Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 24/05/2024

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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 24/05/2024

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Questions 1 - 3:
1. What is on sale?
2. What kind of cars does Bunny Motors sell?
3. How much can you save at Bunny Motors?
Questions 4 - 6:
4. What will the speaker do next week?
5. According to the speaker, why is Ms. Dubois familiar with Vance Electronics?
6. Look at the graphic. Which laptop model does the speaker say she wants to buy?



7. Over the past four years around 120 young people _____ in Get Hooked on Fishing.
8. The CEO was criticized _____ his reckless decision.
9. Construction workers are responsible for _____ their own equipment and tools.
10. Jane's doctor asked her to _____ everything she ate for a week.
11. I'm really pleased that my health plan provider is paying for my gym membership as a way to _____ its concern for my health.
12. The signatures on the _____ weren't all legible because rain had caused the ink to run.
13. I eventually got put _____ to the technical department
14. Before the product is put on the market, the company must _____ whether it complies with safety standards.


Questions 15 - 18:

Reading text:

To: jcondie@mebo.com / From: Rosana.tsu@hepaglobal.com
Date: August 30

Dear Ms. Condie,

We acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail and sincerely apologize for the delay in your order. However, we want you to know that the delay was in no way caused by _____(1) negligence.

The recent storm which struck the northern region unavoidably halted all shipping at the Barrington port, resulting in delays of at least one week. Unfortunately, we were unable to prevent this _____(2) delay despite our efforts to keep the delivery date.

_____(3). You will receive a full refund, which will be deposited _____(4) September 3 and 5. We offer our sincere apologies again.

Yours truly,
Rosana Tsu

15. (1)
16. (2)
17. (3)
18. (4)


Questions 19 - 20:

Reading text:

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 15
To: All employees
Re: Painting

This weekend, the office will be closed for painting, and no employees will be allowed in the building. Although official company policy discourages employees from working overtime hours from home, an exception will be made in this case. However, you should be sure to get prior approval for your overtime from your manager. Also, log on to the system from home when you start work, and remember to log off when you are finished. The painters will be here on Saturday morning, and they have requested that all office furniture be moved into the hallway. So, you are asked to leave work at 5:00 on Friday to give the maintenance staff a chance to rearrange the furniture. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Thank you.

19. What is happening at the office?
20. What do staff members need to do in order to work overtime?
Questions 21 - 24:

Reading text:

Sonorum Brings Vixo Mob One Step Closer to Reality
By Albert Lepke, music correspondent

Music giant Sonorum, which holds the rights for over 80 record labels, has struck a global licensing deal with online streaming provider Vixo, paving the way for the launch of Vixo Mob, a paid music subscription service. Vixo already has the rights to stream content from several major record labels. -[1]-. But until now, it lacked access to Sonorum's vast catalog of contemporary music.

The agreement with Sonorum will significantly increase the amount of content Vixo will be able to offer, making Vixo Mob's long-awaited introduction more likely to occur. The premium service has been in development for two years. -[2]-. "We're clearly excited about the prospect of seeing our artists' work distributed through Vixo's Internet and mobile platforms," said Sonorum CEO Sandra Scheine. "While we appreciate our existing partnerships with some of Vixo's competitors, none of them have the reach that Vixo has."

Vixo has more than 180 million regular users, whereas the next largest streaming service, SoundStorm, has only 20 million. -[3]-. The way the sites are used explains the disparity. Most people visit Vixo to watch free videos rather than to stream music. Meanwhile, over 48 percent of Soundstorm's users subscribe to the site for a monthly fee so they can listen to music. -[4]-. It is unknown whether Vixo Mob's users would be willing to do the same.

