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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. Who is scheduled to drop by?
8. When will the visitor come?
9. Why do the speakers sound NOT happy to hear the news?
10. Where most likely does the man work?
11. What does the woman ask about?
12. Look at the graphic. Which subway line did the woman take today?
13. What information does the man want to verify?
14. According to the computer, how many bedspreads are there?
15. Where are the bedspreads?


16. What does the speaker do?
17. Where is the university's telescope located?
18. When does she visit the observatory?
19. How many children does the man have?
20. Who is the man talking to?
21. What does the speaker say about the twins?
22. Look at the graphic. Which department is the woman applying to?
23. What does the speaker ask the listener to do?
24. What did the speaker do on Wednesday?


25. Susan is busy _____ for the coming holidays.
26. Despite the fact that we have nothing left to work with, the construction supplies cannot be ordered _____ next Thursday.
27. Though everything depends on weather conditions at this time of year, the shipment is due to arrive by cargo _____ a week.
28. I look forward to the annual _____ of The Nutcracker ballet.
29. With the _____ of Dr. Philip Holdings, Ms. Tetsuyo Greene will present the team's research results at the UBJ biotech Research Symposium herself.
30. The _____ of the agreement forced the lessee to comply with the legal requirements necessary to obtain a new contract.
31. Hotel room _____ always go up during the tourist season.
32. Together, these three countries constitute the economic giants of the region; by comparison, the remainder of the countries of the Pacific Rim are economic _____


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

James Gretsky
Mythos Computers, Customer Inquiries Department
1511 South Lowell Boulevard, Denver, Colorado, 80236

Dear Mr. Gretsky,

I recently called your company’s customer service line to report a problem with my laptop. I rarely make use of such services because the employees are usually _____(1). However, in this case I was pleasantly surprised.

The employee I spoke to, Patrick Kelley, _____(2) understood my problem. He was well informed and assured me that he had encountered issues similar to mine before. _____(3). So I followed his advice and sent my laptop in for repair.

Mr. Kelley showed me some of the finest service that I _____(4) in my life. I would appreciate if you could convey my thanks to him, and I will definitely ask for his assistance if I ever experience another problem with my device.

Best wishes,

Sandra Stevenson

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 38:

Reading text:

Susan Learned [4:32]
Good afternoon, Mr. Wachtel. This is Susan Learned from Sigridson Office Interiors. I received the order form you e-mailed us this morning, but I have some questions for you.


Justin Wachtel [4:41]
Hello, Susan. I hope there isn't a problem with the order.


Susan Learned [4:43]
Nothing major, it's just that you wrote down your preferred brand for the office chairs but didn't indicate how many you need.


Justin Wachtel [4:45]
Sorry about that! Hold on, and let me check how many of the old ones we have now.


Justin Wachtel [4:55]
It looks like we need 18 chairs.


Susan Learned [5:02]
Perfect. Also, in regard to the Bainbridge conference table you asked for, it comes in a variety of materials. If you check our Web site, there are pictures of the table in pine, oak, and cedar. Prices vary slightly. Could you let me know your preference?


Justin Wachtel [5:04]
Actually, I am interested in the cedar version. It should coordinate well with the other desks and furnishings in the office.


Susan Learned [5:08]
I'll take note of that information. We should be able to deliver everything by Tuesday morning. However, the projection screen is being custom-built, so it won't get there until Thursday. I'll e-mail you a final invoice later today.

37. At 4:43, what does Ms. Learned mean when she writes, "Nothing major"?
38. What is Mr. Wachtel NOT interested in purchasing?
Questions 39 - 42:

Reading text:

Andrew Walker [4:45] Revenco is growing faster than we could ever have imagined, and although we receive résumés all the time, the majority of applicants do not seem appropriate for our needs.
Jolene Gibson [4:46] I agree.We need to focus on recruiting talented people who already have experience. We've participated in job fairs in the past, but the problem is that most people at those sorts of events are recent graduates.
Andrew Walker [4:47] To attract potential candidates, we need to get the word out that we're hiring and offer a competitive compensation package. Does anyone have any ideas?
Luke Garnier [4:49] Well, I suppose we could actively browse profiles on employment Web sites and directly contact people who meet all our criteria.
Alice Page [4:50] I like the idea of reaching out to specific candidates who we would want to work for us. There's just one thing. I think corresponding back and forth with each of them could take a lot of time.
Andrew Walker [4:51] What do you propose then?
Alice Page [4:52] We can hold an open house either here at headquarters or at the Pendleton branch and only invite people were interested in hiring. They can get a chance to see our offices, meet the staff, and learn about some of the projects we're working on.
Jolene Gibson [4:54] That sounds like a really good idea. It would help with the screening process, too. Those who respond to our invitation and come will show us that they’re genuinely interested.
Andrew Walker [4:55] I like it, too. Alice and Luke, I'd like you to start making a list of names. We'll work on organizing an open house once that's done.
Alice Page [4:57] Great. I'll get started right away.

