Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 06/05/2024

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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 06/05/2024

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1. If you want my honest opinion, I thought the play was _____


Questions 2 - 4:

Reading text:

All members of the Countywide Small business Owners Association are invited to take part in our annual conference, to be held on March 31 at the Grand Hotel in Marysville.

The conference begins at 8:30 a.m. with an address by this year's guest, Cynthia Quinn, owner of Designs by Cynthia, Inc. , and winner of numerous business and community awards. Morning small group sessions begin at 9:30. Attendees can _____(1) from a variety of session topics including Financing Your New Business; Selecting the Best Location; and Formulas for Success.

Lunch will be served at 12:30, followed by afternoon small group sessions at 2:00.

This is the Association's most popular event, so _____(2) early to assure your place.

Fill out the form below and send it to the Association Secretary by March 1. To arrange overnight _____(3) at the Grand Hotel, get in touch with the hotel reservations clerk at 498-1231.

Mention the conference in order to get a special discount price.

2. (1)
3. (2)
4. (3)


Questions 5 - 7:

Reading text:

Shangwan Corp.
211 Orchard Street

March 14, 2008

Attn: Mr. Andrew Han
Sales Manager
Evergreen Light Bulbs
4-16 Hill Road
Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Han,

Re: Order No. 768197

I regret to inform you that there is a problem with the order we placed recently. On March 7, 2008, we requested an order for 20,000 long-lasting light bulls. After receiving the shipment, we realized that only 2,000 of them had been shipped.

This discrepancy has caused our company substantial trouble since we had to make an urgent purchase to fill the orders our own customers made.

Please satisfy the missing portion of the order immediately, and make sure that this type of mistake never happens again. Otherwise, we will have no other choice but to turn to other suppliers.

I look forward to reading your response.

Yours sincerely,


T. Leung
Purchasing Officer

5. What is the purpose of the letter?
6. What is stated as a problem?
7. What does T. Leung ask Evergreen Light Bulbs to do?
Questions 8 - 12:
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Reading text 1:

July 16, 20--

Customer Service Office
National Bank of Augusta
1398 State Street
Augusta, MD

Dear Customer Service Office,

I am a new customer at your bank. I opened an account with you last month, and I have recently received my first monthly statement. I find that there is a service charge on three of the checks that I wrote. I understood that this account had free checking, so I was surprised to see this charge. Perhaps it is a mistake. I am enclosing a copy of the statement. Please clarify this matter for me.
Thank you.


Marvin Gardner.

Reading text 2:

August 3, 20--

Marvin Gardner
145 Merrywood Lane
Augusta, MD

Dear Mr. Gardner,

We recently received your letter asking about charges to your account. While it is true that your account has free checking, some restrictions apply. You may write five checks a month free of charge. After that you must maintain a minimum average balance of $600 in your account in order to continue with free checking. Since your average account balance last month was only $435, you were entitled to only five free checks. A service charge was applied to the checks you wrote beyond that minimum. I hope this explanation is satisfactory to you.

Let me take this opportunity to make sure that you are aware of other services you can get with your account. You can arrange to have your monthly utility bills deducted from your account. You are also eligible to borrow small amounts of money from the bank at a low interest rate. If you are interested in these or an other services, please visit us at the bank, and an officer will be happy to explain all the details to you. Thanks you for being a National Bank of August customer.


Eloise Lockwood
Customer Service Officer

8. Why did Mr. Gardner write this letter?
9. When did he open an account at the National Bank of Augusta?
10. How many checks did he write last month?
11. The word "restrictions" of the second letter is closest in meaning to
12. The word "deducted" of the second letter is closest in meaning to