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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. How far did the man's team go in the tournament?
7. According to the woman, why did her team not compete in the tournament?
8. What does the man mention about some of the managers in the company?
9. What is the conversation mainly about?
10. What does the man offer to do?
11. Look at the graphic. What brand does the woman want to return?
12. What does the woman ask the man to do?
13. What problem does the man mention?
14. Look at the graphic. What fabric will the man order?


15. Swing shift jobs are during what times of the day?
16. When do people on graveyard shifts usually work?
17. What is flexi-time?
18. Who was responsible for the problem?
19. What was destroyed?
20. When do authorities expect the fire to be put out?


21. When I saw her last night, she was talking to _____ loudly.
22. When questioned as to _____ he was planning to work for the competition, Mr. Graham said he would always be loyal to Sanford and Sons.
23. Smart shoppers will _____ similar brands of an item before making a decision.
24. When having an important document delivered, _____ the receiver that the package is on its way.
25. Having discussed the benefits package with the company's top executives for several hours, the union negotiators finally made a _____.
26. Actually, it is not very important for you to attend any of the _____ exhibitions.


Questions 27 - 29:

Reading text:

John's Laundry


Linen Cleaning Service

John's Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service is currently offering businesses opening new accounts by the end of the month a twenty-five percent discount on all of our services for two months. We provide the best service at low prices, servicing over fifty restaurants and ten major hotels in the area. We clean tablecloths, aprons, towels, and bed sheets by the tens of thousands every day, and always have extra supplies available, so your business is _____(1) of having clean linens at a moment's notice.

For these items, we exchange fresh linens for the items to be cleaned, so there's no need for you to keep unnecessarily large inventories on hand. For uniforms, we guarantee that they will be cleaned and delivered to your business _____(2) three business days of receipt.

If you would like to _____(3) for our service, visit any John's Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service branch or call 812-1137.

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)


Questions 30 - 31:

Reading text:

Four Hills Country Club
Golf Reservation Sheet

You may sign up below for a tee time up to one week in advance. Make sure to include your partner's name(s) and the time you would like to play. Also indicate if you would like to play nine or eighteen holes. The fee is $35 or $55, respectively, payable the day of the game.

Remember, if you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a $15 cancelation fee.

30. How much does it cost to play nine holes of golf?
31. Which of the following is NOT necessary to sign up?
Questions 32 - 34:

Reading text:

Kratschen Pharmaceutical Canada, Inc.
100 Wellington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ms. Julia Kruger,
Kratschen Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.
Kratschen Plaza
175 Rubens Strasse
Berlin, Germany

Dear Ms. Kruger,
It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our offices for the strategic planning meeting.
Heinrich Nasse informs me that you will be arriving in Toronto on Lufthansa flight LA843 on Monday, January 15 at 6:30 a.m. I have made arrangements to have my assistant, Ms. Cathy Somerset, meet you at the airport and drive you to our offices. I have also instructed her to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction for the duration of your stay, so if there is anything you need, please feel free to ask her. We have made a desk and computer available for you to use to prepare your presentation materials for the meeting on Wednesday. If you have any other special requirements, please give me a call, and I will make the necessary arrangements.
A room has been booked for you at the InterContinental Hotel, which is a short taxi ride from our offices. They have an excellent restaurant where you can have your breakfast. Otherwise, I can certainly let you know of many other restaurants in the area. You may feel free to have your lunches in the staff cafeteria here at the office. I'm sure you will find it surprisingly good. Ms. Somerset will help you with your transportation while you are here with us.
I look forward to meeting with you in person in a few days.


John Mitchell
President, Kratschen Pharmaceutical Canada, Inc.

32. Why is Ms. Kruger going to Toronto?
33. Why might Ms. Kruger need to contact Mr. Mitchell before she arrives?
34. Where does Mr. Mitchell say Ms. Kruger should have her lunch?


Questions 35 - 39:

Reading text 1:

Port Royal Cruises!
An unforgettable adventure in historic Jamaica!

Have the adventure of a lifetime by taking a cruise on an incredible replica of an actual pirate ship! Departing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from beautiful Port Royal, Jamaica, the H.M.S. Lady Blackbeard travels to numerous sites of interest! Featuring gourmet meals and beverages, the ship has a dining room, lounge, bar, and café. And the itinerary also includes a deck party with a buffet meal created by popular chef, Elijah Bolt. The vessel can accommodate up to 110 passengers, and rooms are equipped with private bathroom facilities and televisions. Tickets are just $450 per person for a two-night cruise, including three daily meals. The ship is also available for lease for corporate or private functions. To inquire about trip details or to view images of the ship and its facilities, visit

Reading text 2:

TO Evan Baughman
FROM Rayleen Webb
SUBJECT Re: Post-conference activity
DATE April 30


I checked the Port Royal Cruises Web site you mentioned. I agree that it would be a fun activity for those of us from the company attending the conference in Jamaica in June. I contacted the company to find out about renting the ship, and the cost is $7,500 per day including meals, staff, accommodation, and tours. So, a two-day rental would fall within our budget. We could depart on Friday and be back in Port Royal on Sunday morning, in time for our return flights to Edmonton in the afternoon.

If needed, the ship has audiovisual equipment we can use, and Internet access is available. It also has a paid laundry service, and the cruise line's bus can pick us up at the Mont Drake Resort where the conference is taking place.

I'll proceed with the booking once you give me your consent.


Reading text 3:

Port Royal Cruises
Your comments are very important to us...

Please take a few moments to comment on your trip with Port Royal Cruises! The feedback we collect will be used to improve services and facilities. Your details will not be shared with any third party. After completing this card, please visit the reception desk on the ship or our administrative office to hand it in.

1. How did you learn about Port Royal Cruises?
It was recommended to me by a colleague.

2. Would you recommend a cruise with us to your friends?
Yes, as well as companies hosting events.

3. What were the best aspects of your trip?
Great onboard facilities, helpful staff, fun sites, excellent gourmet menu from Elijah Bolt, and comfortable lounge.

4. How could your trip have been better?
The laundry service could have been better. Some of my clothes came back wrinkled. Also, the shuttle bus could have been less crowded.

5. Would you like to receive regular e-mail newsletters from Port Royal Cruises? YES ☐ NO ☑

NAME: Reyleen Webb
DATE OF TOUR: June 26-27

35. What does Ms. Webb suggest about the cruise she took?
36. What is mentioned about the H.M.S. Lady Blackbeard?
37. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
38. What is indicated about the comment card?
39. What did Ms. Webb most likely have to do?

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