39. Why is Mr. Walker asking for ideas?
40. What is NOT mentioned about Revenco?
41. At 4:50, what does Ms. Page mean when she writes, "There's just one thing"?
42. What does Mr. Walker ask Ms. Page to do?


Questions 43 - 47:

Reading text 1:

Portami Bags

Home | Products | Clearance items | Contact | Shopping cart

Porta Bello Mobile Device Bag:
Made of durable polyester with a genuine leather trim
Includes adjustable straps and a spacious main compartment
Interior pockets store small personal belongings and a mobile phone
Available in black, gray, brown, red, and beige

Click here for further images or here to place an order.

Reading text 2:

TO: Customer service
FROM: Amy Baron
SUBJECT: Order inquiry
DATE: September 30

My name is Amy Baron, and I work for Bench Business Training Center in Tacoma. We are looking for a special and practical item to give away to participants who complete our courses. In doing so, we hope to promote our center as well. A colleague at our branch office in Seattle recently purchased one of your bags for mobile devices and recommended it for its design, quality, and reasonable cost.

I am wondering if your company would consider offering us a discount if we placed a large order. Also, our organization's logo is navy blue, so we want the bags made of matching blue material. To improve brand recognition, we want our name and logo noticeably displayed on the front of each bag. If all of these terms are agreeable to you, we would like to place an initial order for 1,000 pieces.

Feel free to call me at 555-3409 to discuss this further, or you can reply to this e-mail.

Amy Baron

Reading text 3:

Customer Review: Porta Bello Mobile Device Bag
Manufacturer: Portami Bags
Name: Amy Baron (

Not only are these finely crafted bags extremely useful and practical, but the customer service from the manufacturer was excellent. I contacted Portami Bags about a bulk order, and it was very accommodating of them to produce the bags for me in blue. They also put us in touch with a partner company that did some customized printing on the items. The price of the bags was very reasonable considering the excellent quality.

43. What is NOT indicated about the mobile device bag?
44. Why is Bench Business Training Center giving away bags?
45. In the e-mail, the word "noticeably" is closest in meaning to
46. What does Ms. Baron indicate about Portami Bags?
47. What can be inferred about Bench Business Training Center?
Questions 48 - 52:

Reading text 1:


Please be informed that subway maintenance work will commence at Ratner, Sofner, and Hambrick stations on Monday, August 15. Repairs are expected to continue for two weeks until August 28. The crews' working hours are between 7 A.M. and 6 P.M. There will be some noise in the vicinity, but workers will attempt to keep disturbances to a minimum. During this period, service at these stations will be suspended to facilitate the work. For the convenience of commuters who use these stops, the Wymore Public Transportation Office will be providing alternative transport. For more information, please visit its Web site at We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but are sure the renovations to the aging stations' facilities will be appreciated once complete.

Reading text 2:

Wymore Public Transportation Office

Home | About us | Online services | Annoucements | Contact


Date of Issue: August 5


As announced earlier this week, repairs will be conducted at the Ratner, Sofner, and Hambrick subway stations beginning on August 15. For your convenience, buses will be serving the following routes from 5:30 A.M. to midnight:

• Ratner to and from Sofner: Bus 23
• Ratner to and from Hambrick: Bus 24
• Sofner to and from Hambrick: Bus 25
• Ratner to and from Grand Central: Bus 26

These bus routes are temporary and will be available only until the day after the maintenance work is completed. Click on "buses" above in the drop-down menu under "Online Services" to find maps that show the exact locations of bus stops at all the affected stations. For more information, call 555-1001 during office hours.

Reading text 3:

From: Jill Addis (555-2737)
To: Nick Lieb (555-0320)

Received: August 16, 3:35 P.M.

Mr. Lieb, I've made lunch reservations at Di Paolo's Italian restaurant for l:00 P.M. When you meet me, we can go over the Cross Media contract together. I sent you the restaurant's address earlier. It's right across the street from Grand Central station, so I suggest using public transportation to get there. You'll have to take one of the temporary buses as Ratner is the station closest to you, though. You can visit the transportation office's Web site to find out which bus to take. Anyway, see you on Thursday!

48. According to the notice, what is true about the maintenance on the subway stations?
49. What is indicated on the Web page?
50. When will the temporary bus service end?
51. Which bus will Mr. Lieb most likely take?
52. What is suggested about Mr. Lieb?

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