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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What does the woman want to do?
8. When is this conversation probably taking place?
9. Why won't the woman go to the post office today?
10. What does the man want to do?
11. According to the woman, what is required?
12. When will the man's check clear?
13. Why can't the woman retrieve her file?
14. Why does she need the file?
15. What does the man suggest the woman should do?


16. What has been the major complaint about the parking lot?
17. When will the parking garage probably be finished?
18. Where should people park until the garage is completed?
19. Who is John?
20. How many vehicles were involved in the accident?
21. What will be aired next?
22. What is the talk mainly about?
23. What does the speaker say about the company’s perfumes?
24. Look at the graphic. How much is the company’s most popular perfume?


25. After you _____ enough practice, it will be easy for you to do.
26. Your team will need to meet and prepare a timetable when you _____ ready to begin work on the new project.
27. When I closed the window, all of the files and folders on my desktop computer _____ except for the icon.
28. Let's shop around until we find a more _____ airfare.
29. You can reach us either by phone or e-mail when you need technical _____ or have any questions about the product you purchased.
30. Most of the companies surveyed _____ their growth to marketing and sales strategies.
31. Data mining tools estimate future trends and behaviors, allowing businesses to make knowledge _____ decisions.
32. You will find meat and sausages _____ next door.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

To: Marcus Furio From: Hayden‘s Hardware Subject: Huge Sale Event!

Dear Valued Customer,

Our _____(1) show that you have been a regular customer of our hardware store for over four years now. We would like to thank you for shopping with us for so long. To show our appreciation, _____(2) to this e-mail is a special VIP coupon for an extra 15% off anything in the store! You can use it in the store by _____(3) printing it and bringing it in or just giving the access code to the cashier at check-out. _____(4).

We realize that there are many hardware stores to choose from in this area and we are both pleased and honored that you have continued returning to ours.


Hayden's Hardware

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 41:

Reading text:

October 10, 20--

Customer Service Department
Flexco Woment's Clothing
234502 Anthony Place
Woodston, NY 12229

Dear Customer Service,

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with a recent purchase of a Flexco garment. Last week I went to our local department store to buy a gift for my wife. I chose a very handsome Flexco raincoat and gave it to my wife on her birthday last Saturday. She was pleased with the gift and wore it yesterday because we had a big rainstorm. We were both surprised to find out that the raincoat is not water repellant at all. My wife returned from her walk very, very wet. In addition, the fabric of the coat became wrinkled in the rain. I bought the Flexco raincoat for my wife because Flexco is one of her favorite brands. She already owns several Flexco dresses, skirts, and blouses. We never expected to be disappointed by a Flexco product.

I took the raincoat back to the store this morning. The manager there said that he did not see any defects in the coat, but he offered me a different coat in exchange. Since I understand that Flexco guarantees a complete refund on all its products, I did not accept the manager's offer. I hope that Flexco will stand by its guarantee. I am returning the raincoat with this letter, together with the receipt from the department store, and hope to receive a complete refund before the end of the month. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Thomas Jamison

37. Why did Mr. Jamison write this letter?
38. What Flexco product did Mr. Jamison buy?
39. What happened when Mr. Jamison returned to the store?
40. The word "wrinkled" in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to
41. The word "brands" in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to
Questions 42 - 45:

Reading text:

Eagle Canyon City Park

Over the past month, there has been a sharp increase in reported sightings of raccoons in the open spaces of the park. The park rangers suspect the creatures are attracted by food scraps that are left—whether on purpose or accidentally—by visitors to the park. —[1]—. The city’s public health department does not want to encourage the raccoons to leave the wooded areas of the park as they can be carries of disease and pose a risk to visitors and their pets. —[2]—. With that in mind:

● Please do not leave any garbage in the park—either take it with you when you leave, or place it in the closed garbage bins that are provided throughout the park.

● If you see raccoons, do not approach them or give them food as they are wild animals with sharp claws and can be dangerous when they feel frightened.

—[3]—. Along with this, we will be holding volunteer park cleanups on the last Saturday of each month. Our next one is scheduled for June 27. Anyone interested in taking part should report to the park visitor center to register. —[4]—. All participants will be provided with protective gloves and vests, water, and a light lunch.

42. Why was the announcement written?
43. What is NOT stated about raccoons?
44. What will volunteers be given?
45. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "We will accept registration forms up to two days prior to the event."


