Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 07/06/2024

Test duration: 30 minutes

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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 07/06/2024

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Questions 1 - 3:
1. Why is the speaker calling?
2. What does the speaker offer to do?
3. Look at the graphic. Which exit is closest to the administration office?
Questions 4 - 6:
4. Where does the speaker most likely work?
5. What does the speaker thank the listeners for?
6. Look at the graphic. Which amount has changed this year?



7. Given the recent heavy rain and the _____ upcoming storm, park management has decided to cancel all free musical performances for the next ten days.
8. Age-related changes can contribute to one's having problems _____ soundly.
9. Enclosed with this letter is a pre-addressed, stamped envelope _____ to mail your application for membership to our club.
10. Those _____ on my desk contain all the information we'll need for preparing our taxes.
11. We should be responsible for the _____ humans are doing to the environment.
12. We've decided to interview only ten _____ for the job.
13. What a disaster! I don't believe anything else could go _____ now.
14. After the complaint had been received from the customer about poor service, she was given a written _____ that the matter would be put right.


Questions 15 - 18:

Reading text:

You may wish to modify an employee's contract of employment as the nature of your business changes or you undergo changing economic circumstances, whichever it may be for you.

Please make sure you _____(1) yourself thoroughly with the details of the existing contracts

before considering _____(2) modifications you want to make.

And discuss any changes with your employees, fully explaining the reasons for any planned change and take into _____(3) the influence of the modifications on them.


15. (1)
16. (2)
17. (3)
18. (4)


Questions 19 - 21:

Reading text:

Think Like a Champion
By Dennis Flatmeyer

What secret power do professional athletes and Olympians possess that enables them to perform under pressure? Well, the answer, according to psychologists and athletic trainers, is in the brain.
For years, athletes and coaches alike believed that athletic skill and physical training were the two most important factors determining competitive success.
Recent evidence, however, suggests that mental training is actually more critical than athletic ability. Thus, while you may not have been born a champion golfer, you can certainly train yourself to become one by employing the proper mental training.
Take for example, the four-time Olympic gold medal winner in the 200 meter dash, Paul Fisher. Paul was born with a rare neuromuscular disease that prevented him from growing normally. He spent the first five years of his life in a hospital bed, and doctors told his parents that he would probably have to use a wheelchair all his life. Then, in 1988, while watching the Seoul Olympics from his hospital bed, Paul decided that he would one day be an Olympic runner.
Twelve years later, in Sydney, Paul Fisher was standing on the Olympic podium, wearing a gold medal around his neck. When asked about his incredible victory, Paul said, "It was easy, once I made up my mind to do it."
At Haverford University, psychologists monitored ten athletes who were each given the exact same physical training schedule. However, five athletes were also given a mental training schedule, where they practiced meditating and using positive thinking techniques. What did the University discover? The five athletes who prepared mentally and physically performed nearly seventy percent better than the other five athletes!

19. What does the article mention about athletic performance?
20. What is NOT true about Paul Fisher?
21. What did Haverford University do for their research?
Questions 22 - 24:

Reading text:

Local Chorus Tryouts

The Winfield Community Chorus will hold open tryouts for new members on January 17 from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. at Centennial Hall, located at 660 Plum Street in downtown Winfield. We have openings for women and men and for all types of voices including bass, tenor, alto, and soprano. -[1]-.

Those who audition must be at least 18 years of age, live in Winfield, and be capable of reading music or willing to learn. Previous choral experience is certainly appreciated but not necessary. -[2]-. We will judge your ability to sing the correct notes to the tempo and melody of the audition songs.

Also, we prefer performers that present themselves with professionalism and who can show the proper facial expressions to communicate the emotions they perform. For concerts, you will also have to learn lyrics in various languages, including Italian, German, and French.

Everyone auditioning will receive notification on January 19 about whether or not they have been accepted. New members must keep in mind that the chorus is a community organization made up of volunteers and that they will receive no payment. -[3]-.

Join us for some fun with your fellow music-lovers, and take part in loads of exciting performances! -[4]-.

22. For whom was the notice most likely written?
23. What is required of those wishing to try out for the chorus?
24. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "They are also responsible for purchasing their own uniforms, the details of which will be provided at a later time."
Questions 25 - 28:
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Reading text 1:

Wanted: Private Chinese Tutor

My husband, two children, and I need a Chinese teacher because we are moving to Hong Kong next summer. The teacher must come for one hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. We have some background in Chinese vocabulary and grammar, so we need to focus our classes on writing and conversation. We are willing to pay $20 an hour to the right person. Email Deb at chinafan@mailnet.com.

Reading text 2:

To: chinafan@mailnet
From: lilywong@chinmail.net
Subject: Tutor
Date: August 30th

Dear Deb,

I am a Chinese teacher from Hong Kong. I am now a student here in New Zealand. I taught Chinese in my home country, so I have a lot of experience. I am free every evening. I am very interested in meeting you and your family.

Please call me on 09-993-444

Lily Wong

25. Who wrote the advertisement?
26. Why do they need a teacher?
27. How much do they want to pay per week?
28. What did Lily Wong do before she moved to New Zealand?
Questions 29 - 33:
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Reading text 1:

Hours of Work

All employees are expected to be present and on time for every working day. When circumstances prevent you from reporting to work, or when you know in advance that you will be late, you are expected to notify your manager prior to your normal start time.

If you are absent from work for three consecutive working days for reasons of illness, a doctor's statement regarding the nature of your illness and verifying consultation time and date may be required. Failure to provide doctor's verification of illness upon request may result in the time off being classified as an unexcused absence and your pay may be adjusted.

If you are absent from work without notification, it may be assumed that you are not returning, and we reserve the right to immediately terminate your employment and include a noted in your record stating "voluntarily quit without notice."

Reading text 2:

March 11th, 2005

Dear Mr. Witherspoon,

I'm writing to you in the hopes that you will understand my situation. I trust that by now you will have heard about my situation from my manager. I hope that I can at least be given the chance to explain my side of the story. As for my manager, she is only doing her job, but I do think she has been totally unreasonable in following company policy to the letter and not giving the least bit of consideration to normal human error.

I was very ill from February 20th to 24th, and I took those days off work to recover. I did not go to the doctor as it was just a case of food poisoning, and all I really needed was bed rest. I did, however, call each day to tell my manager. When I returned to work, she asked me for a doctor's note, and I told her I couldn't produce one. That was the last I heard about it until payday when I noticed that my pay was short. I asked my manager about it, and she told me that I wasn't being paid for the days I was home sick from work. That's when she told me about the policy. And when I complained, she insisted I bring it up with you.

Needless to say, I'm very upset that this money was withheld from my pay. It was my understanding that I was allowed to take paid sick days from work, and I'm sorry to say that I had no idea about this policy about having to hand in a doctor's note. I really need that money as I have a very tight budget this month. It was a mistake, and, had I known, I certainly would have gone to the doctor about my condition. I hope you can understand my situation.

Yours sincerely,
Brenda Wilson

29. According to the contract, what must be submitted if an employee is absent from work for three or more days?
30. What could have happened if Ms. Wilson had not called her manager?
31. Why did Ms. Wilson write to Mr. Witherspoon?
32. What was the reason that Ms. Wilson did not get a doctor's note?
33. Who is Mr. Witherspoon most likely?