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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. Where are the speakers?
6. What does the woman suggest they do?
7. What is the woman concerned about?


8. Where will the meeting take place?
9. What time will the meeting be held?
10. When will the construction finish?


11. It is important to look through the documents _____ that everyone in charge can know at which stage they should be completed.
12. The _____ of the program depends on the active participation of everyone.
13. All students interested in the seminar must sign up no later than July 23 in order to get _____ to attend it.


Questions 14 - 17:

Reading text:

JAKARTA – The state will be extending the free H1N1 vaccination program for patients suffering from any type of respiratory troubles, including pneumonia and asthma. Of the 353 people who tested positive for H1N1 influenza in the state this year, over 200 of them were found to have had at least one respiratory _____(1).

_____(2). However, a recent study has shown that people with respiratory problems can be up to five times more prone to this _____(3) virus.

In response, the free injectable vaccines, which were available only for healthcare workers and pregnant women, will also be offered to patients with respiratory-associated illnesses. By doing so, the state expects to reduce the infection rate of H1N1 influenza _____(4) the new dishonorable title the country earned for having the highest number of H1N1 infections.

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)
17. (4)


Questions 18 - 19:

Reading text:

Sonya Meadows
1:45 P.M.
Brian, sorry to bother you, but I need to ask a favor. I have to deliver the final rental contract for an office space, but my last appointment ran long. I don’t think I can make it there on time.


Brian Hull
1:46 P.M.
I can probably deliver it for you. Send me the details.


Sonya Meadows
1:48 P.M.
Thanks! The client is Coventry Financial, and they’re renting a space at State Tower on Market Street. It’s Unit 1804.


Brian Hull
1:49 P.M.
OK. What time is the appointment?


Sonya Meadows
1:49 P.M.
2 giờ 40 phút. You should be able to make it if you leave in the next 10-15 minutes.


Brian Hull
1:50 P.M.
I’ll take a cab so I get there faster. It’d take me twice as long if I had to look for parking in that area. What about the contract?


Sonya Meadows
1:51 P.M.
It should be sitting on my desk. I asked our receptionist to make copies of it earlier and leave it in my office.

18. What is suggested about Market Street?
19. At 1:51 P.M., what does Ms. Meadows mean when she writes, "It should be sitting on my desk"?


Questions 20 - 24:

Reading text 1:

Report Card: MARY SMITH

Subject Grade Comments
English 11 B Mary's writing continues to improve.
Math 11 A Excellent work, Mary!
Science 11 C Mary needs to work much harder.
Music 11 A+ It's a pleasure to have Mary in my class!
Art 11 B Please practice more with oil paints.
History 11 B- A large improvement. Keep working!
Phys. Ed 11 A- One of our top volleyball players!
Spanish 11 B+ Mary speaks quite well.

Reading text 2:

Parents: Please return the attached feedback form to show you have seen this report card.

Report card for Mary Smith

I confirm I have read the above report card.
Signed: S. R. Smith

We are very happy to see Mary received an A for Math. She has really improved. Last time, she received a C. However, her English and Science results are disappointing. Her grades have dropped in these subjects. Do you think she needs extra science classes? We are worried that she won't get into a good university when she graduates high school. She has only one more year to prepare for graduation. Please advise us.

Mary's parents

20. In which class did Mary get the highest grade?
21. In which class did Mary get the lowest grade?
22. In which classes did Mary get the same grade?
23. What do Mary's parents think about her Math 11 grade?
24. Why are Mary's parents worried?

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