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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What did they forget to do?
8. Why will Mr. Smith not come directly to the office tomorrow morning?
9. What will Cindy do next?
10. What should the woman like to do?
11. What does the man say about the movie?
12. What does the woman offer the man?
13. Why is the performance being held?
14. Look at the graphic. What information is incorrectly delivered by the man?
15. What are audience members not permitted to do?


16. What does the woman want to discuss?
17. What does the woman want Paul to do?
18. How can Paul contact the woman?
19. What is the report about?
20. How old is the company being mentioned?
21. According to the report, what is the main cause of the company's success?
22. Who is most likely listening to this report?
23. What is the problem on Highway 33?
24. What should listeners do if they're planning to cross the lake?


25. Since _____ to the city, Mary has been living with her sister.
26. Candidates will be considered on the basis of their prior experience _____ on their level of dedication and loyalty.
27. North America's Atlas, featuring articles on individualism and capitalism, _____ in August by Russell Palmer.
28. When he thought about his long career, he realized that his biggest _____ was in developing the new leaders of the company.
29. The firm has hired a top _____ to review the financial documents that are believed to contain the error.
30. Although the restaurant is _____ new, it has already been praised by Food Review and most of other restaurant rating services.
31. The installation of the new security software was delayed because of a technical problem that _____ while technicians were testing the system.
32. During this period, there was a lot of debate over its _____ : is it an art, a science, an industry, or all three -- or is restoring ecosystems playing God?


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Farmer’s Market Rules of Operation for All Vendors

The market opens to the public at 8:30 AM but will be accessible to vendors at 6:00 AM. Vendors should arrive _____(1) than 30 minutes before opening time in order to set up their stalls.

Also, please be reminded that vendors must adhere to the state regulations on food safety and customer protection listed on our Web site. It is the vendor's responsibility to stay informed about these guidelines. _____(2).

Furthermore, any applicable fees should be paid on time. The amount will depend on your stall’s _____(3). Those closer to the entrance will be charged more.

Finally, it is illegal to leave any litter in your sales area. _____(4), all vendors should have a receptacle on hand to dispose of any refuse.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 40:

Reading text:

Bluecoats Look to a Brighter Future

Last night the management of the Kansas City Bluecoats finally made the long-expected announcement that the team will be moving into a new stadium in a suburb just within the city limits of Kansas City. -[1]-.

The Bluecoats were one of the top teams in American football two decades ago, winning the national championship once and making it to the final game on another occasion. -[2]-. But recent years have been more difficult, with disappointing placements in the league and a dwindling fan base that has been attracted to other more successful sports teams in the region.

Moving will allow for cheaper ticket prices, more parking spaces, and easier access from other areas. -[3]-. As for the team, it will get to train using state-of-the-art facilities. Work will begin on the currently unnamed new stadium this month and is expected to be finished within two years.

Kansas City mayor Lester Hickman celebrated the team's move, saying, "This is great news for the team, and we look forward to helping the Bluecoats rise back up to their previous levels of success." -[4]-.

37. What is the article mainly about?
38. What is mentioned about the Kansas City Bluecoats?
39. What is true about the new stadium?
40. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Fans and out-of-town supporters will be better served by these changes."
Questions 41 - 42:

Reading text:

Latino History Month Poetry and Music

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM, Saturday May 3, 2008
Location: Highland Park Arts House located in mid-park on 65th Street

Share the Latino-American experience with renowned poet German Roberto in Highland Park. This special event has been prepared to bring insights into Latino literary works. Not only can you enjoy popular modern poetry reading, but you can also interact with Mr. Roberto and the other participants in the event.

Also, get ready for an exciting guitar performance by a live band and the following sing-a-long session. This is a part of the Highland Park's Latino History Month programs. Admission's free. All ages are accepted. Free tickets are available at the Arts House, which is located in mid-park on 65th Street, starting at 2:00 PM on May 3. For more information, call 917-466-2767.

41. What is the notice mainly about?
42. What is true about the performance?


Questions 43 - 47:

Reading text 1:


Coriander Fine Dining offers a selection of services for groups:

DELIVERY SERVICE: We provide free delivery service for orders over $80. A $5 delivery fee will be applied to orders costing less than this amount. Delivery is possible within the Washington, D.C city limits only.

CATERING SERVICE: Coriander Fine Dining can cater weddings, parties, and corporate or personal events at any location. We will work with you to create a menu for groups of up to 800. Service dishes, plates, cutlery, and glassware are also available for an additional charge. Contact our catering manager Cecilia Shiraz at to make a reservation.

