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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What is the woman's problem?
8. What does the woman mean when she says, "everything's good to go"?
9. What is mentioned about the work?
10. According to the article, what is the company planning to do?
11. What is the man most concerned about?
12. When will they most likely be notified about the change?
13. According to the conversation, what do good chefs do?
14. What does the woman think of cooking as a career?
15. What does the man plan to do?


16. Who is this ad aimed at?
17. When will this sale take place?
18. What would you be if missed this sale?
19. What is George Brown?
20. What is offered to those who are too busy?
21. How can one find out more about George Brown?
22. What will the weather be like tomorrow during the day?
23. What might occur tomorrow evening?
24. What will listeners hear next?


25. The ensemble consists _____ four members who have been performing together since last August.
26. As a valued member of our rewards club, we appreciate your patronage and look forward to _____ you with a comfortable and relaxing holiday.
27. If he had taken flight 307 as was arranged for him in the original itinerary, he _____ on time for the luncheon.
28. The sales executive is extremely _____ to see the item so popular on the market.
29. In addition to their headquarters _____ in the prestigious Conners Private Hospital, Yocchi Wellness Center will open three more clinics in regional satellite cities.
30. I want to express my appreciation again for courtesies you and your staff have _____ to me.
31. Most of us in this office _____ lunch at noon.
32. The condescending manner in which he addresses his employees is incredibly _____


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

To: Dana Schultz From: Kevin Duran Subject: Certification Renewal

Hi Dana,

Some of my certifications are going to _____(1) soon, so I need to register for the tests to renew them. I was going to register on my own, but then I heard that the company offers to register us so that we don’t have to pay for the tests. That would be deeply _____(2).

Another thing I wanted to ask was if I could use some of my vacation days in _____(3) with the test dates. Since I have to go back to Syracuse for the tests, I thought it would be nice to spend a few days there meeting some old friends.

Please get back to me as soon as you can. _____(4). I'll be awaiting your response.


Kevin Duran

Field Engineer Second Class

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 38:

Reading text:

Washington, D.C.

Investigators have recently found that some insurance companies are using unethical techniques to charge life insurance policy owners more money. The method: blood pressure tests. As part of routine life insurance policy applications, applicants must take a blood pressure test. But some companies administer the test with an armband that is too tight for the client. This tight armband raises the likelihood of a high blood pressure reading, ultimately resulting in a higher monthly premium payment for the client. If you believe that you have had a similar experience, please call your local Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.

37. According to the article, what are blood pressure tests necessary for?
38. According to the article, what should people affected by this experience do?
Questions 39 - 41:

Reading text:

Sandra Marcus named CFO of Crantel, Inc. Crantel Inc. has announced that it has chosen former Kentoch CFO, Sandra Marcus, to head its revamped financial element starting July 3. Vice-president of public relations, Nick Tucker, said yesterday. "Ms. Marcus has had enormous success turning Kentoch into a highly profitable company, and we look forward to adding Sandra to our troubled company into the premier toy manufacturer of Scotland." "Sandra Marcus has demonstrated her ability time and time again by increasing sales, revenue, and consumership." Tucker went on to say, "We are excited about working with Ms. Marcus and feel confident that she can provide the aid and inspiration needed to turn Crantel into a profitable company again."

Crantel, Inc. has experienced a number of successful years since its inception in 1984. Up until the late 1990s, the toy manufacturer was among the top 5 in all of Europe and had expanded toy lines into Asia and North America. Sales troubles began when a lawsuit emerged from a customer claiming that one of Crantel's most popular toys had nearly killed her 8-year-old son. The suit was settled, and the mother admitted that her son may have caused the accident himself. The public was not forgiving, however, and the company has since been significantly troubled from the negative publicity.

Sandra Marcus was able to bring Kentoch out of financial ruins after a similar public catastrophe in the late 80s and became a highly recognized and respected financial guru. Marcus left Kentoch in 2001 to host her own financial program on the World News Network. After she retired from the program in January, former CFO, John Thompson, retired from Crantel and actively pursued Marcus for the position.

39. According to Mr. Tucker, why has Crantel hired Ms. Marcus?
40. How did Crantel lose its customer base?
41. What did John Thompson do upon retiring?


