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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. Where most likely are the speakers?
5. What does the man suggest?
6. Why does the woman suggest the Mexican restaurant?
7. What are the speakers doing?
8. What problem does the woman mention?
9. How does the man feel?


10. What is the Johnsonville Observer?
11. What are residents asked to do?
12. What will winners receive?


13. If it weighs _____ 15 kilograms, you have to pay extra.
14. _____ to focus resources and investment on this rapidly growing business, we have to make a strategic decision.
15. The contract calls for the union to _____ who their bargaining representative will be.
16. Headlines magazine is a very _____ publication that has continued to grow in popularity over the past seven years.
17. Price similarities also can result from normal economic conditions: for example, _____ competition can drive prices down to a common level.


Questions 18 - 20:

Reading text:

Manage your business!

The _____(1) of making your business successful are here!

Successfully managing a business _____(2) specific management skills in addition to knowledge of key business practices.

Within this section you'll learn about leadership traits, decision-making skills, and how to manage your employees.

Additionally, we'll help you learn a host of important topics which _____(3) marketing basics, setting prices, filing your business taxes, legal considerations, forecasting for future growth, and financing options.

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)


Questions 21 - 22:

Reading text:

At Bathland!
Everything that you need for your bathroom
For two weeks only!
50% off our extra-large luxury bathtubs
30% off luxury soap and shampoo sets
Buy two large towels and get one free
Mirrors, sinks, shelves, tiles, and much more ...
All up to 25% off!

21. What should you NOT buy at Bathland?
22. How long will the sale last?


Questions 23 - 27:

Reading text 1:

E-Klavier Digital Piano - User's Manual

Thank you for purchasing an E-Klavier Digital Piano by SoundDesign! Please carefully read the user's manual prior to operating your digital piano. Not only will it enhance your experience, it will also extend the life of your machine. Your E-Klavier Digital Piano is manufactured to the most exacting specifications using the best materials available. By following the instructions contained in this manual, it will provide you with a lifetime enjoyment. In addition to this manual, there is more information on the SoundDesign website.

Important Warning
The surface of your new E-Klavier Digital Piano by SoundDesign is coated with our patented high-gloss enamel to mimic the finish of the highest-quality grand pianos. It is susceptible to scratching. Should it require cleaning, you should wipe it with a lightly-dampened cloth. Under no circumstances should you use detergents or abrasives to clean any part of the surface, as scratching or discoloration may result.

Should you have any problems with your digital piano that are not covered by the material in this manual, first check the FAQ and troubleshooting sections of our website at If you still cannot find a solution to your problem, call our service representatives at the number on the back cover of the manual, or e-mail them at

Reading text 2:


To Whom It May Concern:
I recently purchased a T-201 E-Klavier, and have been very satisfied. It has so many useful functions! If anything, it has too many. (It took me a whole afternoon to figure out how to use it properly; but, then again, I'm not exactly skilled with electronic gadgets.) It really lives up to the promises in your literature. The sound is excellent. My son-in-law, who is a concert pianist, was impressed, so that says a lot.

Anyway, the main reason I'm writing is that my little granddaughter spilled her grape juice all over the top of the keyboard. I mopped most of it up at the time, but some got under the lid and now it's a sticky mess in there. I tried using a damp cloth as the user manual recommends, but it's just not coming off. I looked through all of the material on the website, too, but I think this problem is rather unique. I'm worried about ruining the finish, so I'm asking if there are any soaps or detergents that I could safely use.

Thanks a lot,
Randy Wilson

23. What are owners of the T-201 E-Klavier instructed to do?
24. What are consumers told to do if there is a problem with their E-Klavier?
25. What should be used to clean the surface of the keyboard?
26. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
27. What has Mr. Wilson already tried?

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