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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What does the man want to do?
8. Where is the manager?
9. What does the woman ask the man to to?
10. What is the conversation mainly about?
11. Why does the woman say, "It's going to be a long night"?
12. What does the woman imply about the seating chart?
13. What does the man's boss want him to do?
14. When will they get together to discuss the issue?
15. What does the man say he will do on Friday?


16. How often does this company have a staff pinic?
17. Which of the following will NOT be available at the pinic?
18. Which prizes are mentioned?
19. Where is the tour?
20. What does the tour guide ask the participants to do?
21. Where is the first stop?
22. Who most likely is Mark Campbell?
23. Why does the speaker say, "We'll spend about an hour here"?
24. What are listeners instructed to do?


25. I thought I had sent the letter two weeks _____
26. Passengers will get to their destination on time _____ our departure time is a little late due to a mechanical problem.
27. All the forms you submit must be postmarked no later than the specified date _____ they will be considered untimely.
28. The timing belt _____ shows signs of wear after about 180,000 miles.
29. Seven out of ten survey _____ are strongly influenced by brand names when selecting a new electronics product.
30. Customer complaints have become much more _____ since we installed the automatic messaging system that filters calls.
31. Understanding the forces behind these phenomena is important to thinking _____ what they mean for policy.
32. I cannot print the flyers because the _____ is out of paper.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Tanya Parker

61 Tower Street

Huntington, NY 11791

Ms. Parker,

This letter is to thank you for purchasing a bicycle from Light Riders. We hope that you are _____(1) with your product and that you get lots of use out of it. Enclosed with this letter is an extra copy of our warranty information and also a customer satisfaction survey. We would greatly _____(2) if you would take a moment to fill out the survey and return it to us. _____(3). All you need to do is fill out the form, put it in that envelope, and put it in your mailbox.

Once again, thank you for purchasing one of our products. We here at Light Riders take pride in our _____(4), so we are sure that you will enjoy your new bicycle. Have fun riding around on your new set of wheels!


Light Rider Customer Satisfaction Team

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 40:

Reading text:

Gloria Arden [8:20 A.M.] I've been looking over everyone's progress reports on the software project. Based on what I've seen, I don't think we'll be able to meet our scheduled release date.
Isabel Cabrera [8:22 A.M.] You may be right about that. Since Bob and Carol moved over to the new hardware project, we've had some trouble meeting the initial deadlines.
Gordon Brickyard [8:26 A.M.] Couldn't we just reschedule the release? Pushing it back a month ought to give us enough time to finish up.
Joe Freemont [8:28 A.M.] But remember that the product is supposed to be available for the holiday season, which is our peak sales period. If we miss that deadline, we could lose many potential customers.
Gordon Brickyard [8:31 A.M.] My team has a lot of urgent responsibilities, so I think it would be a good idea to hire some independent contractors to help out.
Gloria Arden [8:32 A.M.] What are you thinking?
Gordon Brickyard [8:33 A.M.] Well, they could help my team finish writing the user manual, for one thing. And they could probably handle product testing as well.
Gloria Arden [8:35 A.M.] I see. What's your opinion, Isabel?
Isabel Cabrera [8:37 A.M.] It could end up being expensive, but I like the idea. Our graphic designers could certainly use some outside help, too.
Gloria Arden [8:40 A.M.] Well, it sounds like we should go with Gordon’s idea. I'll also bring it up during the board meeting on Friday to see what they say.

37. What caused a project to fall behind schedule?
38. Why most likely is changing the release date unacceptable?
39. What is suggested about Mr. Brickyard's team?
40. At 8:32 A.M., what does Ms. Arden mean when she writes, "What are you thinking"?
Questions 41 - 44:

Reading text:

Julianna Lopez 10:22 A.M. So, it's confirmed. We're presenting a marketing proposal to AEK on July 18 at their headquarters.
John Brenner 10:24 A.M. I heard! How exciting. I went through the company profile in the brochure you gave us. They could be our biggest client to date.
Julianna Lopez 10:25 A.M. Yes. They have 6,000 employees and manufacturing plants in Thailand, Turkey, and Mexico. They also have suppliers in China, Germany, and Korea and generated over $2 billion in sales last year.
Yvonne Bailey 10:25 A.M. I can get to work on the marketing analysis for the presentation. I'd like to use the statistics in the brochure we were given. Do you think they're reliable?
Julianna Lopez 10:26 A.M. That would be fine, Yvonne. I think the figures are accurate. John and Eric, I'd like you to prepare the slideshow and handouts. Start immediately if you can.
John Brenner 10:27 A.M. Got it. It shouldn’t take more than two days to finish.
Eric Zalewski 10:32 A.M. Consider it done, Julianna. Are we going to run through the presentation before the appointment?
Julianna Lopez 10:34 A.M. Let's do a practice session on July 15. During the presentation, I'll give the main talk, and then you three can explain your roles briefly. After that, all four of us can answer any technical or financial questions they might have. Does that sound reasonable?
Yvonne Bailey 10:34 A.M. I think that works for all of us.

