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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. Why does the woman talk to the man?
8. Where is the woman's appointment scheduled to take place?
9. What is the man likely to do tomorrow?
10. When must a customer notify the hotel?
11. How much in advance should the customer notify the hotel?
12. What does the man tell the woman to do?
13. What are they discussing?
14. Who will the new employee work closest with?
15. How did Henry learn about the company?


16. How long has the speaker been studying judo?
17. What happened to the speaker at his last competition?
18. What did the speaker do to his opponent?
19. What does the speaker ask the participants to do?
20. What does the speaker remind the listeners to bring?
21. What should one do if help is needed?
22. What will happen on April 14?
23. According to the speaker, what is located on the fifth floor?
24. Why does the speaker say, "Still not convinced"?


25. You need to type the password when you want to send a document from your computer to _____.
26. At the Svelte Health Club, all patrons should have _____ body fat percentage measured before they embark on an exercise regimen.
27. Please _____ any information, no matter how insufficient it may seem, to your client in the very near future.
28. It is illegal to _____ candidates based on gender or ethnicity.
29. A specialist mediator was brought in to help the two parties solve their dispute over the real estate contract _____.
30. Inventory control cannot be performed _____, but must be done by physically counting the merchandise.
31. I'm warning you. I can take just that much and _____ more.
32. Well, yes I do have a _____ good idea?


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Sports Complex Put to a Vote

Gainesburg, June 3—Gainesburg residents _____(1) on whether a sports complex should be built in town. It was concluded that 82 percent are _____(2) of the project. In consideration of the results, the city approved its construction, and development plans are expected to commence in the coming months.

Gainesburg’s one existing fitness club was _____(3) last year after 30 years of use. This left the area without any functional leisure facilities at all, and residents had been pushing for a sports complex ever since.

_____(4). "Having a fitness center will make athletic resources readily accessible to a wider range of people. It will also help unite the community in a fun and healthy way," said council member Claire Faukes.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 40:

Reading text:

Blake Dunlap 10:28 A.M. Hi, everyone. I'm happy to announce that Alstrop's board of directors has decided to open a sixth branch in Cleveland. Consequently, they'd like to transfer existing employees so that the branch is launched as quickly as possible. In fact, I need each of you to submit some staffing recommendations.
Cathy Schultz 10:30 A.M. Would the transfers be temporary? Many of our staff members have lived here in Inglewood their entire lives. They won't be happy about this.
Blake Dunlap 10:31 A.M. That will depend on the preference of each employee. Naturally, performance is also a factor.
Roy Reese 10:31 A.M. When's our target opening date?
Blake Dunlap 10:32 A.M. The branch must be fully operational by November 15 to take advantage of our year-end tire sale.
George Kesterson 10:32 A.M. If you're looking for an office administrator, I think Tammy Roselli would do a great job. She does have a family here though, so I'm unsure if she'd want to move.
Roy Reese 10:34 A.M. And for sales director, Charles Kang would be a good choice.
Blake Dunlap 10:36 A.M. Great suggestions! Any ideas for a purchasing clerk? We will need someone to start ordering merchandise right away.
Cathy Schultz 10:38 A.M. What about Carson Drake? He’s been working in the same position for years and he needs a challenge.
Blake Dunlap 10:40 A.M. That is a good idea. Anyway, there are a number of other roles to fill, and I'll forward you all a list later today. Message me or drop by human resources if you have any other ideas.

37. What kind of business most likely is Alstrop?
38. What is mentioned as a concern about staff transfers?
39. At 10:38 A.M., what does Ms. Schultz mean when she writes, "he needs a challenge"?
40. What will Mr. Dunlap do later in the day?
Questions 41 - 44:

Reading text:

Lester Beebe Hits Stage in South Bend
By Adam Brown

A musical version of Michelle Gable's novel The Triumph of Lester Beebe is set to premiere next month on May 22. -[1]-. Set in South Bend, the show is the story of a teenage boy who is the son of an automobile factory worker in the 1960s. The book became a favorite of young adult readers when it was first printed in 1968. -[2]-.

Producers Todd Carlisle and Emma Wright were not even born when the book was first released but say they identified with Lester Beebe's adolescent struggles when first reading the story. "Lester Beebe isn't just a teenager from South Bend," says Carlisle, "he could be a young person from anywhere." In addition to being the show's producers, Carlisle and Wright manage the Eden Playhouse in South Bend. -[3]-. According to Wright, the area is not well-known for musical productions, but she hopes The Triumph of Lester Beebe will change that. "Todd and I are also counting on local interest to help in building an audience for the show," she said.

Playing the role of Beebe is actor Henry Thomas. Veteran performer Neil Chandler plays his father, while the roles of Beebe's sisters, Mandy and Corinne, will be realized by Stephanie O'Connor and Audrey Blanco. Following the run in South Bend, Carlisle and Wright will take the show to New York in August for its Broadway debut. -[4]-. Tickets for the South Bend show are on sale now through the Eden Playhouse at 555-0493.

