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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 20/05/2024

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1. If you want my honest opinion, I thought the play was _____


Questions 2 - 5:

Reading text:

Attention residents of Sudbury:

A neighborhood gathering _____(1) at the community center next Thursday evening. This meeting is open to all local residents.

The main issue up for discussion is the implementation of traffic calming measures on Kingston Road. This must be resolved as soon as possible because of the sharp _____(2) in the number of cars using that street. Other issues on the agenda include the garbage collection schedule and the rezoning of Hammersmith Drive. _____(3).

Refreshments will be served from 7:30 P.M., and business will begin at 8 P.M. Please arrive _____(4) to ensure that we have enough time to address everything.

2. (1)
3. (2)
4. (3)
5. (4)


Questions 6 - 9:

Reading text:

EZ-R-Printing Services:
Get exactly what you want!

If your small business requires pamphlets, flyers, business cards, catalogs, or any other type of promotional material, you can produce precisely what you need with EZ-R-Printing Services! Our easy-to-use design system allows you to select the fonts and graphics you like and position them on the page. You can even choose the type of paper to use.

-[1]-. Once you're completely satisfied with your document, select the number of prints you'd like and submit payment by credit card, direct transfer from your financial institution, or the Paybuddy online transaction service. -[2]-. Fill out a shipping form, and your items will be delivered anywhere in the US within five business days. Shipping and handling charges are included in the total cost, so there are no hidden fees.

-[3]-. For a one-time payment starting at as low as $180, one of our skilled professionals will create an attractive publication. They can work with you on any printed promotional material until you are satisfied!

In addition, for the month of May only, anyone placing an order of $75 or more will receive $25 worth of business cards for free. -[4]-.

Check out hundreds of sample publications on our site and take a tour of our design system to see how easy and affordable it is to use our services at www.ezrprintingservices.com.

6. What does the advertisement mention about EZ-R-Printing Services?
7. What will be given to those customers who spend a certain amount?
8. What can visitors to EZ-R-Printing Services' Web site do?
9. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "If you're uncertain about your layout and design skills, you don't have to do it at all."
Questions 10 - 14:
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Reading text 1:

Valley Arts and Craft Show

Friday, March 15 - Saturday, March 16
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: State Fair Grounds, Miguel Garcia Room
Price: Free

Come see local artists present their latest paintings, drawings, and handicrafts. Many items will be on sale at reasonable prices. You will also have the opportunity to meet the artists and talk about their latest creations.

Featured artist Janela Hampton will also be signing copies of her latest book of drawings and paintings for all interested customers. Ms. Hampton's newest work was inspired by her travels in Central and South America. We are still accepting applications. If you are a local artist who would like to have a display at the show, email valleyarts@happymail.com by March 1st, stating what kind of work you do.

Hope to see you there!

Reading text 2:

To: valleyarts@happymail.com
From: awally@netco.com
Subject: Arts Show
Date: February 28 2006


I am a local artist who produces hand-painted clay pottery. I would love to have a stand at the Valley Arts and Crafts Show. I wanted to get a stand last year, but I applied outside the application period. I really hope that I am in time this year. How much is the cost for artists who have a stand? There is no price on the posters, so I was wondering if it was free. I hope so, but even if there is a charge, I still want to display. Please let me know.

Many thanks.
Amanda Wallace

10. What time will the show begin?
11. Who will be signing a new book?
12. Which area influenced Janela Hampton's work?
13. Which of the following does Amanda Wallace probably NOT produce?
14. Why does Amanda Wallace think stands at the show are free?