruises? YES ☐ NO ☑

NAME: Reyleen Webb
DATE OF TOUR: June 26-27

46. What does Ms. Webb suggest about the cruise she took?
47. What is mentioned about the H.M.S. Lady Blackbeard?
48. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
49. What is indicated about the comment card?
50. What did Ms. Webb most likely have to do?

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