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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What feature does the man mention?
8. What is the woman doing?
9. Which sentence is true?
10. Where are the speakers?
11. Why does Tom ask the woman for help?
12. What does the woman offer to do for the customer?
13. What was the man supposed to have received from Mr. Jones?
14. What did Julie do yesterday?
15. What is the man worried about?


16. What is being constructed?
17. When will construction begin?
18. What does the speaker suggest travelers do?
19. What kind of product is being advertised?
20. What does the speaker mention about Power Source?
21. What does the speaker mean when he says, "This won't last for long"?
22. What does the speaker NOT like about biology?
23. Why does the speaker think geology would be better?
24. What three animals will the student have to dissect?


25. William will attend the conference by _____ since the other members are busy with the proposal.
26. The director developed a list of criteria for development, _____ he feels will boost the company's prestige.
27. The last time we _____, you mentioned that Sunscape Gardening would be expanding its services to some light stone work.
28. Trains are generally more _____ than airlines.
29. Once all the proposals have been submitted, we will _____ which company is best suited for the new construction project.
30. As a precaution, it's wise to _____ someone in your family to make health care decisions for you in case there is a time that you cannot.
31. The full report on the company's budget decisions will not be available until the end of the week, but a _____ memo will be issued sometime today.
32. This system provides a clear _____ of the effectiveness of monetary policy, and increases the predictability of inflation.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

March 31

Annika Dahl
7898 Forest Road
Boulder, CO 80301

Dear Ms. Dahl,

Thank you for your recent visit. _____(1). We hope that you are fully satisfied with the quality of care that you received.

We would like to know more about your experience at our medical facility through our Patient Care Survey. Please fill out the questionnaire, and make sure that each of the five items _____(2) as directed. If you have additional comments, please _____(3) them in the space provided.

Keep in mind that the information you provide in the survey will be analyzed and used to improve our services in the future. _____(4), your privacy will be protected. We will not be able to track any of your responses back to you. Thank you for your participation.

Stanley Waite
Hospital Consumer Assessment

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 40:

Reading text:

Helen Gatineau [3:35] I'm sure you've all heard that we're going to be merging with Fresh Food Wholesalers at the end of next month. We will have a meeting to discuss transition plans next week. But in the meantime, I will try to answer questions you may have about the merger.
Leo Kinghorn [3:36] Everyone in the purchasing department is wondering how we will be affected by the change. Are there any firm details available?
Mimi Hanway [3:38] It's my understanding that administrative functions will be carried out in only one building for efficiency's sake. As a result, administrative personnel, including me, will be moving to the Fresh Food Wholesalers' building in the coming weeks.
Helen Gatineau [3:39] That's right. But, we are going to maintain separate warehouse facilities at their present locations.
Jude Mason [3:41] Any idea how that will change my routine?
Helen Gatineau [3:42] You'll stop at both facilities before taking your deliveries to the retail store, Jude. We'll hire additional warehouse workers to speed things up so you have time to visit both spots. They will help you load items.
Leo Kinghorn [3:45] You know, the workers at Fresh Food Wholesalers will probably need to take a health and safety seminar before they can handle meat. I believe that Fresh Food Wholesalers hasn't dealt in meat products yet.
Helen Gatineau [3:47] That makes sense. I'll arrange for instructors to visit as soon as possible.

37. What is the online chat mainly about?
38. What are some personnel required to do?
39. In what department does Mr. Mason most likely work?
40. At 3:47, what does Ms. Gatineau most likely mean when she writes, "That makes sense"?
Questions 41 - 43:

Reading text:

June 15, 2007

Charles Masters
15 Billows Rd.
Forestwood, CA

Dear Mr. Masters,

After conducting an extensive performance review of all the employees in the Advertising Department here at Dunn and Dunn Inc., we have decided to promote you to Corporate Accounts Manager. Since you started working for us five years ago, you have consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and the ability to produce quality work. The executives feel strongly that your proposal to implement new advertising techniques helped the company to secure 20 new clients in 2004-2005. Additionally, in 2006 you voluntarily created an Office Policy Manual for new employees, which demonstrates your dedication to the company and desire to make the office environment as efficient and friendly as possible. Your responsibilities as Corporate Accounts Manager will include delegating work to subordinates, researching potential advertising campaigns, organizing meetings with clients, and determining the annual department budget. In return for your extra work, you will receive a 25 percent increase in your current salary, seven additional vacation days, and a $5,000 bonus.


