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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. What does the man suggest the woman do?
7. Where is this conversation most likely taking place?
8. What does the woman want to know?
9. What does the woman say to the man?
10. How will they solve the problem?
11. What will happen tomorrow morning?
12. Why won't Mr. Wong be able to give the speech?
13. What will the man do?
14. How will the man get to the conference?


15. Where is the announcement taking place?
16. What is being announced?
17. Where are the listeners asked to park their cars?
18. Why will some neighborhoods temporarily lose power?
19. Look at the graphic. When will an outage occur in a commercial neighborhood?.
20. According to the speaker, why should a listener call the customer service department?


21. Our boss gives all of the management team bonuses _____
22. Until the beginning of this year, the amusement park _____ not attracting many visitors.
23. Mr. Perkins helped an old lady who had trouble completing the form by _____
24. The agreed-upon _____ sanctions are not limited to tariffs, trade barriers, and import or export quotas imposed on individual countries.
25. Such efforts are in line _____ a growing search for more efficient regionalism in Indigenous community governance.
26. The larger company maintains that it should have the right to _____ the terms of the trade contract.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

Attention, all employees,

Please be advised that effective November 12, the intranet portal will be inspected and will therefore be shut down until the inspection is over. The inspection is expected to take about 3 days, as estimated by the technical _____(1) from the IT Department.

This non-periodic inspection will mainly examine the intranet portal’s network, which has consistently been pointed out as a problem despite _____(2) measures to fix it. This time, therefore, we are shutting down the entire portal temporarily for a thorough inspection.

Since all file transfers will be limited while the inspection is taking place, if you need to _____(3) any files, please do so before November 12. _____(4).

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 32:

Reading text:

Sharon Van Deist 9:38
I saw your advertisement for a minivan in the paper this morning. I've been looking for something that size. Is it still available?


Enrico Lopez 9:40
It is. Are you interested in seeing it and taking a test drive? I live at 2230 Sawyer Avenue, which is just off of Broad Street.


Sharon Van Deist 9:47
Oh, my apartment is nearby in Madison Heights on Finn Street. Are you in now? I can walk over and meet you at your place in about 15 minutes.


Enrico Lopez 9:51
I'm actually at the supermarket on Baird Avenue now, but I should be home within 30 minutes.


Sharon Van Deist 9:53
Okay, I'll be there at 10:30, if that works for you.


Enrico Lopez 9:54
That'll do.

31. What most likely does Ms. Van Deist want to do?
32. At 9:54, what does Mr. Lopez mean when he writes, "That'll do"?
Questions 33 - 35:

Reading text:

Dear valued customer,

Our policy has been to provide customers with ground coffee when their coffee grinders undergo malfunctions. However, as more and more customers fail to remit their payment on time these days, we have determined to enforce a stricter policy in such cases.

Our new policy is effective as of September 3, 2007, and in details are as follows:

1. If a customer delays his or her payment for over 20 days and the machine does not work properly, we will stop supplying ground coffee. Instead, we will fix the unit, but the customer will be responsible for the expenses. Any payment related to these repairs will be reimbursed to the customer after he or she has remitted the unpaid balance in full.

2. A surcharge on accounts suspended for more than 60 days will be assessed.

Admittedly, this might sound a little extreme and may come as a surprise; nevertheless, we see no other alternative. As you know, we have always been committed to providing quality products and reliable service in order to meet your requirements. Without our patrons' cooperation and support, we are unable to continue to provide all of this.

In case of any inquiries concerning our new policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miller Coffee Grinder Co.
319 Tegarden Rd
Gulfport, Ms 39507
(Tel.) 228-896-1445

33. What is the main topic of the notice?
34. What is NOT suggested about the new policy?
35. Why did the Miller Coffee Grinder Co. make such a decision?


Questions 36 - 40:

Reading text 1:

3-D Printer Workshops
Warner City Library, Lafayette branch
September 27
Workshop 1: 1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Workshop 2: 4:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Many businesses use 3-D printers to create small customized products to sell on the Internet. 3-D printing also has applications for dentistry, automotive design, architecture, and more. Imagine what you could do! The Warner City Library is now offering you the chance to learn about this amazing technology!

Our $30 workshop includes:
A free demonstration of the 3-D printers
A short video on innovations in 3-D technology
● A group discussion on the potential applications and uses of 3-D printing technology led by Warner City Library director Ryan Jefferson
Hands-on practice, guided by our technical expert
Each participant will get to choose among five keychain designs to print and take home.

Due to space restrictions, each workshop will be limited to 12 people. To register, visit the library's front desk or go to For inquiries, call Sarah Andrews at 555-9796 or e-mail

Reading text 2:

To: Sarah Andrews
From: Sam Jackson
Date: September 5
Subject: 3-D Printer Workshops

Dear Ms. Andrews,

I am the president of the Warner Art Community and a sculptor by profession. I recently read your flyer about the 3-D printer workshops. Our group is interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. However, we'd like the focus to be on art rather than general 3-D printing. So, we hope that we can develop a custom workshop.

Our members have some specific interests surrounding how we can use 3-D printing in art. We would like to follow the curriculum you offer but would prefer to discuss more specific applications for our work on our own. I can lead those discussions. We may also want to explore making items of our own design in addition to the items you offer. Could we meet to discuss this further? Naturally, our group will pay any additional fees.

Please let me know when you might be available.

Sam Jackson

Reading text 3:

Warner City Library

Date/Time Event Event type Location
3 to 5 P.M.
Creative Writing Workshop Free with registration Warner City Library, Main Library
1 to 3 P.M.
Understanding Contemporary Literature $10 registration Warner City Library, Main Library
2 to 6 P.M.
3-D Printing in Art By invitation only Warner City Library, Lafayette branch
3 to 5 P.M.
Book launch: A Lasting Legacy, by Meredith Brownsville Free Warner City Library, Concord Street branch

For inquiries about any of the listed events or directions to specific locations of the library, please call 555-9796, or e-mail

36. What is the flyer mainly about?
37. In the e-mail, the word "surrounding" is closest in meaning to
38. Which activity does Mr. Jackson NOT request for his group?
39. What is indicated about the Warner City Library on the schedule?
40. What is suggested about the event on November 16?

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