21. What is indicated about Vixo Mob?
22. According to the article, what competitive advantage does Vixo have?
23. What does the article mention about SoundStorm?
24. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Once it is launched, users will be able to stream a wider range of both music and videos in a high-quality digital format."
Questions 25 - 29:
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Reading text 1:

To: Fran Morris(fran@friendlyflowers.com)
From: Jerry Sprigs(jerry@irvingcountryclub.com)
Subject: Delivery Request

Dear Ms. Morris,

I am writing to inform you that the McGuiness Women's Foundation Luncheon, which was scheduled to take place this Saturday at 3 p.m., has been postponed to Sunday at 2 p.m., due to predictions of showers. Therefore, I would like to change the delivery time for the flower arrangements we ordered. Would you be able to deliver the flowers either Saturday morning, or between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon? Also, if you choose to deliver the flowers on Saturday afternoon, please do not take the flowers to the Club House; we will be hosting a charity lunch for the Rotary Club at that time, and the area will be full of people. Instead, could you please bring the flowers to the Maintenance building next to the botanical gardens? If you can bring the flowers in the morning, just take them directly to the Club House as we originally discussed. Please e-mail me immediately to confirm these changes.

Jerry Sprigs
Manager, Irving Country Club

Reading text 2:

To: Jerry Sprigs(jerry@irvingcountryclub.com)
From: Fran Morris(fran@friendlyflowers.com)
Subject: RE: Delivery Request

Dear Mr. Sprigs,

I received your request to change the date and time we deliver your flowers. Unfortunately, we are completely booked in the afternoon on Saturday and will not be able to deliver the flowers at the time you requested. We would be happy to deliver the flowers between 10:00 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Saturday. Also, I should inform you that Friendly Flowers charges $25 for any changes that are made to orders on such short notice. I apologize for this inconvenience, but it helps us provide the most reliable service possible. I will be out of the office this afternoon, so please call me on my cell phone at 369-654-9876.

Fran Morris
Owner, Friendly Flowers

25. Why does Jerry Sprigs want to change the delivery time?
26. What is TRUE about the Irving Country Club?
27. What should Mr. Sprigs do to change an order?
28. In the second e-mail, the word "reliable" is closest in meaning to
29. How will Fran Morris most likely deliver the flowers?
Questions 30 - 34:
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Reading text 1:

The Meredith Fashion Institute (MFI) invites you to attend our annual spring fashion show featuring our graduating students:

A Breath of Fresh Air
A showcase of fashions that are light, airy, and innovative

Entertainment, Lunch, and Fashion Show
Master of ceremonies: Stylist Melvin Lee
Music by DJ Raina

$40 per Person
Saturday, May 7, Noon

Hannah Hall Banquet Room
Meredith Fashion Institute

As always, the event is being held at our campus on 1000 South Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. All proceeds benefit a start-up fund for beginning designers who need support to become established in the competitive world of fashion design.

Reading text 2:

To: Troy Seeger
From: Anna Cruise
Date: April 4
Subject: Re: Photo services

Dear Mr. Seeger,

I received your message concerning Meredith Fashion Institute's upcoming event. I appreciate what the proceeds of the show will be used for, so I would be happy to participate as the official photographer. Moreover, I am willing to offer my services free of charge and provide you with images for the school's use. However, the costs of covering an event as large as this one are quite high, even though it will provide me with a lot of exposure. Therefore, I am asking your permission to install a photo booth by the entrance and to charge visitors a small fee for prints. All I need is space to set up my camera, table, backdrop, and printer. I can leave an assistant in charge of the table while I photograph the event. Please contact me at 555-0493 to discuss this further.

Anna Cruise

Reading text 3:

Fashion Guide Magazine

LA Scene
By Beth Rowlands

As always, the Meredith Fashion Institute's annual showcase of student fashion offered an exciting glimpse into the possible future of the industry. For those who are unaware, MFI has turned out many successful graduates, including Roxy Cooper and Belle Hashimoto. The event's host, also a graduate of the institute, has done models' hair and makeup for several of Fashion Guide Magazine's feature articles. The fashions in this year's show truly lived up to the theme of being "light, airy, and innovative." They featured plenty of loose tops, baggy pants, and oversize coats. The clothing was subdued, consisting mainly of neutral shades accented by the occasional hint of color. But the materials stood out the most — textured fabrics expertly cut into a variety of bold shapes. Check out some photos below. You may be able to find some of them at a local fashion retailer one day.

30. What is NOT indicated about Meredith Fashion Institute's event?
31. What does Ms. Cruise say that she appreciates about the event?
32. Why does Ms. Cruise want to set up a booth?
33. What is true about Melvin Lee?
34. What does Ms. Rowlands mention about the fashions featured at MFI's event?