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

Al's Autos Super Saturday Sale

Al's Autos, the number one used car dealership in Florida, is having a mega-sale Saturday, August 25, 2007, from noon until 4 p.m. to celebrate our twenty years of operation. All two-door vehicles with pink stickers are 10 percent off the ticketed price. All trucks with blue stickers are 15 percent off the ticketed price. All vans are 20 percent off the ticketed price. Plus, if you pay in cash, we'll reduce the price by another $300. As always, all purchases come with a 2-year Al's Autos Guarantee, which covers the cost of labor and replacement of parts if your car experiences mechanical problems. So if you're in the market for a used car, then come on down to Al's Autos this Saturday.

*Cars must be serviced by one of the following Al's Autos affiliates: Mike's Mufflers, Ace Mechanics, or Carl's Car Parts.

Reading text 2:

17 Washinton Rd.
Tampa, FL

September 26, 2007

Allen Hanks
Al's Autos
56 Wheelbarrow Rd.
Tampa, FL

Dear Mr. Hanks,

Last month I purchased a used Capri 1025 from you. At first, the car seemed like a great deal, especially with the $300 dollar discount I received. I bought the car because I have to travel a long distance to work each day, and with gas being so expensive these days I needed a car that was more fuel-efficient. You were right; the smaller car did save me about $30 in gas each week. Unfortunately, after about two weeks, the car started making a clanking noise if I went faster than 50 kilometers per hour. I took it to my mechanic, Smooth Rides, and had them evaluate the problem. They determined that the entire engine would need to be replaced, due to a crack down the middle of it. In total, the labor and engine parts will cost about $1,000. I assume that since I only purchased the car a month ago, I am well within the 2-year limit to the guarantee and Al's Autos will cover the cost of the repairs. Please contact me at 852-321-6547 if you have any questions.


Floyd Baker

46. According to the advertisement, what will happen on Saturday, August 25?
47. How can a customer save more money?
48. What can be inferred about the Capri 1025 from the letter?
49. Why will Al's Autos probably reject Floyd Baker's request?
50. What does Floyd Baker's car need?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

Dynamic Performance

Improve your acting skills at the region's top acting school by enrolling in one of our spring or summer courses! We have programs for both our regular acting students and for anyone with an interest in learning the craft.

Spring Intensive
A comprehensive course designed to teach the fundamentals of acting. Learn to read scripts, use vocal techniques, and move dynamically. Runs from May 1 to July 1. Available at all campuses.
Tuition: $2,250

Summer Intensive
Similar to the Spring Intensive, with the addition of classes in improvisational techniques. Students will learn to respond to other actors without a script. Runs from July 5 to August 13. Available at all campuses.
Tuition: $3,495

Summer Youth Ensemble
Explore the world of dramatic acting through a fun approach. Open only to students aged 15 to 18. Runs from July 11 to August 5. Stamford and Brookline campus only.
Tuition: $2,500

Summer Bridge Program
Designed exclusively for advanced students enrolled in our full-time acting program, this three-week course will deepen your understanding of acting. Available at Charleston campus only. Runs from July 10 to July 31.
Tuition: $1,800.

To apply, e-mail your registration form to admissions director Floyd Mink at

Reading text 2:


Category: Short Programs > Acting > Dynamic performance

Awesome program! ★★★★★
by Cody Norris
Best three weeks of my life! Got the classes as a birthday present and couldn't have been happier. Learned a lot about acting and made a ton of new friends. Looking forward to enrolling full time... More

Not a bad experience ★★★☆☆
by Liz Hershowitz
My expectations were high for the Spring Intensive given the overwhelming number of positive comments about it on this site. Overall, it was a good experience, but I wasn't fully satisfied with the instructor... More

Mostly good ★★★★☆
by Mandy Berger
I generally enjoyed myself quite a bit and am glad I enrolled. I think I benefited from some of the course work and liked everyone in the class, but I felt that improvisation classes were a little outdated... More

Reading text 3:

Dynamic Performance
Registration Form

Date: July 4

Name: Hannah Boyle
Telephone: 555-2092
Address: 410 Fayette St, Savannah, GA 31405

Which program are you interested in?
☐ Spring Intensive ☐ Summer Intensive
☐ Summer Youth Ensemble ☒ Summer Bridge Program

How did you first hear about us?
☐ Online ☐ Print ☒ Mail ☐ Referral

What do you hope to achieve by participating in a program?
I want to receive professional acting advice.

51. For whom is the announcement most likely intended?
52. What is mentioned about classes at Dynamic Performance?
53. How much was the class Ms. Berger took?
54. What is indicated about Mr. Norris?
55. What is suggested about Ms. Boyle?

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