41. What is the article mainly about?
42. What is NOT indicated about The Triumph of Lester Beebe?
43. The word "realized" is closest in meaning to
44. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Its popularity earned it widespread acclaim and, ultimately, translation into 32 languages."


Questions 45 - 49:

Reading text 1:



This 950-square-foot apartment is located in the city center in Portsmouth Residential Towers. It contains two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and dining area, a bathroom, and a balcony. The residence is conveniently located near a bus stop, a subway station, and a shopping mall. The unit comes with a space in the building's parking garage, the cost of which is included in the $1,900 monthly rental fee. New wallpaper will be installed for the new resident. The apartment will be ready to move into as soon as this work is finished on August 30. Contracts are for one or two years with the possibility of an extension. A one-month security deposit is required along with a reference from a previous landlord. To book a viewing, please contact George Lee at, or call him at 555-0393.

Reading text 2:

From: Neil Kaplan (555-3004)
To: George Lee (555-0393)

Received: May 25, 4:10 P.M.

Thank you for showing me the three apartment units this morning. I'm interested in renting the one on Mapleton Street. I understand that the owner needs a reference prior to signing any agreement. He is free to contact Miranda Chase at She's the proprietor of the studio apartment I currently rent in Tanner Hill Condominiums. I am prepared to sign a two-year contract and move into the unit as soon as the new wallpaper has been put up. Thank you.

Reading text 3:

NOTICE: All Tenants

Tanner Hill Condominiums' underground parking facility will undergo resurfacing this week. The work will begin on Monday, May 30, and last until Friday. The facility will be inaccessible not only during this time but also on the weekend as the concrete requires time to set properly. Tenants may once again park their vehicles in the garage on Monday, June 6.

Tenants should move their vehicles one day before the work begins, to the Downtown Parkade located across the road at 168 Beauregard Avenue. Simply pick up a temporary pass from the facility's ticket office, and display it on your vehicle's windshield.

We apologize for any inconvenience and disturbance the work may cause. For more details, contact the building's administrative office at 555-4958 during its operating hours of 8 A.M. to 4 P.M., from Monday to Friday.

45. What is included in the advertised apartment's rental fee?
46. What is implied about Mr. Kaplan?
47. Who is Miranda Chase?
48. What will Mr. Kaplan probably have to do on May 29?
49. What is indicated about Tanner Hill Condominiums?
Questions 50 - 54:

Reading text 1:


Coming Soon... Duty-Free Shopping at Botwell Department Store

Botwell Department Store, situated in the heart of Cape Town, is pleased to announce that on April 12 it will be opening a new duty-free store designed for all international travelers. Located on Botwell's fifth floor, the establishment will feature luxury goods such as cosmetics, perfumes, liquors, jewelry, and more. In celebration of the opening, all items by Moreno Luggage and Lydia Cosmetics will be marked down by 20 percent until May 15. To buy any product being sold in the duty-free store, customers will need to provide a passport and a ticket that will be used for an international departure within 28 days. Those who are members of the Botwell Frequent Shopper program can receive an additional 10 percent off all duty-free products.

Reading text 2:


I'm very grateful to everyone for helping to make the first week of our duty-free store a success. Overall, I am pleased with your efforts and with how well the store ran. However, there are a few important things to take note of.

First, I received a number of complaints about our voucher program. Please recall that it is our policy to give vouchers to customers who make purchases totaling $500 or more. These vouchers allow them to take advantage of discounts on our partner establishments' Web sites. Please remember to give one to every eligible customer.

Second, if a member of our frequent shopper program has lost his or her card, we cannot offer the reduced price. However, shoppers may keep their receipts and get reimbursed for the difference once the card has been located or replaced.

Thank you for your attention to these matters, and keep up the good work.

Reading text 3:

Botwell Department Store Receipt

Issued: April 19
To: Emilia Fortich Citizenship: Spanish
Passport number: XCV81324
Flight: Vela Airways VI342
Date of departure: April 21 Destination: Madrid, Spain

Item Quantity Price
Riley leather handbag (plum) 1 $160.00
Lydia Cosmetics lipstick 1 $46.00
Leganz digital camera 1 $258.00
Daphne Boutique scarf 1 $62.00
TOTAL $526.00

Please note:
Cape Town Airport Authority (CTAA) regulations prohibit the transport of more than 100 milliliters of liquids and gels onboard unless the products have been purchased at a duty-free store and secured in a plastic bag bearing the official CTAA seal. Furthermore, note that such items must be removed from luggage when passing through a security checkpoint.

50. What is NOT mentioned about Botwell's new establishment?
51. What is the purpose of the notice?
52. Which product did Ms. Fortich probably buy at a discount?
53. What is true about Ms. Fortich?
54. In the receipt, the word "secured" is closest in meaning to

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