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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. According to the man, what is missing?
8. What does the man imply when he says, "Did you receive any error messages when you made the booking"?
9. Why is the woman concerned?
10. How long is the basic warranty effective?
11. What will happen if the woman uses an unapproved mechanic?
12. What does the woman decide to do?
13. What did Jim bring?
14. What does Tina tell Jim?
15. What is Tina doing?


16. How many shows will the theater have today?
17. What is half price?
18. What is not allowed inside the theater?
19. Who or what is giving this message?
20. When is this business normally open?
21. Who can you speak to during business hours?
22. What type of business does the speaker work for?
23. Why does the speaker say, "But over 75 guests will be attending this event"?
24. What does the speaker ask the listener to do?


25. The CEO was criticized _____ his reckless decision.
26. Make sure that not only the agenda _____ the annual report have been put into the envelopes for each of the directors as well.
27. _____ he finishes reviewing the accounting procedures, the auditor will go over all the financial reports.
28. Keep all the valuables in the _____.
29. The manager prefers to talk to the employees in his department _____ instead of holding frequent team meetings.
30. The environmental activist made a _____ argument to the group of senators about the merits of supporting electric cars.
31. Successful reverse marketing requires a _____ effort.
32. _____, we have more than enough volunteers for the job.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

June 21

Magnum Insurance
337 Deerborne Avenue
Banff, Alberta, T2N 4S5

Dear Mr. Clayburn,

This letter is to inform you that we have received your insurance claim for hail damage to your home, and we are _____(1) processing it. As you know, the powerful storm last week affected the entire city. As a result, an overwhelming number of homeowners _____(2) assistance. Nevertheless, we are working as speedily as we can to handle these applications.

An adjustor can inspect your property in a few days. _____(3). You can speed up the process by presenting documentary evidence ahead of time. Still, it may take some weeks to complete all the necessary forms and prepare a compensation _____(4). We hope you understand. The funds you'll need to carry out the necessary repairs will be transmitted to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Judith Underwood
Claims coordinator

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 39:

Reading text:


This is a notice to everyone at GlobalFerm that the cafeteria on the sixth floor of the Superion Building will be inaccessible to employees effective May 27. -[1]-. We are pleased to inform all staff, however, that the cafeteria will be renovated and converted into a Servex Modern dining establishment with an array of new food offerings. It is our hope that this cafeteria makeover will reflect the suggestions indicated in our recent survey. -[2]-. Therefore, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items will also be available daily for those with dietary restrictions. Log on to the GlobalFerm intranet and click "Servex Modern" under the "Employee Benefits" tab to have a look at cafeteria menus for both breakfast and lunch. They will be updated weekly for your convenience. We are also excited to announce that seating at the Servex Modern cafeteria will be expanded to 550 seats. -[3]-. This will include ample provision for people with disabilities. We apologize for any inconveniences during this renovation period, but we are sure you will appreciate all the changes. -[4]-.

37. What is the purpose of the notice?
38. Where can employees check food options?
39. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "We agree with you that it is necessary to offer a variety of meal options to suit everyone."
Questions 40 - 43:

Reading text:

Alison Cambie 4:12 P.M. Just finished the first day at the Sacramento Annual Job Fair. With only three of us at the company's booth, there were more visitors than we could handle. Are any of you willing to help out tomorrow? We will receive the overtime pay rate for the hours we work.
Justin Bostwick 4:15 P.M. I can lend you a hand. But I am only available in the morning because I have an important errand in the afternoon.
Reena Kumar 4:15 P.M. Sorry, but I have to inspect a job site for one of our clients. Apparently, there is a problem that could delay our construction of their building.
Angus O'Hara 4:17 P.M. I have nothing urgent planned for tomorrow. What time do I need to be at the conference center?
Alison Cambie 4:19 P.M. I understand, Reena, and good luck with that! And thanks to you others for volunteering. The doors of the exhibit center open to visitors at 10. Please make sure you arrive early to help set up.
Justin Bostwick 4:20 P.M. I'll be there 30 minutes before the event starts.
Angus O'Hara 4:21 P.M. Do we need entry tickets?
Alison Cambie 4:22 P.M. Oh, thanks for reminding me. I will leave them for you at the administrative office located near the main entrance.

