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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. How many phone calls did they answer?
7. What is the woman waiting for?
8. What does the man want help with?
9. What did the woman already do?
10. What does the man imply about Mr. Pinkerton?
11. Look at the graphic. Which office will the woman head to?
12. What did the man already do?
13. Why is cough medicine in short supply?
14. Look at the graphic. Which item will the man order?


15. What is the announcement mainly about?
16. What is mentioned about the exhibit hall?
17. Why does the speaker say, "Mr. Donner is making preparations"?
18. According to the speaker, what did the interns do?
19. What are the listeners told to do?
20. Look at the graphic. Where does the speaker suggest going?


21. Since we live by an airport, we can easily watch the airplanes _____ off.
22. In an effort _____ customers with respect we have changed our hours to accommodate customer needs.
23. Scanning the shipment number is an _____ part of tracking these containers.
24. Mr. Garry Noxon in accounting was _____ warned about having too many numerical errors in the budget report.
25. Calculating and _____ for this loss in value of such an asset is called depreciation.
26. If you're _____ Ms. Rogers, you'll find her in the board room.


Questions 27 - 29:

Reading text:


To: Stephen Saunders, President

From: Willa Richardson, Marketing Department

Re: Changes in market

In order to address the changes that are currently taking place in the market, I believe we need to modify our business plan. I _____(1) data for the past several months.

The information clearly shows that younger and younger people are becoming interested in purchasing products such as ours. We need to develop a _____(2) to reach this younger age group.

We need to redirect some of our resources toward this goal. I think if we make this a priority over the next year, we will be able to _____(3) our position against our competitors.

If we don't, we risk losing the market share that we already have. I would like to share the results of my research with you.

It demonstrates the need to focus our energy toward this younger age group. Please let me know if we can meet this week to discuss it.

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)


Questions 30 - 33:

Reading text:

March 14

Dianne Bradley
2935 Florence Street
Tucker, TX 12345

Dear Ms. Bradley,

Thank you for signing up as a member in support of Yatna's mission to alleviate global poverty. To date, we have lent over $500 million to borrowers in 78 countries, giving thousands of people opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams.

When you are ready to make your first loan to a borrower, go to You can lend as little as $25. Start by going through the profiles of individual borrowers. -[1]-. Profiles tell you how much each person needs, what they plan to do, and how long they will take to repay your loan. -[2]-. When you are repaid, you can choose to either relend the amount or withdraw it for personal use. -[3]-. One hundred percent of each loan goes directly to the borrower. Furthermore, over 98 percent of all loans are eventually repaid. -[4]-.

If you would like to do more than loan money, then consider volunteering. We are always on the lookout for translators, English editors, and community organizers who can help borrowers manage their finances. Visit to learn more.

Again, we greatly appreciate your registering with Yatna. We hope you take the next step by extending a loan to someone in need today.


Lori Bell
Managing director, Yatna

30. Why did Ms. Bell write the letter?
31. What is indicated about Yatna?
32. According to the letter, what else can Ms. Bradley do to assist the organization?
33. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "You are also welcome to donate it to Yatna for operational expenses."
Questions 34 - 36:

Reading text:

Patak - Isn't your home worth it?

In business for four generations, Patak is renowned for its high quality, its vast knowledge of hand-knotted carpets, and its excellent customer relations. We deal only in genuine oriental and Persian carpets and rugs of the highest quality, with detail, workmanship, value, and hand-made beauty that machine-made imitations simply cannot match. All of our carpets are 100% handmade and take months or years to complete because the knots are hand-tied to a density of 400 per square inch! Our collection consists of the finest quality rugs made by Pakistani master weavers who have passed down the skill from generation to generation for centuries. They are made of the highest-quality materials: 100% New Zealand wool with highlights of silk. Isn't your home worth that kind of quality? Shop conveniently online at our website and search through a huge selection of hand-picked oriental carpets and rugs we have in stock! With this much selection, we're confident you will find the carpet that's right for your home. All prices include international door-to-door delivery, which can take as little as three days! Stop by and browse. You'll be glad you did.

34. What products does this company offer?
35. How can potential customers view their products?
36. Why do these rugs and carpets take so long to make according to the ad?


Questions 37 - 41:

Reading text 1:

Art Vibe Magazine

The remodeling of Brayman Museum of Art (BMA) has finally concluded, and the facility will reopen on Wednesday, September 26. This will be commemorated by a ceremony taking place on the front lawn of the museum, with a short speech by museum curator Jane Wellington. Ms. Wellington will talk about the progress BMA has made over its 50 years in the city of Auckland. She will also introduce the museum's new special exhibition, France in Focus, beginning that day, which features artifacts from Europe's ancient Gallic tribes. This traveling exhibition received terrific reviews from French publications when it first opened in Paris, and after the show at the BMA, it will go on to Sydney and then Perth. Tickets for the exhibit are $12 and may be reserved in advance at The museum will also be offering the special admission price of $5 for children aged 10 and under instead of its regular $7 for the duration of the exhibit. Inquiries may be directed to BMA's public relations specialist, Henry Kang, at 555-1288.

Reading text 2:

Brayman Museum of Art
Confirmation of Payment

Today's Date: August 17
Guest Name: Kerry Rosales
Exhibition Description: France in Focus
Admission Date: September 26

Description Amount Unit Price Total Price
Regular Ticket 1 $12 $12
Special Ticket 2 $5 $10

Payment Confirmation Number: 347792R

If you've made an advance purchase, please be sure to present this receipt to the museum offical collecting tickets when entering the exhibition. Admission will be allowed daily between the hours of 8 A.M. and 3 P.M.

Reading text 3:

To: Henry Kang
From: Jane Wellington
Date: September 10
Subject: Important change

Hi Henry,

I've got an urgent request. Unfortunately, I received a call this morning, and there will be a delay with the France in Focus exhibition. Some of the artifacts have been held up at customs. Apparently, the agents must see further documentation before they can release the items to us. We're getting the necessary paperwork, but it won't be processed in time for the show. The items should start arriving here at the museum the day after our exhibition is scheduled to open. Accordingly, the opening must be delayed by at least two weeks. I'll need you to contact those who purchased exhibition tickets in advance. Assure them that they may use the same tickets to gain admission on the new opening date but that they also have the option of getting their money back.

Let me know if you have questions.

Jane Wellington
Brayman Museum of Art, Curator

37. What is the main topic of the article?
38. What is indicated about Ms. Rosales?
39. What are those who purchase tickets in advance asked to bring to the exhibition?
40. What is suggested about the Brayman Museum of Art?
41. What are those who already have tickets entitled to?

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