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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. Who was Bob Wilson?
6. How long will they stay at the Wilson House?
7. Where will they go after visiting the Wilson House?


8. An increasing school age population _____ that there will be a need for more teachers.
9. Once all the nominations are put forward, Andrew Joseph, a member of the judging panel, will _____ the contenders for This Year's Employee Award.
10. Participating in public-service _____ is just one of many ways companies can improve their company image and bring unity among their employees.


Questions 11 - 13:

Reading text:

Dear Harry,

We are pleased to inform you of your promotion within our company. Starting the first of next month, you will begin your new position as manager of the Fulfillment Department. During your years as a member of the Fulfillment Department staff, you have made many _____(1) to the productivity and smooth operation of the department.

We have always valued your dedication to your job, and now we are pleased to be able _____(2) your hard work and fine skills with this promotion.

We know you will do a wonderful job. The Personnel Department will contact you soon regarding the changes in your salary and benefits. We _____(3) welcoming you to your new position next month.


Madeline Kovacs


11. (1)
12. (2)
13. (3)


Questions 14 - 15:

Reading text:

The Federal Department of Labor has announced that the unemployment rate has decreased this year by 2%. This decrease has surprised experts who predicted a 3%-5% increase. In addition to the decrease, the federal government has released research that shows the dollar value has improved compared to its international exchange rate at this time last year. This improvement has also come as a surprise to analysts who predicted the dollar would remain stable. The Federal Department of Labor attributes these improvements to a smaller workforce.

Economic analysts have gone on record to say that these changes should prove beneficial for the country's general fiscal health over the course of the next year, as competition should increase and consumership will improve. The increase in value of the dollar is usually attributed to higher salaries throughout the workforce. Investors have also responded positively to this information as the stock market has experienced consistent growth over the past two quarters.

14. What change has the government reported?
15. What is predicted to happen over the next year?


Questions 16 - 20:

Reading text 1:

NanoMac Inc.

Finance Department
Office #402
26 Mountain Dr.
Sharonville, SC

Brooks Brothers Marketing
356 Brewster Rd.
Applewood, TN

Att'n: Paul O'Reilly

1 desktop computer $590.75
1 laser jet printer $195.95
2 cartons glossy 8x11 inch copy paper $54.25
100 blue Shic pens $1006.96

GST (Goods and Services Tax) $62.03
Customer Registration No. 878-96854-632
Invoice No. 856
Date of Invoice: July 15, 2007
To be paid within 30 days of invoice date. Should customers fail to pay within 30 days, a charge of $50 will be added to the account each month that payment is overdue.
Note: NanoMac Inc. is trying to improve its customer service. Since your company has been a loyal customer of ours, we invite you to fill out an online survey to assess our customer service. Fill out the survey at and you can enter to win a $500 coupon.
*If you have any question about the invoice, please contact our department by e-mail or phone.

Reading text 2:

To: Michael Shoe(
From: Paul O'Reilly(
Subject: Surcharge
Date: September 25, 2007

Hi Michael,

I recently received an invoice for the products we purchased from your company in July. I noticed that we were charged an additional $100 dollars because our payment was two months overdue. I would like to explain why we failed to make these payments, and hope that you will reverse the charges immediately.

At the end of July, our department underwent restructuring and Brian Davies, our Finance Manager, was asked to leave. Unfortunately, in the process of changing managers a few files were misplaced, including the one containing all of our office supplies invoices. I hope you will accept my request so that we continue doing business with your company in the future.


Paul O'Reilly

16. What kind of service does NanoMac Technology provide?
17. Which of the following is TRUE about Brooks Brothers Marketing?
18. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
19. What happened at Brooks Brothers Marketing in July?
20. What can be inferred about Michael Shoe?

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