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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 17/05/2024

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Questions 1 - 3:
1. What is the speaker mainly calling about?
2. What does the man mean when he says, “It looks like you installed software that damaged your phone”?
3. Why does the speaker request the listener to come visit?
Questions 4 - 6:
4. What did the speaker fail to do?
5. Look at the graphic. How much will the speaker probably be refunded?
6. What will the speaker do on Friday?



7. The Travel Holiday Group offers some of the best horseback tours _____ the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean basin.
8. Please be sure to keep all receipts and submit _____ with your claim for reimbursement.
9. The candidate promised to _____ prescription drug prices by as much as 0 percent if voted into office.
10. Our education will help with the _____ of knowledge for the young.
11. The seminar leader wanted all the attendees to give him some _____ feedback about the session.
12. The waste from the chemical factory is extremely _____
13. The gift shop on Baker Street is popular with customers because it is conveniently located, and its products are _____ inexpensive.
14. The use of alternative medicine among professionals in the city and suburbs is _____ widespread.


Questions 15 - 17:

Reading text:

The Business Travel Channel!!

Helping you find air travel, hotel accommodations, travel agencies and more!

Booking business travel is a complex process. Business owners often look to the Web for convenient ways to compare options and book quickly at the _____(1) rates.

But there are _____(2) categories to consider, including air travel, ground transportation, limousines, shuttles, rail travel and others, so you'll want solutions geared to business in general and your business in particular.

Some of the business travel solutions you'll find here include _____(3) stay and corporate housing, rail travel and charter buses for your business.

Need travel arrangements fast on a budget? The Business Travel Channel can help you.

15. (1)
16. (2)
17. (3)


Questions 18 - 21:

Reading text:

Gail Royce 7:32 P.M. So, are we all ready for the product launch tomorrow? Let me know if there is anything else we need to do. We won't have much time, as the event starts at 11 A.M.
Reena Singh 7:36 P.M. My team and I have the venue nearly ready. We have a few large banners to hang in the morning, but everything else has been set up.
Roger Bryce 7:37 P.M. We have to make some final lighting adjustments in the morning, but the video screens are up and the sound system is operational.
Olga Russovich 7:38 P.M. About 500 guests have confirmed, but a few more may show up. Six members of the press are coming. The caterer has also set up the food table and refreshment counter.
Gail Royce 7:41 P.M. Thanks everyone. It sounds like everything is proceeding as planned. Olga, why are so few members of the press coming?
Olga Russovich 7:43 P.M. There is an important meeting at City Hall at the same time. Many local journalists need to attend that instead.
Gail Royce 7:46 P.M. That's a shame. I think the reserved press seating area will be far too large. Reena, if you need, feel free to use up to half of the press area for further product displays.
Reena Singh 7:48 P.M. That would be great. There are a couple of jewelry displays that seem rather crowded, so I'll move some things there in the morning. We will want to showcase our new products in the best way possible. What time does the venue open?
Roger Bryce 7:49 P.M. I asked the venue manager today, and he can be there earlier than usual, at 7 A.M., to give us access.

18. At 7:46 P.M., what does Ms. Royce most likely mean when she writes, "That's a shame"?
19. What will Mr. Bryce do the following morning?
20. What is NOT true about the event venue?
21. What type of company does Ms. Singh most likely work for?
Questions 22 - 23:

Reading text:

Dean Strivers [10:31 A.M.]
Sylvia, are you busy? Upper management just requested an urgent meeting with the research department in about an hour.


Sylvia Flores [10:33 A.M.]
I'm available, but my team is at one of our main branches downtown. They won't be back until at least 2:00.


Dean Strivers [10:35 A.M.]
Well, do you think you could handle it yourself? I think it'll go well even if your team members aren't there.


Sylvia Flores [10:36 A.M.]
It shouldn't be an issue. Do I need to prepare anything?


Dean Strivers [10:40 A.M.]
They want to ask questions about our upcoming product launch, so bring the market analysis, financial estimates, and other reports that you and your team have worked on. The meeting will be in Conference Room 510.


Sylvia Flores [10:41 A.M.]
I'll be there.