41. What is true about AEK?
42. What will Ms. Bailey use for her analysis?
43. At 10:27 A.M., what does Mr. Brenner mean when he writes, "Got it"?
44. What will Mr. Zalewski probably do on July 18?


Questions 45 - 49:

Reading text 1:

FILMOGRAPHY: Henry Spencer, actor

Run for your Life, role of marathoner Dale Warren
Directed by Aaron Marks

Some Prefer the Breeze, role of doctor Richie Dean, nominated for SPG Award for best supporting actor
Directed by Larry Loden

Therein Lies the Truth, role of lawyer Abner Cole, nominated for SPG Award for lead actor and won International Screen Award for lead actor
Directed by Greg Steinfield

Show me the Way, role of scientist Ellis Charleston, won International Screen Award for lead actor
Directed by Greg Steinfield

Bandits of Time, role of astronaut Hal Lourdes, won Sci-Fi Award for best supporting actor
Directed by Jerry Bradbury

Reading text 2:


Join Korinna McKay every Wednesday evening at 5 P.M. for Screen Action, a radio program featuring news and interviews about the movie industry on Slick Radio 93.9 FM.

This week on June 7, Korinna welcomes Cheri Oakland to the studio, who will discuss her most recent work, Bandits of Time II. A follow-up to the incredibly successful Bandits of Time released two summers ago, it includes all the cast members from the first movie. Ms. Oakland will tell us about the film and her experience while directing the production. After the interview with Ms. Oakland, actress Cecily Monroe, who returns as the character Sylvia Slade in Bandits of Time II, will also join us to discuss the movie. Dial 1-800-555-3944 at the end of the program if you have a question about the movie that you would like to ask our guests. And if you miss this week's show, catch it later by clicking on the "SHOW RECORDINGS" tab after the airdate.

Reading text 3:

TO Bob Voorhies
FROM Marnie Hefner
SUBJECT Screen Action: June 7 program
ATTACHMENT Release form
DATE June 8

Dear Mr. Voorhies,

Thank you for calling in to our June 7 program. Your question and comments were very much appreciated by Ms. McKay and our guests.

As you may be aware, Screen Action records all programs and posts them on our site for the convenience of listeners. Regulations require us to seek the permission of anyone speaking on the program before we do this, so attached you will find a release form that we kindly ask you to sign and return to us.

Once again, we are appreciative of loyal listeners like yourself.


Marnie Hefner, producer
Screen Action

45. According to the list, what is NOT true about Henry Spencer?
46. What can be inferred about Ms. Oakland?
47. Who most likely is Korinna McKay?
48. What is suggested about Mr. Voorhies?
49. Why has Ms. Hefner asked Mr. Voorhies to sign a document?
Questions 50 - 54:

Reading text 1:

Date: October 4

From: Oresund Graphics and Design
49 Rozenstraat, Arnhem, Netherlands
To: Kaiser Investment Services
1 Kornmarkt, Floor 4, Frankfurt, Germany

Services Charges
Design, Layout, and Photography of Annual Shareholders Report €745
Design and Layout of Investing with Kaiser Brochure €545
Design and Layout of Terms and Conditions Booklet €300
TOTAL DUE €2,240
Payment is due in 15 days. Requests for additional changes will incur a €100 surcharge per document. For rush printing, add €250. Please note that we no longer accept checks. All payments must be made by direct bank transfer or electronically through Thank you for your cooperation.

Reading text 2:

To: Alexander Svensson
From: Christine Kaufmann
Subject: Changes to publications
Date: October 7

Dear Mr. Svensson,

We received your invoice yesterday along with the proofs. Thank you for your excellent work. I showed the final drafts to our managing director and, overall, he was pleased. However, he has requested that we change the photograph used on the front cover. He thinks it failed to convey the mood we were going for. We have commissioned a photographer to take a new picture, and I will send it to you by Friday. Unfortunately, we cannot move our original due date as the brochures have to be shipped in time for a campaign launch event we have planned for November.

If our request presents a problem, please let me know right away. You can reach me by phone at 555-2309, extension #42. Otherwise, I will wait to receive your revised invoice. Thank you!

Christine Kaufmann
Publications Manager
Kaiser Investment Service

Reading text 3:

Year-end Message from our CEO

As we come to the end of another year, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their commitment and hard work. Once again, Kaiser Investment Services has outperformed analysts’ expectations and generated substantial profits for its clients and shareholders. Not only that, but we also continue to top customer satisfaction surveys on financial services companies in Germany. As we reflect on these successes, let us continue to look forward with optimism. In this December issue of the newsletter, learn more about our ongoing expansion into North America and see photos from last month’s launch of our marketing campaign in the United States, which was well attended by several potential clients. Other than that, I will see you all at our annual holiday party!

Matthias Furst

50. What is true about Oresund Graphics and Design?
51. What is suggested about Kaiser Investment Services?
52. What is one purpose of the message?
53. In the message, the word "outperformed" is closest in meaning to.
54. What most likely did Kaiser Investment Services do recently?

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