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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. Who are the speakers talking about?
7. What does the man say about Larry?
8. What does the woman plan to do?
9. What is the purpose of the woman's call?
10. What will be different for the next 90 days?
11. What does the man say he will do?
12. Where do the speakers work?
13. Why does the woman say, "Ten new customers is a lot"?
14. What does the man offer to do?


15. How long has the speaker been studying judo?
16. What happened to the speaker at his last competition?
17. What did the speaker do to his opponent?
18. Why is the speaker calling?
19. Look at the graphic. Which flooring type did the listener mention?
20. According to the speaker, how can the listener get information about the materials?


21. Sorry to say, _____ book contains anything that you've been looking for.
22. The fee must _____ within two days if you do not wish to forfeit your reservation.
23. The _____ man was identified as her husband.
24. Lake City has decided to undergo a thorough _____ of its city administration handbook in order to enhance the promotion of the city.
25. While the service center is closed for renovation, all questions concerning repairs will be _____ by the customer service department.
26. On her retirement she was given a substantial cheque in _____ of all the work she had done over the last 20 years.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:


The Department of Sociology at the University of Northern Wisconsin _____(1) an academic conference on social transformation in the Midwestern United States from June 7 to 9. _____(2). Interested professors and lecturers are asked to submit their abstracts before May 1.

You will be sent a notification from the department if your _____(3) is selected. Once you receive this notice, you will be required to submit the full paper for review and approval.

Submissions are welcome from all universities, and we look forward to seeing a range of topics. _____(4) the conference’s focus on the Midwest, we welcome work from other regions as long as it relates to the needs of the target area.

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 33:

Reading text:

In response to the numerous requests we've received, the Fitness Center will be starting up yoga classes this September. We have hired a new instructor with eight years of experience instructing classes in Hatha yoga. The classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7:45 a.m. in the Fitness Center aerobics hall, but if there is enough demand, we will be opening another class starting at 6:45 a.m. As always, there is no charge for employees, and members of the general public who wish to join can do so for $25 for the eight-week session, or $3 per class. I recommend that you register early, as space is limited.
In order to ensure the health and welfare of our staff, we require that those wishing to participate in the yoga course have their family physician fill out a health history form. You can pick up the forms prior to the start of September at the front desk in the Fitness Center. Please return the completed form, signed by your doctor, when registering for the class.
No special equipment or footwear is needed, but we recommend stretchable, loose fitting clothing. In addition, for those of you wanting to get extra practice at home, special mats will be available for purchase for a nominal charge starting in September.

Jessica Bale, Fitness Center Coordinator

31. What is the purpose of this memo?
32. What are employees asked to do before registering for the class?
33. What is mentioned about equipment employees are required to bring?
Questions 34 - 36:

Reading text:

The Health Factory will introduce a new line of vitamins, a company spokesman said yesterday. The vitamins are intended for athletic men and women, who are looking for a vitamin that will replace vital nutrients lost during strenuous exercise. Unlike regular vitamins, the Health Factory Active Essentials 2020 have more iron, calcium, and potassium. The new vitamins have been tested on professional athletes, such as cyclist Luke Wilson, and are proven to increase athletic performance by up to 20 percent. Of course, health products like the Active Essentials vitamins are not cheap. One month's supply of the new vitamins costs about $200. To promote the new product, however, the Health Factory is offering a special 30 percent discount to anyone who purchase the new vitamins with their Health Factory card. For more information on the new product or to apply for a health Factory card, call the company's customer service hotline at 1-800-326-HEALTH.

34. What can be inferred about the new vitamins?
35. What is NOT mentioned about the new vitamins?
36. According to the article, how can people receive a discount?


Questions 37 - 41:

Reading text 1:

Administrative Assistant Needed

John Leon Disability Care Inc. requires an administrative assistant to work in its central Los Angeles office. The organization specializes in the field of disability care services for elderly people. The successful candidate will enjoy working as part of a dedicated team, and be committed to the care and support of disabled people.
The job involves a variety of administrative duties. These will include filing, letter writing, distributing mail, entering data into a computer, photocopying and maintaining records. Training will be provided, if necessary, to enable the job-holder to use the organization's computer system. Applicants are required to have a university degree and some experience in administration.
Salary will start at $25,000 and the incumbent is entitled to 15 paid-vacation days per year.
Please fill out the application form, which can be downloaded from our website, and mail it to:
Angie Garner
Director, Personnel Department
Job Applications
John Leon Disability Care Inc.
San Antonio Dr.
Los Angeles, CA

For further information, contact our personnel assistant, Adam Rye, at 214-845-6598.
Applications that are not submitted in the form requested will not be considered for review.
Starting date for applications: Immediately
Closing date for applications: February 27

Reading text 2:

124 Rodeo Ave.
Atlanta, GA 25874

Personnel Department
John Leon Disability Care Inc.
San Antonio Dr.
Los Angeles, CA

1 February

To whom it may concern:
I was extremely interested in your advertisement for the Administrative Assistant position, which appeared in the Atlanta Herald.
I am presently affiliated with a highly regarded private medical supplies company, and I plan to ask my company's vice president, Danny Bartholomew, to write a reference. Furthermore, I am positive that he will give you a good reference.
I have one problem though. I visited your organization's website to download the application form, but for some reason, I could not access the application form with my computer. I called your personnel assistant several times yesterday and today, but the line always seems to be busy. Let me know what I should do about this situation, please.

Thank you most sincerely for your time and consideration.

Eleanor Montgomery

37. What position is advertised?
38. What is NOT one of the requirements of the job?
39. How did Ms. Montgomery find out about the position?
40. What can be implied about Mr. Bartholomew?
41. Who did Ms. Montgomery call yesterday?

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