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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. When will the snowstorm end?
6. What is the current temperature?
7. What does the speaker suggest?


8. _____ what else to do, he stayed calm and did nothing as asked.
9. Not everyone is convinced that the restructuring is _____ responsible for the improvement in employee performance.
10. Current job _____ at Elite Insurance Company have been posted on the internal Web site and on major Internet job-search sites.


Questions 11 - 13:

Reading text:

The threat of hospital-acquired infections is causing much more vigilance in health-care settings. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are urged not only to develop therapies for these infections, _____(1) to strengthen their efforts at preventing them.

Obviously, in the health care environment better hand hygiene can significantly reduce infection rates, as can good practices for _____(2) processing equipment.

Research announced at last year's annual conference shows that traditional cleaning has little _____(3) on removing bacterial contamination in ambulances and crews potentially at risk from microbial infection, which can then be transported into hospitals.

11. (1)
12. (2)
13. (3)


Questions 14 - 17:

Reading text:

July 8

Matty Romano
3718 Sunrise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Dear Mr. Romano,

Congratulations! Your application for doing volunteer work at the Evergreen Children’s Hospital was received, and you are being given a position in our daycare program. However, before you can begin, you have to provide some additional documents for security issues.

You are required to provide a medical record for the last 5 years (this can be retrieved from your personal doctor) and a letter from your school verifying that you are currently attending classes there. This volunteer opportunity is only available to college students, so it is crucial that you send us this document. —[1]—. The required documents are to be mailed directly to the Evergreen social work office. —[2]—. The documents need to be original and hard copies. Please submit them by no later than July 15.

Per your request, I have enclosed this year’s volunteer program schedule. —[3]—. Once we have finished reviewing your documents, we will send you a text message with a link to a Web page where you should make an account so that you can check your daily volunteering schedule online. —[4]—.

If you have any inquiries regarding these, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Judy Cruz
Evergreen Children’s Hospital Volunteer Program Coordinator

14. Who most likely is Mr. Romano?
15. What is Mr. Romano required to do within a week?
16. What was sent with the letter?
17. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? “The address is posted on our Web site.”


Questions 18 - 22:

Reading text 1:


To: Managers of PE Ceramics
From: Nguyen Dinh
Date: June 2
Subject: Business World

This is in regard to the Professional Development Association’s upcoming series of seminars, Business World, to be held from June 20 to 22. Attending the seminars is obligatory for all new managers. For all managers, the price of admission will be covered by the company, but hotel room reservations should be covered individually. If you choose the Golden Castle Hotel, you will pay $75 per night instead of $130 thanks to the seminar attendee discount. For reimbursement, please contact the manager of the Accounting Department. Refer to the notice posted on the bulletin board at the employee lounge.

Nguyen Dinh

Reading text 2:

Business World – Essential Management Skills

June 20 – June 22
Bloomberg Convention Center
455 Long Street, New York, NY 10055

Join our popular seminars that are led by well-known authors, educators, senior executives, consultants, and even current chief executive officers of large corporations! Seminars begin at 9:00 A.M. and end at 5:00 P.M. each day. Lunch will be provided. Through our seminars, you can learn to set mutual goals, maximize team performance, value differences and ideas, and communicate effectively. Please wear business casual attire in layers to the seminars as the room temperatures may vary.

Reading text 3:

To: William Gonzalez(
From: Marlene Kar(
Date: July 6
Subject: Reimbursement

Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

I attended the Business World seminars for all three days. I will stop by your office to drop off the receipts and expense report for the reimbursement process.

By the way, I should mention that it was a bit difficult to reach the Bloomberg Convention Center, where the seminars took place, from the Golden Castle Hotel. The public transit in the neighborhood is neither very convenient nor on time. I would appreciate it if PE Ceramics could arrange a contract with a hotel that is closer to the seminar location or that provides shuttle service next time.

Marlene Karp
Advertising Department

18. What is the purpose of the memo?
19. In the memo, the word "covered" is closest in meaning to
20. What are the participants asked to do?
21. Who most likely is Mr. Gonzalez?
22. What is NOT implied about Ms. Karp?

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