40. What kind of company does Ms. Kumar most likely work for?
41. At 4:15, what does Mr. Bostwick mean when he writes, "I can lend you a hand"?
42. What does Ms. Cambie say she will do?
43. What is mentioned about the job fair?


Questions 44 - 48:

Reading text 1:

Serving Manhattan for more than 20 years, Piedmont Limousine Company continues to provide the very best in rental vehicles as well as the most experienced and professional drivers. Whether you need a stretch limousine that can seat up to 12 passengers, a luxury minivan that holds 8, or a regular-sized sedan with a capacity of 4, Piedmont Limousine can help! We provide clean and modern vehicles for any occasion, including business functions and weddings. We can even pick up important visitors from stations or airports and offer weekly or daily rental rates for those requiring the full-time services of a driver and vehicle. And for the month of April only, any booking for three days or more will entitle you to receive a voucher worth $50 to use for any future service from Piedmont Limousine Company!

For more information on our rates, location, hours of operation, and the types of vehicles we have available, visit us online at

Reading text 2:


NAME Benjamin Lopez PHONE 555-0495
E-MAIL COMPANY Neuro-Tech, Inc.
DATE/TIME OF SERVICE 10 A.M. April 18 - 10 A.M. April 21
PICK-UP LOCATION Central Station
TYPE OF VEHICLE Regular sedan

*I would like to book a car and driver to pick up a visiting investor. His name is William Bail. He will need your company's services daily during his stay.

Once you have checked and confirmed that the information you have provided is correct, click "submit" below.


Reading text 3:

TO: Benjamin Lopez
FROM: Fatima Khan
DATE: April 6
SUBJECT: Re: Booking inquiry

Dear Mr. Lopez,

Thank you for considering Piedmont Limousine Company! We do have drivers and the type of vehicle you want for the dates and times you requested. Below is the fee breakdown.

Car Rental $180.00
Driver Services* $340.00
SUBTOTAL $520.00
TAX $52.00
DEPOSIT $50.00
TOTAL $622.00

*Driver will be at your disposal from 8 A.M. until 8 P.M. for daily service.

If you accept the fees, please reply to this e-mail to confirm your booking. Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours prior to the service, but deposits will be forfeited under all circumstances. Customers canceling less than a full day in advance will not be refunded.

We also request that you provide us with the train information for your arriving guest. That way our driver, Solomon Nyongo, can be waiting for him with a sign at the platform.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Fatima Khan

44. What is NOT mentioned about Piedmont Limousine Company?
45. What will Mr. Lopez be given?
46. What is true about Benjamin Lopez?
47. What happens if a booking is canceled one day before a rental date?
48. What is true about Solomon Nyongo?
Questions 49 - 53:

Reading text 1:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

June 22, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson,

I have written to you several times over the past two months requesting an explanation on why you have failed to bring your account with us up-to-date.

By ignoring these requests, you are damaging the excellent credit record you had previously maintained with our company. In addition, every month that you fail to pay your account, you receive a $25 late payment fee. As of the date of this letter, your account balance is $235.04.

Unless I hear from you within ten days, I will have no other choice but to turn your account over to a debt collection agency. I am sorry that we must take such drastic action but I am afraid you leave us no choice. You can preserve your credit rating by sending us a check for the amount stated above.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting
Advanced Financial

Reading text 2:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

July 8, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson

Thank you for your letter. You deserve an explanation for what went wrong in our accounting department, and I hope that this letter will help resolve our recent error. It has taken a lot of time to find out what happened, so please accept our apologies for the delay in this response.

A thorough look at our records revealed that we did receive your April payment on time, as you stated in your letter of June 25. However, it was credited to an account which bears a similar name to yours. Therefore, we began sending you our standard notices requesting payment, in keeping with our routine policy.

I am sorry for all the distress we have caused you. You have been a valued customer of ours for a long time and we appreciate your understanding. To express our sincerest apologies, we would like to send you a $175 gift certificate to The Wilson Spa and Massage Center.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting,
Advanced Financial

49. What is the purpose of the first letter?
50. In the first letter the word "drastic" in paragraph 3, is closest in meaning to
51. What problem did the accounting department discover?
52. How does the company apologize for their mistakes?
53. What can be inferred about Mr. Benson?

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