Questions 42 - 46:

Reading text 1:

Aurora's First Job Fair

By Taylor Bridges

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce will conduct the first Aurora Job Fair on March 29, from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the Aurora City Arena. Coordinator Alex McDade explained that the fair was organized in response to calls from Mayor Owen Brownstein, who has asked the business community to help the city address issues with unemployment. Fifty companies are expected to participate.

Employers wishing to secure a regular-sized table at the event will be charged $150, while double-sized tables cost $250. However, those who register before February 28 may reserve a regular table for just $130. For registration, contact Liz Perry at Job seekers do not need to register in advance and will be admitted for free.

Reading text 2:

To: Liz Perry
From: Kenneth Collins
Date: January 29
Subject: Aurora Job Fair

Dear Ms. Perry,

I read an article about the upcoming job fair, and my company, Star Mortgage, would like to be involved. We work closely with another company, Bingham Title, which is also interested in participating. We are actually subsidiaries of the company Moore Investments. Is it possible for us to have booths located next to each other? This would allow us to coordinate closely during the event.

If this is acceptable, I will go ahead and register, pay for our table, and notify my colleague at Bingham Title to do the same. Thank you for your consideration.


Kenneth Collins

Reading text 3:

FIRST AURORA JOB FAIR: Corporate Participant Confirmation Form

Thank you for registering, and we hope you find the fair beneficial. This form serves as confirmation of your registration, so please bring it to the venue.

Company: Bingham Title Representative(s): Cora Jacobs
Phone: 555-4033 E-mail:
Total number of passes needed: Three Table(s): One / Regular
Payment Method: Cash ○ Credit Card ●
Check ○ Bank Transfer ○

Your table number is C-14, located near the venue's main entrance. Set-up will be permitted beginning at 6 A.M. on the day of the event.

Cora Jacobs February 16 Please sign your name here Date

42. What is true about the Aurora Job Fair?
43. Why did Mr. Collins write the e-mail?
44. What is mentioned about Bingham Title?
45. What is suggested about Mr. Collins?
46. What is indicated about Ms. Jacobs?
Questions 47 - 51:

Reading text 1:

25 Gunter Rd.
Philadelphia, PA

May 22, 2007

Mr. Daniel Gorman, Office Manager
TSC Investments
76 Washington Rd.
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Mr. Gorman,

This letter is to advise you that, for a limited period of time, Budget Office Supplies (BOS) is reducing prices on certain items in our catalog. Take a moment to review the enclosed catalog. I have circled in red ink the items that are temporarily reduced. You should really take advantage of these prices.

If you wish to order large quantities or make special shipping arrangements, please give me a call and we will try to work out mutually acceptable terms and conditions. Did you now that Budge Office Supplies also offers an express delivery service, which means that you can order an item from the catalogue and receive it in less than two days? This service is free for all orders of $200 or more. Plus, you can feel safe placing an order with our company: we have never received a customer complaint.

In any event, get your order in now, as these prices are only in effect until June 23. I hope you can benefit from these discounts.

Scott Tuttle
Sales Director

Reading text 2:

Attn: All BOS employees

On June 15 we received a negative letter form one of our most valued customers, GMS Printers. The company ordered two new SP Laser jet printers from our catalogue on May 29 and requested the free express delivery service. Unfortunately, the printers did not arrive until June 6. Due to the shipping delay, the company lost a deal with a key client because it was unable to produce a report on time. As you can imagine, GMS Printers is not very happy with our service. It has returned the printers and asked for a full refund. The managers have investigated the shipping delay and discovered that an employee failed to enter the order into our database correctly. To prevent this problem from happening in the future, the managers have decided to implement a system of double-checking order. Starting immediately all orders must be entered into the database and then confirmed by a supervisor before they are sent. Let's make sure our work is as efficient and reliable as it can be.

47. What is included with the letter?
48. How could someone arrange for special order to be shipped?
49. Which of the following is TRUE about the order discussed in the memo?
50. What happened as a result of the delay?
51. Why did Budget Office Supplies decide to introduce the new system?

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