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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. Where is this conversation probably taking place?
8. Which of the following is true?
9. When did the man and woman last meet?
10. What problem do the speakers have with the computer company?
11. When will the contract run out?
12. What does the woman suggest doing?
13. Why does the man think it will rain?
14. What is the woman's problem?
15. What will the man do?


16. When will the old furniture be moved?
17. What will the listeners do this Friday?
18. What are the employees asked to do as they leave?
19. Where is this advertisement probably being broadcast?
20. What is being advertised?
21. What does the speaker urge listeners to do?
22. Who most likely is the speaker?
23. What does the speaker mean when he says, "the problem is more serious than I thought"?
24. What does the speaker offer?


25. If commercial banks _____ mortgage rates, many households will have difficulty in repaying interest.
26. This is to remind you that employees are required to submit personal information changes to the administrative department _____ than December 20.
27. _____ you come up with a better idea, let's try out my suggestion.
28. After carefully reviewing the submitted _____ the manager picked 20 candidates to interview.
29. The firm was granted an _____ to file its corporate tax with no penalty as long as it makes the necessary tax prepayments.
30. The data entry clerk is so accustomed to working by herself that I really doubt if she is capable of _____ on this project.
31. Since 1993 or if you look within the last _____, there have been many products that have failed because of poor marketing.
32. Some members of the labor union are _____ that the workweek be shortened from 40 to 35 hours.


Questions 33 - 35:

Reading text:

Want to sell your property?

Why only sell to local buyers?

International-Properties. com offers the first international private property sales service. Our bilingual sales team enables the International-Properties. com network to sell your property directly to our database of international clients.

If you _____(1) to sell your property internationally, we will be the best choice.

We _____(2) working as a specialist for international property over the past 20 years.

By _____(3) your property description to International-Properties. com, your ad will be promoted on our network until the sale of your property.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)


Questions 36 - 37:

Reading text:

Riya Shankar [9:10 A.M.]
I received a customer complaint about our Web site yesterday. I was wondering if you have time to look into it now.


Noel Mitchell [9:13 A.M.]
Was the complaint about our Frequently Asked Questions page? We finally finished fixing it last night. Everything should be okay.


Riya Shankar [9:14 A.M.]
That's good to hear, but the problem actually concerns the store content page. The customer mentioned that several images of our latest products aren't loading.


Noel Mitchell [9:18 A.M.]
If it was yesterday evening, it was probably because we were updating the pictures. But I'll double-check the page and get back to you right away.


Riya Shankar [9:20 A.M.]
Fantastic. Thanks for your help!

36. At 9:13 A.M., what does Mr. Mitchell most likely mean when he writes, "Everything should be okay"?
37. What problem did a customer have with a Web site?
Questions 38 - 39:

Reading text:

Clarendon Hotels and Resorts - Franchise Development

Clarendon is focused on moving forward. We keep our brand consistent and strong by managing a standard of quality product and service that is second to none, making Clarendon a name that customers can trust. Our expansion strategy covers all of the key areas of support for a successful hotel business. We take our relationships with franchisees seriously and offer lucrative financial packages.

Summary of Fees
INITIAL FEE: $75,000 (USD)
ROYALTY FEE: 5% of Gross Room Revenue annually
MARKETING CONTRIBUTION: 2% of Gross Room Revenue annually

This applies to the U.S. and Canada only. The information provided here is a summary and does not include all fees and costs. For complete information about fees, services, and licensing requirements, please request a copy of the Clarendon Franchise Information Package from our head offices in Philadelphia.

38. Who is this information intended for?
39. How much could a franchisee make in the first year?


Questions 40 - 44:

Reading text 1:


Midsummer Day's Dream
Krall's first recorded album from the 1980s is a collection of mostly self-written songs, with some composed by collaborator Ken Lewes. The album sold 3.5 million copies and propelled Krall to fame.

Listen Here
In her second album, Krall collaborated again with Ken Lewes, and two songs they wrote together became number one hits. The album's strong social commentary appealed to many fans.

