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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 01/05/2024

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1. The assistant to Ms. Brigham _____ more responsible in the last year.
2. _____ the personnel department directly if you have any questions regarding your benefits.
3. The new PowerPoint software is the most _____ advanced presentation program on the market today.
4. The Russian auto manufacturer's sales strategy has proven _____ effective in emerging markets such as South America.
5. Part of the ongoing training is to ensure that a regular time and place are _____ for department heads to meet their staff.
6. Our special offer will be available to the first 100 customers because of _____ supplies.


Questions 7 - 10:

Reading text:

To: Greg Meyers (gmeyers@dontrell.com) From: Powerboard Electronics (repairdp@pwelectornics.com) Subject: Your PC Repair Status

Dear Mr. Meyers,

Thank you for dropping off your PC at our electronics repair shop earlier today. We have _____(1) the problem, and unfortunately, your motherboard and hard drive have severe water damage. There are some options you need to consider before we _____(2) to the next step.

First, recovering the data on your PC will be very expensive and _____(3). If you still want it, it would cost $750 and will take approximately one week. Another option is to replace both the motherboard and hard drive. We would suggest this option. It is simple and cost-effective. It would only be $120 and you can pick your computer up tomorrow. _____(4). We appreciate your business and look forward to continue working with you.


Powerboard Electronics

7. (1)
8. (2)
9. (3)
10. (4)


Questions 11 - 14:

Reading text:

Lester Beebe Hits Stage in South Bend
By Adam Brown

A musical version of Michelle Gable's novel The Triumph of Lester Beebe is set to premiere next month on May 22. -[1]-. Set in South Bend, the show is the story of a teenage boy who is the son of an automobile factory worker in the 1960s. The book became a favorite of young adult readers when it was first printed in 1968. -[2]-.

Producers Todd Carlisle and Emma Wright were not even born when the book was first released but say they identified with Lester Beebe's adolescent struggles when first reading the story. "Lester Beebe isn't just a teenager from South Bend," says Carlisle, "he could be a young person from anywhere." In addition to being the show's producers, Carlisle and Wright manage the Eden Playhouse in South Bend. -[3]-. According to Wright, the area is not well-known for musical productions, but she hopes The Triumph of Lester Beebe will change that. "Todd and I are also counting on local interest to help in building an audience for the show," she said.

Playing the role of Beebe is actor Henry Thomas. Veteran performer Neil Chandler plays his father, while the roles of Beebe's sisters, Mandy and Corinne, will be realized by Stephanie O'Connor and Audrey Blanco. Following the run in South Bend, Carlisle and Wright will take the show to New York in August for its Broadway debut. -[4]-. Tickets for the South Bend show are on sale now through the Eden Playhouse at 555-0493.

11. What is the article mainly about?
12. What is NOT indicated about The Triumph of Lester Beebe?
13. The word "realized" is closest in meaning to
14. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Its popularity earned it widespread acclaim and, ultimately, translation into 32 languages."
Questions 15 - 16:

Reading text:

Sarah Badler, Director of Marketing and Sales
Victory Cosmetics
29 Singer Ave., 5th Floor 
Los Angeles, CA

July 7 

June Chadwick 
Visitor Promotional Productions
523 Duncan Street, Room 12 
Los Angeles, CA 

Dear Ms. Chadwick, 

We at Victory Cosmetics would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the wonderful work you and your promotional team have done for our newest line of perfumes. The advertisements you created for both print and television are fantastic. Your promotional strategy has paid off as we've already started earning revenues after just the first sales quarter.

This has been the most profitable launch of any Victory product in the last 20 years. You have done a tremendous job, and we look forward to working with your firm again. With this letter you will find an enclosed bonus check which we would like you to use for a small celebration with your staff. This is just our way of saying thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Sarah Badler 
Director of Marketing and Sales 
Victory Cosmetics  

15. What is the purpose of the letter?
16. What does Ms. Badler say about the recent product launch?
Questions 17 - 21:
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Reading text 1:

Valley Arts and Craft Show

Friday, March 15 - Saturday, March 16
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: State Fair Grounds, Miguel Garcia Room
Price: Free

Come see local artists present their latest paintings, drawings, and handicrafts. Many items will be on sale at reasonable prices. You will also have the opportunity to meet the artists and talk about their latest creations.

Featured artist Janela Hampton will also be signing copies of her latest book of drawings and paintings for all interested customers. Ms. Hampton's newest work was inspired by her travels in Central and South America. We are still accepting applications. If you are a local artist who would like to have a display at the show, email valleyarts@happymail.com by March 1st, stating what kind of work you do.

Hope to see you there!

Reading text 2:

To: valleyarts@happymail.com
From: awally@netco.com
Subject: Arts Show
Date: February 28 2006


I am a local artist who produces hand-painted clay pottery. I would love to have a stand at the Valley Arts and Crafts Show. I wanted to get a stand last year, but I applied outside the application period. I really hope that I am in time this year. How much is the cost for artists who have a stand? There is no price on the posters, so I was wondering if it was free. I hope so, but even if there is a charge, I still want to display. Please let me know.

Many thanks.
Amanda Wallace

17. What time will the show begin?
18. Who will be signing a new book?
19. Which area influenced Janela Hampton's work?
20. Which of the following does Amanda Wallace probably NOT produce?
21. Why does Amanda Wallace think stands at the show are free?