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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. What does the speaker plan to do in April?
6. What problem does the speaker mention?
7. Look at the graphic. Which session will the speaker probably miss?


8. We will hold a workshop _____ more than ten employees register.
9. We have a _____ obligation to stick with Jacobsen Courier Services although several of its competitors now offer better deals.
10. Participating in public-service _____ is just one of many ways companies can improve their company image and bring unity among their employees.


Questions 11 - 13:

Reading text:

_____(1) the economy beginning to slow down, the hourly wage for workers has declined a little.

The drop is notable since productivity - the amount that an average worker produces in an hour and the basic source of a nation's living standards - has risen steadily over the same period.

As a result, wages and salaries now make up the lowest proportion of the nation's gross domestic product, while corporate earnings have climbed to their highest level since the 1990s.

Over the past few years, stagnating wages were somewhat _____(2) by the rising value of benefits such as health insurance, which caused overall compensation for workers to continue increasing.

Since last year, however, the value of a worker's benefits has also failed _____(3) pace with inflation, according to government data.

Moreover, polls show that rising house and stock values have lifted the net worth of many families over the last few years, and interest rates remain fairly low. =Hơn nữa, các cuộc khảo sát cho thấy việc tăng giá trị nhà ở và chứng khoán đã làm tăng giá trị tài sản ròng của nhiều gia đình trong những năm vừa qua, và lãi suất vẫn ở mức khá thấp.

11. (1)
12. (2)
13. (3)


Questions 14 - 17:

Reading text:

July 7 – The steamboat Suncoast is returning to the public on August 20. The Suncoast is a historical symbol of the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. as one of the first steam engine boats to travel along the Mississippi River. The Suncoast has traveled up and down the river while hauling agricultural exports for almost a decade. —[1]—.

After the invention of a high-pressure steam engine, the Suncoast was no longer needed. The Pollard Steamboat Company kept the Suncoast’s original shape to maintain its historical value. To convey its historical significance to the community, it was donated to the New Orleans Engines Museum (NOEM) and was displayed at the South Shore Harbor beside the museum. —[2]—.

In order to show off the archaic beauty of the Suncoast to the world, NOEM has decided to use the steamboat itself to exhibit the history and evolution of waterway transportation on the Mississippi River during the Industrial Revolution. —[3]—. While preserving most of its inner structure, NOEM has built an indoor café, a restaurant, souvenir shops, and other facilities within the steamboat for visitors to enjoy. —[4]—.

An admission ticket for NOEM includes a free drink at the Suncoast Café. For ticket pricing and purchase, visit

14. What is the purpose of the article?
15. What is mentioned as a change that was made to the Suncoast?
16. What is NOT true about NOEM?
17. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? “However, it was only for observing the exterior, and visitors were forbidden to enter.”


Questions 18 - 22:

Reading text 1:

To: Max Sullivan
From: Martha Reynolds
Subj: Conference


I have been working on the arrangements for our upcoming conference. I've looked into the City Convention Center, and I think it is the most convenient location. It is close to public transportation and hotels. The accommodations are also excellent. The rooms are large, and we can reserve up to ten meeting rooms. However, the price is almost 50% more than we agreed we could spend. The other choice is the Mayfield Hotel. Many associations hold their conventions there. It is a nice place, and the price is reasonable. However, it is not close to the subway. Also, it is much smaller than the Convention Center. I think we could only get three meeting rooms. Would that be enough? Please get in touch with me today to let me know what you think. I need to reserve a place soon.


Reading text 2:

To: Martha Reynolds
From: Max Sullivan
Subj: Re: Conference


In regard to selecting a location for the conference, I think the Convention Center is better than the Mayfield Hotel. The hotel is much too small. Remember, we plan to hold at least five sessions at a time. We couldn't do that at the hotel. We expect more people to take part in the convention this year, so it is important to have a space that can accommodate everyone. About the price, I think we can rearrange the budget a bit in order to be able to pay for it. So go ahead and reserve the space at the Convention Center.


18. What are these e-mails about?
19. How many meeting rooms will they need?
20. What does Max prefer about the Convention Center?
21. The words 'get in touch' of the first e-mail are closest in meaning to
22. The word 'selecting' of the second e-mail is closest in meaning to

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