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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. Where most likely does this conversation take place?
7. What problem does the man come across?
8. When is the man scheduled to depart?
9. What will Pedro and his wife do?
10. When will Pedro probably leave his job?
11. What will Pedro probably do before he leaves?
12. What does the woman offer to do?
13. According to the woman, what happened last week?
14. Look at the graphic. Where does the woman suggest taking a break?


15. What will happen next?
16. When will there be an interview with Mr. Howard?
17. What is Mr. Howard's job?
18. Who most likely are the listeners?
19. Look at the graphic. Which expense will most likely be reduced?
20. What will happen next?


21. It was so quiet that you could _____ hear a pin drop.
22. Our skilled and experienced service representatives will be able to resolve any problems you might encounter by _____
23. The more _____ and positive you look, the better you will feel.
24. When the _____ for the new safety policy was under consideration by the managers, a number of experts were asked for their comments.
25. This approval can range from upper management review to individual functional area review to team _____
26. Has anybody seen the _____ of toner that just arrived for the copy machine?


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

To: Department Heads From: Alan Reich Subject: Holiday Bonuses

Attention all department heads,

I'm sure you've all been asked a lot of questions _____(1) holiday bonuses this year. I have good news and bad news. I will start with the good news. The bonuses will be given to all employees. As for the bad news, we _____(2) unable to meet our production goals for the past two quarters. That means that the bonuses can be less than last year’s. However, the board members _____(3) that the upper management will give up their bonuses. _____(4). I hope this helps to increase morale as well as our productivity.

Alan Reich, CEO

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 34:

Reading text:

A Very Fruity Idea

Our cities are filled with trees, and the vast majority of those trees produce edible fruits. -[1]-. But with no one to collect and process them, most simply fall to the ground and rot, wasting a potentially excellent source of nutrition.

One new organization wants to change that. -[2]-. Fresh From The Tree is a non-profit group that aims to collect as much fruit as possible from the city's trees, and then make it into delicious snacks that can be sold at low prices to local residents.

"We have been doing a survey of the locations of all the fruit trees in town," says co-founder Michaela Anderson. "Once we have identified a promising tree, we contact the homeowners and ask if we can pick the fruit for them. -[3]-. They usually don’t have time to manage it themselves."

After the volunteers collect the fruit, they give half of it to the owners of the residence, and keep the other half to turn into fruit pies, jams, sorbets, and other tasty but healthy desserts. The group only has a handful of volunteers at the moment but are hoping to recruit more in the coming months. -[4]-. They are also negotiating with the city to collect fruit from trees on government property.

31. What is the article mainly about?
32. What does Fresh From The Tree do with the fruit it collects?
33. According to the article, what do homeowners receive from Fresh From The Tree?
34. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Most of the residents accept the offer with pleasure."
Questions 35 - 36:

Reading text:

Clarendon Hotels and Resorts - Franchise Development

Clarendon is focused on moving forward. We keep our brand consistent and strong by managing a standard of quality product and service that is second to none, making Clarendon a name that customers can trust. Our expansion strategy covers all of the key areas of support for a successful hotel business. We take our relationships with franchisees seriously and offer lucrative financial packages.

Summary of Fees
INITIAL FEE: $75,000 (USD)
ROYALTY FEE: 5% of Gross Room Revenue annually
MARKETING CONTRIBUTION: 2% of Gross Room Revenue annually

This applies to the U.S. and Canada only. The information provided here is a summary and does not include all fees and costs. For complete information about fees, services, and licensing requirements, please request a copy of the Clarendon Franchise Information Package from our head offices in Philadelphia.

35. Who is this information intended for?
36. How much could a franchisee make in the first year?


Questions 37 - 41:

Reading text 1:

The Regency Scotia School of Design Hosts Historic Royal Costume Display

Threads of Royal History, launched on Friday, is the latest exhibit from the Regency Scotia School of Design (RSSD) in Glasgow. It is a treat for period costume enthusiasts. For the exhibit, the school borrowed 52 outfits belonging to both historical and current monarchs from museums around the world. Of particular note are the 4,000 year old headdress and accessories on loan from the Cairo Museum in Egypt as well as several stunning robes from the Forbidden City Museum in Beijing. In addition, fashion students from the school have created 38 replica outfits. All of the items are beautifully displayed on specially designed mannequins.

The exhibit will last for a month, concluding on April 30. Regular admission is £6.50, but students and faculty of the RSSD are admitted for free. Senior citizens pay £5.00, and children 10 and under pay £3.50. Inquire about student group rates by calling 555-3400. The exhibit space is located in the school's Leighton Hall, which is open from 10 A.M. through 8 P.M., Monday through Thursday.

Reading text 2:

TO Larry Dent
FROM Rhoda Augustine
DATE April 20

Hi Larry,

I saw an article in the paper about RSSD's current exhibit and am thinking of taking the students in my morning art classes there for a field trip. I called to find out about student group rates, and if there are 30 or more students, the admission fee is significantly lowered to £4.OO. But I only have 24 in total for both my morning classes, so I was wondering if you and your students might be interested in joining us. The community center's bus seats 55 people, so there should be enough room to accommodate everyone. It sounds like a really interesting display, and I think our students would learn a lot from it as well. There is no rush, but let me know whether you're interested by Friday so I can book the visit.



Reading text 3:


Group Ticket for: Threads of Royal History Exhibition
Date: April 28 *This ticket can only be used on the indicated date.
Name: Terrington Secondary School
Rate: Student group rate
Participants: 48
Group Leader(s): Rhoda Augustine, Larry Dent

All visitors are required to proceed through the security checkpoint prior to admission. Photography is strictly forbidden. Please do not touch any item on display.

37. What is NOT true about Threads of Royal History?
38. Why did Ms. Augustine want Mr. Dent's students to join her group?
39. How much were the Terrington Secondary School students charged for admission?
40. What did Mr. Dent's students most likely do on April 28?
41. What are visitors to the exhibit asked to do?

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