John Milestone
Director of Advertising

41. What is the purpose of this letter?
42. How did Charles Masters improve the office in 2006?
43. Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of the Corporate Accounts Manager?


Questions 44 - 48:

Reading text 1:

The Regency Scotia School of Design Hosts Historic Royal Costume Display

Threads of Royal History, launched on Friday, is the latest exhibit from the Regency Scotia School of Design (RSSD) in Glasgow. It is a treat for period costume enthusiasts. For the exhibit, the school borrowed 52 outfits belonging to both historical and current monarchs from museums around the world. Of particular note are the 4,000 year old headdress and accessories on loan from the Cairo Museum in Egypt as well as several stunning robes from the Forbidden City Museum in Beijing. In addition, fashion students from the school have created 38 replica outfits. All of the items are beautifully displayed on specially designed mannequins.

The exhibit will last for a month, concluding on April 30. Regular admission is £6.50, but students and faculty of the RSSD are admitted for free. Senior citizens pay £5.00, and children 10 and under pay £3.50. Inquire about student group rates by calling 555-3400. The exhibit space is located in the school's Leighton Hall, which is open from 10 A.M. through 8 P.M., Monday through Thursday.

Reading text 2:

TO Larry Dent
FROM Rhoda Augustine
DATE April 20

Hi Larry,

I saw an article in the paper about RSSD's current exhibit and am thinking of taking the students in my morning art classes there for a field trip. I called to find out about student group rates, and if there are 30 or more students, the admission fee is significantly lowered to £4.OO. But I only have 24 in total for both my morning classes, so I was wondering if you and your students might be interested in joining us. The community center's bus seats 55 people, so there should be enough room to accommodate everyone. It sounds like a really interesting display, and I think our students would learn a lot from it as well. There is no rush, but let me know whether you're interested by Friday so I can book the visit.



Reading text 3:


Group Ticket for: Threads of Royal History Exhibition
Date: April 28 *This ticket can only be used on the indicated date.
Name: Terrington Secondary School
Rate: Student group rate
Participants: 48
Group Leader(s): Rhoda Augustine, Larry Dent

All visitors are required to proceed through the security checkpoint prior to admission. Photography is strictly forbidden. Please do not touch any item on display.

44. What is NOT true about Threads of Royal History?
45. Why did Ms. Augustine want Mr. Dent's students to join her group?
46. How much were the Terrington Secondary School students charged for admission?
47. What did Mr. Dent's students most likely do on April 28?
48. What are visitors to the exhibit asked to do?
Questions 49 - 53:

Reading text 1:

Dear Mr. Pompeii,

On behalf of FRT Electronics, I'd like to thank you for your interest in submitting to us a product proposal relative to the FRT Digital Cell Phone. We always appreciate receiving ideas from independent inventors.

Our firm receives many ideas, suggestions and proposals, and has many of its own projects under development. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to accept your proposal for review, provide it is accompanied by an acknowledgement letter signed and dated by you. Enclosed with this letter, you will find the specific terms and conditions (T&C) of submitting a proposal to FRT Electronic. If these terms are acceptable to you, please sign the document where indicated and return it together with your idea or proposal.

Please note: FRT Electronics will only accept the original copy of the T&C document.

Again, thank you for your time and interest in FRT Electronics. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Very truly,

Bob Appleby
Project Manager

Reading text 2:

Dear Mr. Appleby,

I have reviewed the terms and conditions that were sent to me in a letter dated June 23, 2007. Unfortunately, I spilled coffee on the original document and therefore have copied the terms and conditions for submitting a project proposal to FRT Electronics below:

I understand that:

1. Samples or other submissions will be returned to the submitter only if return postage or freight is prepaid.
2. The company accepts no responsibility for loss of samples in its possession.
3. The company shall pay compensation only in the event it, a) accepts the idea, and b) reaches an agreement with the submitter about intellectual property rights and commensurate compensation.
Note: contracts are drafted on an individual basis and will vary according to the estimated value of the proposed products or idea.

The foregoing terms and conditions are understood and acknowledged:

Charles Pompeii
June 25, 2007

I have also included the project proposal for your review. Thank you again for this great opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Pompeii

49. Why did Mr. Appleby send the letter?
50. In the first letter, the word "specific" in paragraph 2, is closest in meaning to
51. Which product does Mr. Pompeii intend to improve?
52. What is mentioned in the T&C document?
53. What could be the problem with Mr. Pompeii's T&C form?

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