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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. What are the speakers discussing?
6. What does the man ask Kamla to do?
7. What does Kamla offer to do?


8. What is the weather forecast for the weekend?
9. What does the speaker advise the listeners to do?
10. When will the next weather report air?


11. This one is prettier, but it costs _____ as the other one.
12. The product development team was _____ that the competition would produce a similar product and get it on the market before it did.
13. A commercial delegation of prospective investors from the U. S. is _____ to visit India very shortly.


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

Online Marketing

Active Online Marketing Inc. is a _____(1) and experienced industry leader in search engine marketing.

We offer customized marketing programs that meet the needs of your company and _____(2) a platform that will help you to launch your business onto the forefront of the information super highway.

We are one of the few search engine marketing firms that is concerned about not only the quantity of traffic _____(3) the quality.

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Questions 17 - 19:

Reading text:

Ms. Carol Lambert
Coby Electronics
P.O. Box 2
Framingham, MA 01702

October 27, 2007

Dear Ms. Lambert,

On October 10, 2007, I purchased a Coby 135 MP3 player from your Helena, Montana dealership. After only two weeks of use, the device started to show significant problems with downloading music from the Internet. I made a complaint to the branch manager, but he told me to contact the manufacturer instead.

According to my product warranty, however, the seller is fully responsible for any defects up to 60 days after the purchase of the item. It also states that a customer is eligible for a full refund or replacement with a new product in such a case. As I purchased the product at a Coby's branch, my contract was made with Coby Electronics, not with the manufacturer.

On top of that, since the Helena branch manager was inappropriately impolite in dealing with my issues, I have no intention to get a replacement. Therefore, I am requesting a full refund of the purchase immediately. Additionally, please confirm that you have received this letter as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Hermanson

17. What is the primary purpose of the letter?
18. Where does Mike Hermanson insist he get a refund from?
19. According to the letter, where does Carol Lambert probably work?


Questions 20 - 24:

Reading text 1:

From: Gail Rogers(
To: John Harlow (
Date: June 21
Subject: Problems with the network

Dear Mr. Harlow,

I don't know if you've received other complaints already this morning, but at the moment I'm being denied access to the company's network. I've never experienced something like this before. My co-worker, Jim Stevens, said he was having the same problem. When I enter my employee ID and password, I receive this message: Employee ID invalid. I'm positive that I'm entering the correct ID, so I don't know why I can't access the network. I tried to contact the Computer Technician, but he hasn't replied to my emails. I was hoping that you would be able to help me, since you're the Technology Supervisor. I would really appreciate any assistance you can provide at this time.


Reading text 2:

From: John Harlow (
To: Gail Rogers (
Date: June 21
Subject: Re: Problems with the network

Hi Gail,

I'm sorry that I did not reply sooner, but one of the computers on the fifth floor unexpectedly shut down and I had to investigate the cause. Our Computer Technician, Thomas Benson, has the flu and will not be in the office for the rest of the week. I have heard from many other employees today, and they all mentioned the same error message. I think the problem might be that we updated our computer security system, but I can't be certain until I do a little more research. I'm not sure why, but we seem to be having a lot of problems with our computers lately. This is the tenth complaint I've received this morning. I have scheduled a meeting with the Administrative Supervisor, Philip Downs, at 3 p.m. He should be able to tell me how to fix the problem. Usually, the kind of error message you describe appears when there is something wrong with the security settings. In the meantime, I recommend that you save all of your current files on a hard disk because there is a possibility that we will have to erase your hard drive. If you have any questions before 5 p.m., you can reach me at ext. #5498.

John Harlow
Technology Supervisor

20. What is TRUE about Gail Rogers' computer problem?
21. Who did Gail Rogers try to contact first?
22. In the first e-mail, the word "denied" is closest in meaning to
23. How does John Harlow plan to resolve the problem?
24. What is Gail Rogers advised to do?

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