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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. What has Sylvie done this morning?
7. Where is Sylvie?
8. When is Sylvie expected to return?
9. Why is Willie being transferred to Singapore?
10. How is Willie qualified for his new position?
11. According to the man, why will Willie be busy?
12. What are the speakers mainly discussing?
13. Why does the man say, "That's strange. Mine's working perfectly fine"?
14. What does the man suggest the woman do?


15. How many places has "Dance Time" moved?
16. How long has "I'm the One" been the number one song?
17. What is the name of the number 3 song?
18. Who most likely is the speaker?
19. What does the man mean when he says, "A real triumph"?
20. What will the man do later in the day?


21. The deep oceans contain some of the _____ of all living creatures.
22. A banquet was held for researchers to be honored _____ their exceptional achievements in creative research activities.
23. Unfortunately, not all candidates can be offered a job; some have to be _____
24. Additional information on _____ financial aid such as grants and scholarships can be obtained from career offices at university.
25. Thereupon, he _____ the hair dryers.
26. Application fees are usually _____, which means you don't get your money back.


Questions 27 - 29:

Reading text:

During the second half of last year, prices in the oilseed moved upward. The market reacted to the prospect of less ample supplies and reduced inventories, compared with the two _____(1) years, when supplies were abundant relative to demand.

The rise was more pronounced for meal and cake prices, which have also come under the influence of rising prices of wheat and feed grains.

The latest forecasts for 2008 confirm that production of oilseeds may not be sufficient to meet global demand for oils and fats. Such an outlook suggests that prices for oils and fats may continue rising.

By contrast, the increase in prices for meals and cakes could come to a _____(2) as global output of

meals is now expected _____(3) demand, leading to more rising inventories.

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)


Questions 30 - 33:

Reading text:

Helen Gatineau [3:35] I'm sure you've all heard that we're going to be merging with Fresh Food Wholesalers at the end of next month. We will have a meeting to discuss transition plans next week. But in the meantime, I will try to answer questions you may have about the merger.
Leo Kinghorn [3:36] Everyone in the purchasing department is wondering how we will be affected by the change. Are there any firm details available?
Mimi Hanway [3:38] It's my understanding that administrative functions will be carried out in only one building for efficiency's sake. As a result, administrative personnel, including me, will be moving to the Fresh Food Wholesalers' building in the coming weeks.
Helen Gatineau [3:39] That's right. But, we are going to maintain separate warehouse facilities at their present locations.
Jude Mason [3:41] Any idea how that will change my routine?
Helen Gatineau [3:42] You'll stop at both facilities before taking your deliveries to the retail store, Jude. We'll hire additional warehouse workers to speed things up so you have time to visit both spots. They will help you load items.
Leo Kinghorn [3:45] You know, the workers at Fresh Food Wholesalers will probably need to take a health and safety seminar before they can handle meat. I believe that Fresh Food Wholesalers hasn't dealt in meat products yet.
Helen Gatineau [3:47] That makes sense. I'll arrange for instructors to visit as soon as possible.

30. What is the online chat mainly about?
31. What are some personnel required to do?
32. In what department does Mr. Mason most likely work?
33. At 3:47, what does Ms. Gatineau most likely mean when she writes, "That makes sense"?
Questions 34 - 37:

Reading text:

John Mallet [3:45 P.M.] Hi, everyone. You'll be happy to know that management gave me approval to send some of our people to the career fair at Duluth University next month.
Janet Chan [3:48 P.M.] That's excellent news. A lot of students have probably heard of our company, since Go-C Tech is such a short distance from the campus.
John Mallet [3:52 P.M.] Exactly, however, our budget is limited, so we need to decide which departments should be represented. We can't send everyone.
Melissa Kovac [3:55 P.M.] My marketing team recruited quite a few new people just last month. You can leave me out.
John Mallet [4:00 P.M.] I'll keep that in mind. And I think the accounting department should participate. Management feels that they will need more help when our purchase of Stanfield Incorporated moves forward. I'll speak to Susan Edwards about it.
Peter Mercer [4:01 P.M.] I need to supervise product testing in the research and development department for the next few months. Can I send someone in my place?
John Mallet [4:03 P.M.] Of course. Who do you choose, Peter?
Peter Mercer [4:05 P.M.] Amy Lintan. She doesn't have a lot of experience, but she's quite knowledgeable about our department's needs.
John Mallet [4:08 P.M.] That's fine. Perhaps someone who has been employed for a shorter time can provide a valuable perspective on what it is like to join our company.

34. What is indicated about Duluth University?
35. At 3:55 P.M., what does Ms. Kovac mean when she writes, "You can leave me out"?
36. What is implied about Go-C Tech?
37. Who will delegate a representative to the career fair?


Questions 38 - 42:

Reading text 1:

Segovia Paints

Here are some of our featured brands that are currently on sale:

Vibra waterproof paint
• Regularly priced at $24 per gallon
• Retain their color for long periods even under severe weather conditions
Get 50 percent off pastel red and ivory when you buy at least two gallons

Densen metallic paint
• Regularly priced at $34 per gallon
• Specially formulated to give off a deep and luxurious shine (indoor use only)
• Get 25 percent off dark pink, cobalt blue*, amber yellow*, and emerald green

Fulmax blended paint
• Regularly priced at $30 per gallon
• Made with our computerized paint-mixing machine
• Get 25 percent off any blend of two or more colors

Alpha basic paint
• Regularly priced at $18 per gallon
• Eco-friendly and adheres to most surfaces
• Get 30 percent off cool gray*, warm gray, and steel gray

*Color unavailable in other brands

Need more help? Stop by one of our locations:

2490 Taylor Street
Conway, AR 72034
(Open Mon. — Sat.)
405 Knoxville Avenue
Russellville, AR 72801
(Open Mon. — Fri.)
107 Division Street
Morrilton, AR 72110
(Open Mon. — Fri.)

Our team is always ready to assist you! All special offers on this flyer are available until April 30 only.

Reading text 2:

Order No.: 12798-130524
Name: Samantha Eggers
E-mail address:
Date: April 28

Please provide all the details about the problem you experienced, and we will answer you within 24 hours.

I recently ordered some paint on promotion from your store, but it seems that the wrong paint color was delivered. I got cobalt blue instead of warm gray. Perhaps one of your attendants confused the two since they have some similarities in their packaging. Could you look into this and take whatever actions are necessary? If possible, I'd like to return the wrong item and have the correct one sent to me without any additional charges for shipping. Thank you.

Reading text 3:

Do not patronize this store!
Review posted on May 9 by S. Eggers

This is a review for Segovia Paints. Somehow, they mixed up my order and sent me the wrong item. When I contacted them about it, they didn't get back to me for a week! Since I needed the paint right away, I asked if they could send me the correct one using expedited delivery, but they refused to cover the cost. After wasting more time arguing back and forth, I decided to drive to their store on a weekend and speak to a manager in person. I was able to get the paint I wanted, and a partial refund, but the whole experience left me feeling completely dissatisfied. I do not recommend this store!

38. What is stated about Segovia's Paint products?
39. What is stated about Vibra paint?
40. What brand did Ms. Eggers most likely receive initially?
41. In the review, the phrase "get back to" is closest in meaning to
42. What is suggested about Ms. Eggers?

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