22. At 10:36 A.M., what does Ms. Flores mean when she writes, "It shouldn't be an issue"?
23. What has Ms. Flores been asked to prepare?
Questions 24 - 28:
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Reading text 1:


Wheel-Pals, the world's most popular carpooling program, has arrived in Auckland! Download the application today onto your mobile phone, device, or computer, and find out how easy it is to save money on transportation! The application connects you with other users in your area that are interested in carpooling at specific times. All our members undergo a screening process and can post reviews about other passengers and drivers. With fees starting as low as $6 per month for a basic package, Wheel-Pals is sure to be as popular here in Auckland as it is in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne! Go to www.wheelpals.com for more details.

Reading text 2:

USER REVIEW: Wheel-Pals Carpooling Application
By Jason Diaz (jdiaz@vastpost.co.au)

Wheel-Pals recently launched its service in the Auckland area, and having already used the application while living in Brisbane, I was one of the first to sign up. As before, I purchased the basic package because, in the past, it had enough services to help me form carpool groups with other drivers or riders that live nearby. However, I don't think Wheel-Pals has done enough to promote its launch in this area. I sometimes find it difficult to find people to carpool with. In Brisbane, I only drove my car to work once or twice a week, but now I have to do it more often. Also, few people that I know locally are even aware of the application.

Reading text 3:

TO Jason Diaz
FROM Adele Simmonds
SUBJECT Thanks for the review!
DATE May 29

Dear Mr. Diaz,

My name is Adele Simmonds and I'm a public relations representative for Wheel-Pals. I recently came across an online review you left about our application. On behalf of the company, thank you for taking the time to leave the comment. We appreciate your concerns and have decided to take steps to market the program further in your area.

As a token of thanks for your review, you will receive points that you can use like cash to pay for your subscription or any of our other services. The points will show up in the application the next time you log in.

Thank you again, and we hope you will continue to find Wheel-Pals useful.


Adele Simmonds
Regional PR associate, Wheel-Pals Inc.

24. What is the purpose of the flyer?
25. What problem does Mr. Diaz mention in the review?
26. What is indicated about Mr. Diaz?
27. Where does Wheel-Pals plans to do additional product promotion?
28. In the e-mail, the word "leave" is closest in meaning to
Questions 29 - 33:
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Reading text 1:

4110 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33603

July 11

Daniel Ainge
665 Terrace Drive
Brandon, FL 33511

Dear Mr. Ainge,

Congratulations! You are one step closer to realizing your dream of owning a business. Over the past two decades, Franchise Master has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs like you find success through the franchising model.

As a franchisee, you will benefit from proven business practices, receive administrative support, and be able to predict sales and expenses. You do not need prior experience since all franchisees receive extensive training. You will fully enjoy the advantages of joining an established company!

In addition, you now have the perfect chance to learn more about our partners by coming to the 24th Annual Franchise Expo in Fort Myers, Florida. Many well-known franchises that require the initial investment capital you said you'd be willing to pay will be participating, such as AirCare Repair and Missy's Ice.

If you have any questions, call us at 555-8965 or stop by our office at the address above.


Hilary Archer

Reading text 2:

24th Annual Franchise Expo
September 6-9, Fort Myers, Florida

Request Info | Exhibitors & Sponsors | Join | Press Releases | Contact

Previous | Next

Section Booth Company Name Industry Initial investment
2 52 AirCare Repair Repair services $20,000
2 54 ShoeSaver Repair services $31,500
4 79 Barb's Chicken Food retail $32,000
4 81 Missy's Ice Food retail $20,000
5 94 Muscle Bound Fitness services $38,000
5 113 Space Cycle Fitness services $25,000
10 205 Clean Sweep Home services $26,500

To view a map of the facility with booth locations for participating franchises, click here. Booths are limited to one per participant.

Reading text 3:

Tampa Weekly

Is franchising right for you? (continued from page 1)

As I learned when I spoke to experts at the recently held Franchise Expo in Fort Myers, franchising is not for everyone. Franchise Friendly's Sam Romanek told me, "Franchises may pose fewer risks than start-ups, but they may not be a good fit if you value total independence and control."

As for choosing the right franchise, FBA's Barbara Allred advises doing your research. "Don't just look at a company's recent performance," she said. "Find out how the overall industry is doing." For instance, she cited the promising outlook for home services and a diminishing one for personal fitness. "Fitness clubs have boomed in recent years," she added, "but the market is now saturated."

29. According to the letter, what is NOT a benefit of owning a franchise?
30. What can be inferred about Mr. Ainge?
31. In the letter, the word "model" is closest in meaning to
32. What is suggested about the 24th Annual Franchise Expo?
33. Which business might Ms. Allred recommend?