The Temptation
Many called Krall's third album her best work yet, citing the interesting musical arrangements and intelligent lyrics written by Ken Lewes. Despite receiving the most critical acclaim, the album sold only moderately well and "Bright Days Ahead" was the sole song on it to make the top ten list.

Little Thoughts
After taking a break from the industry, Krall came back with this reflective album. Critical reviews were mixed, but fans appreciated its similarity to some of Krall's early work. The album sold 28 million copies, and all songs were written in collaboration with Ken Lewes.

On The Whole: For her fifth release, Krall has re-recorded ten of her most famous songs with a live orchestra. The album contains two new songs written by Krall and Lewes.

Reading text 2:


Join us every Sunday at 7:30 P.M. for a livestream broadcast of Music Talk with Melissa! Catch up on old shows by clicking on the "Episodes" tab above.

Weekly show for: August 9

Join Melissa Oliver for song reviews, music news, and a live interview with musician and songwriter Shawna Krall. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Krall's career has spanned decades. She will be here to perform one of two new songs from her fifth album, which was written with partner Ken Lewes. Entitled "The Beginning of the End," the song is already at number three on world music charts. She will also discuss her previous work and plans for an international tour starting on August 28. The episode will be rebroadcast at the same time on August 10 and 11.

Reading text 3:

TO: Melissa Oliver
FROM: Brian Rivers
SUBJECT: Work offer
DATE: August 12

Dear Ms. Oliver,

I produce and direct documentary programs for The Music Network. I am currently working on preparations for a series about popular musicians that have been culturally influential. We hope to interview many artists like Ms. Krall on our show. I missed your livestream interview with Ms. Krall but caught the episode on its next showing and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was very impressed with your rapport with Ms. Krall.

I am looking to cast an interviewer for our series. My colleagues and I would like to know if you would be interested in filling this role. If so, I can provide you with further details.


Brian Rivers

40. What is stated about Ms. Krall?
41. Which of Ms. Krall's albums did critics like best?
42. What is true about On the Whole?
43. What does Mr. Rivers ask Ms. Oliver to do?
44. When did Mr. Rivers watch Ms. Krall's interview?
Questions 45 - 49:

Reading text 1:

Dear Mr. Pompeii,

On behalf of FRT Electronics, I'd like to thank you for your interest in submitting to us a product proposal relative to the FRT Digital Cell Phone. We always appreciate receiving ideas from independent inventors.

Our firm receives many ideas, suggestions and proposals, and has many of its own projects under development. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to accept your proposal for review, provide it is accompanied by an acknowledgement letter signed and dated by you. Enclosed with this letter, you will find the specific terms and conditions (T&C) of submitting a proposal to FRT Electronic. If these terms are acceptable to you, please sign the document where indicated and return it together with your idea or proposal.

Please note: FRT Electronics will only accept the original copy of the T&C document.

Again, thank you for your time and interest in FRT Electronics. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Very truly,

Bob Appleby
Project Manager

Reading text 2:

Dear Mr. Appleby,

I have reviewed the terms and conditions that were sent to me in a letter dated June 23, 2007. Unfortunately, I spilled coffee on the original document and therefore have copied the terms and conditions for submitting a project proposal to FRT Electronics below:

I understand that:

1. Samples or other submissions will be returned to the submitter only if return postage or freight is prepaid.
2. The company accepts no responsibility for loss of samples in its possession.
3. The company shall pay compensation only in the event it, a) accepts the idea, and b) reaches an agreement with the submitter about intellectual property rights and commensurate compensation.
Note: contracts are drafted on an individual basis and will vary according to the estimated value of the proposed products or idea.

The foregoing terms and conditions are understood and acknowledged:

Charles Pompeii
June 25, 2007

I have also included the project proposal for your review. Thank you again for this great opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Pompeii

45. Why did Mr. Appleby send the letter?
46. In the first letter, the word "specific" in paragraph 2, is closest in meaning to
47. Which product does Mr. Pompeii intend to improve?
48. What is mentioned in the T&C document?
49. What could be the problem with Mr. Pompeii's T&C form?

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