VENUE RENTAL: Let us host your gathering in our private function room! We can serve groups of any size (up to a maximum of 80 diners). Contact Raj Kapoor at to inquire about available dates and event bookings.

Reading text 2:

TO Cecilia Shiraz
FROM Steven Potter
SUBJECT Availability
DATE June 12

Dear Ms. Shiraz,

My name is Steven Potter, and I work for Spartan Tires. I was a guest at the banquet you catered for the opening of Lucas Industries' headquarters. We recently made a deal to partner with a manufacturing company in India, and a team of their representatives are going to arrive next week to finalize our agreement. We thought it might be nice to have a meal served after contracts are signed on Friday, June 18, here at our headquarters. Everyone should be ready for dinner by 6:30 P.M. Including our representatives, there will be 30 people in total. I would like a buffet-style menu with chicken, fish, vegetables, dessert, and salad. We can make arrangements for our own beverages. We do not have any dishes or dining ware, so we will need those items as well. Could you let me know if you are available for this date and, if so, what the cost would be?


Steven Potter

Reading text 3:

Spartan Tires Joins Forces with Maha-Rubber
By Enid Wendall

Spartan Tires announced in a press statement yesterday that it will finalize a deal with India-based manufacturer Maha-Rubber on June 18. The company will produce tires under the Spartan Tires brand. Spartan Tires has 38 branches across the country, with an average of four new franchises opening annually. However, it does not produce its own accessories or parts, carrying only those made by other companies. Spartan Tires CEO Carlo Gregario said in the statement, "We don't have the facilities to produce our own tires. Partnering with Maha-Rubber will allow us to do so at a reasonable cost." The first of the new products will be available at Spartan Tires retail outlets nationwide on August 1 of next year.

43. What is NOT true about Coriander Fine Dining?
44. What does Mr. Potter ask about?
45. What will Mr. Potter have to pay extra for?
46. In the article, the word "carrying" is closest in meaning to
47. Who might Ms. Shiraz be preparing a meal for on June 18?
Questions 48 - 52:

Reading text 1:

Grand Deville Hotel: Five-Star Accommodation on the Vancouver Waterfront

The Grand Deville Hotel is opening at the end of August, and we are excited about offering our guests the best experience in downtown Vancouver. Our 10-story facility has already been receiving positive coverage in numerous publications, and our rooms are almost fully booked for the first two weeks.

Some of our amenities include:
• A large indoor swimming pool and exercise room, both of which every guest can use free of charge
• Single rooms starting at $100 a night and double rooms starting at $160 a night
A restaurant and event space, La Vie Boheme, that serves a variety of dishes from around the globe
A conference room with a 100-person capacity, a salon with a 50-person capacity, a boardroom with a 60-person capacity, and a ballroom with a 200-person capacity
A hot tub and a minibar in every room
Cable television with over 300 channels

Don't wait - book your room today by visiting or by calling 555-9532. If you have any questions, send an e-mail to

Reading text 2:

FROM: Derek Raymond
SUBJECT: Some queries
DATE: August 30

My name is Derek Raymond, and I'm an employee at the Biological Research Center at the British Columbia Technology Institute (BCTI). Several members of our center recently won a prestigious science award. We plan to celebrate this momentous occasion with a banquet. We would like to book a space that is large enough for about 150 guests. If that's possible, we will be holding our event on September 27 at your hotel.

Also, some of my colleagues and I would like to stay the night. Please let me know if there are any rooms still available for that date. If so, I think eight single rooms would suit our requirements.


Derek Raymond

Reading text 3:

BCTI Biological Research Center
For Pine Beetle Research Team
September 27, 7:00 P.M., Grand Deville Hotel

7:00 P.M. Opening remarks, Josh Rainer, Director of BCTI Biological Research Center
7:15 P.M. Dinner* service, meal provided by La Vie Boheme
8:15 P.M. Presentation of certificates of appreciation and bonuses to team members and team leader
9:00 P.M. Talk by team leader Edwina Paige on her team's award-winning work using technology that halts deforestation brought on by pine beetles
9:15 P.M. Live performance by band The Fulstone Trio playing favorite jazz numbers

*Please check menu cards on the table for fish, meat, and vegetarian options. Check your preference and hand the card to your server. Guests staying overnight will also be provided a complimentary buffet breakfast between 7 A.M. and 11 A.M. the next day.

48. According to the advertisement, what is true about Vancouver?
49. What is NOT a feature of the Grand Deville Hotel?
50. In the e-mail, the word "momentous" is closest in meaning to
51. Where in the hotel will the celebration probably be held?
52. What can be inferred about Derek Raymond?

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