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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. What are they talking about?
7. What does the man want to know?
8. What will the woman do at lunch?
9. What will the woman tell the man about?
10. What problem has the man had?
11. How does the woman suggest he reinforce their discussion?
12. What does the woman say to the man?
13. How will they solve the problem?
14. What will happen tomorrow morning?


15. What has caused the traffic jams on the roads?
16. What does the speaker advise the listeners to do?
17. When is the next weather update?
18. Why is the speaker calling?
19. Look at the graphic. Which flooring type did the listener mention?
20. According to the speaker, how can the listener get information about the materials?


21. This book is the _____ of all
22. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your article on summer hotspots in the newspaper this _____ week.
23. I look forward to reading next week's _____
24. All tenants are required to submit all requests on writing if they have _____ regarding their rooms.
25. This includes the manufacturer of _____ parts, the assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner.
26. If you can't improve your level of work, I'm afraid you'll have to look _____ for another job.


Questions 27 - 29:

Reading text:


To: all department staff

From: J. Holtzman, Manager

Re: Ordering Lunch

It has long been the practice in this department to order lunch to be served during department meetings. While this is as custom we all enjoy, it has become a _____(1) on our budget.

Therefore, I have developed the following guidelines for ordering meeting lunches.

- We cannot afford to constantly order elegant lunches. Please limit your orders to common, everyday lunch choices such as sandwiches and salads.

- There are many restaurants in the area that offer take-out lunches. I will _____(2) the choices down to three or four places that have reasonable prices, then let you know which they are. Please order only from the restaurants on the approved list.

- We will no longer pay for delivery. All lunch orders must be _____(3) up in person.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)


Questions 30 - 31:

Reading text:

Mackie Printing Industries


ORDER DATE: March 30


Size: Large 
Color: Red and gold
Quantity: 120
Description: Four-page menus with restaurant name and logo on the cover
Cost: $7.99 each 
Subtotal: $958.80 
Tax: $11.50 
TOTAL: $970.30

*Thank you for your business*

30. How many menus were ordered?
31. What is stated in the receipt?
Questions 32 - 35:

Reading text:

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL EXPO - Shipping Instructions for US Exhibitors

Fastex has been designated the official transportation coordinator of equipment and display materials for all exhibitors participating in the International Travel Expo. The following information includes shipping dates, consolidation points, and documentation requirements for the transportation into France of all your material for the exposition. The following air freight cut-off dates have been selected to allow as much time as possible to prepare your exhibition materials prior to shipment:

Door-to-door delivery
Drop off at consolidation point
No later than June 15th
No later than June 21st

Fastex is able to pick up your cargo from your facility and arrange delivery to one of our domestic consolidation points: Oakland, Denver, New York, Los Angeles, or Houston. Simply call us to schedule the pickup. If you choose, you may send your goods directly to the consolidation point, prepaid. Please notify us of your freight's impending arrival at the consolidation point. Include the Carrier's Bill of Landing/ Airway Bill information, the gross weight, total number of pieces sent, and copies of the commercial invoices for the goods sent. Whether we pick up your freight or it is delivered, we urge exhibitors to use strong, wooden cases that offer protection from the weather for the transportation of exhibition materials. In the event that your cases are secured with a lock or combination, please don't forget to provide the key or combination number to us for customs examination.

32. Who is this information intended for?
33. Where is the International Travel Expo being held?
34. If shipments are sent to one of the consolidation points, what must be done?
35. How does Fastex recommend that items be packed?


Questions 36 - 40:

Reading text 1:

Desmond-Hilbert Community College
Canter, Connecticut

Are you interested in enhancing your skills to increase your employability and competitiveness in the job market? The Desmond-Hilbert Community College is now offering courses for both employed and unemployed individuals interested in obtaining certifications or improving their skill sets.

The program offerings include certification in real estate brokering, automobile safety, and computers. In addition, we have two new certification courses this semester in basic nursing and building inspection.

If you would like more information, please visit our Web site at An online form is available for those who would like to enroll for the upcoming school term. Once you submit the form, we will respond within 48 hours. You may also enroll at the registrar's office. Deadline for enrollment is August 12. Enrollment beyond the deadline is at the discretion of the instructor.

Reading text 2:

Course Schedule for Fall Term August 24 to December 21

Desmond-Hilbert Community College

Real Estate Brokering Mon and Wed, 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. with a 1-hour lunch break Ms. Wendy Dufresne
Automobile Safety Tues and Thurs, 9 A.M. - 12 noon Mr. Harold Singh
Building Inspection Mon and Fri, 9 A.M. - 11 A.M. Mr. Ted Angelotti
Computers and Tablets Tues and Thurs, 2 P.M. - 4 P.M. Ms. Sandy Packard
Basic Nursing Mon to Fri, 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. with a 1-hour lunch break Mr. Paul Leong

Information on payment of tuition and fees will be provided via e-mail if you register using the online form.

Reading text 3:

To: Joel Partido
From: Gail Bowe
Subject: Registration
Date: August 9

Dear Mr. Partido,

This is to confirm that we have received your registration form. Your tuition and fees total $2,200. The enrollment process will be complete once you have submitted your payment.

You indicated that the firm you work for will pay for your training. The amount may be transmitted to the following account: Oak Valley Bank, Account No. 3811245-67-9811. Your employer may also pay by credit card through our Web site.

Once your payment has been received, you will be issued a receipt via e-mail. Print it out and bring it on the first day of class. Please be reminded that the course you enrolled in has full daytime sessions every day except Saturday and Sunday. If you have any questions, you may reach me by e-mail. Thank you.


Gail Bowe

36. What is the announcement mainly about?
37. In the announcement, the word "discretion" is closest in meaning to
38. Which instructor is teaching a new course?
39. Based on the e-mail, what is true about Mr. Partido?
40. What class did Mr. Partido most likely enroll in?

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