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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What is the man looking for?
8. Who has what the man is looking for?
9. What does the woman advise the man to do?
10. Why is the man calling?
11. When are they scheduled to meet?
12. Where is Mr. Jenkins asked to go for the interview?
13. What are they talking about?
14. How does the man know of the place the woman had gone over the weekend?
15. Which of the following does the woman mention about the place?


16. Who is giving the talk?
17. Where are they?
18. What will the listeners do first?
19. What will be the first item in the program?
20. Who will play music?
21. What refreshments will be served?
22. Who most likely is the speaker?
23. What did the speaker do last week?
24. Look at the graphic. Which product are customers dissatisfied with?


25. Since many of our clients insist on French food, we _____ make reservations for lunch at the restaurant Lion d'Or.
26. OFA representatives recently _____ on-line tours and found those kinds of tours to promote their products the most effective.
27. By the time the two new large printers are installed, demand for the popular publication _____ twofold.
28. We need to get necessary funds so that a complete _____ of the facility can be done.
29. The conference's keynoted speaker addressed _____ impacts of digital technology on the current music industry.
30. Jeff Myers prefers a job that offers the _____ he enjoyed while completing his internship at Rytech International.
31. Our techniques have a proven _____ record and will teach you how to inspire, lead, and succeed.
32. Information systems produce reports containing operational, financial and compliance _____ information that make it possible to run and control the business.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Notice of Homeowner's Association Dues Increase

At its last meeting, the board was asked to consider increasing the dues slightly. _____(1) deliberations on this request, they proposed raising fees by $25 a month, from $375 to $400, effective July 1. To the board, this action is justified for several reasons. First, the additional funds will contribute to important _____(2), such as the installation of a new security system in the parking garage next year. Second, they will cover the rising cost of natural gas. _____(3). The timing of the dues increase seems reasonable _____(4) there has not been one in four years. Tenants are invited to vote on the proposal at the Homeowner's Association meeting in June.

Jordan Roper
Accounting Manager
Homeowner's Association

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 40:

Reading text:

EZ-R-Printing Services:
Get exactly what you want!

If your small business requires pamphlets, flyers, business cards, catalogs, or any other type of promotional material, you can produce precisely what you need with EZ-R-Printing Services! Our easy-to-use design system allows you to select the fonts and graphics you like and position them on the page. You can even choose the type of paper to use.

-[1]-. Once you're completely satisfied with your document, select the number of prints you'd like and submit payment by credit card, direct transfer from your financial institution, or the Paybuddy online transaction service. -[2]-. Fill out a shipping form, and your items will be delivered anywhere in the US within five business days. Shipping and handling charges are included in the total cost, so there are no hidden fees.

-[3]-. For a one-time payment starting at as low as $180, one of our skilled professionals will create an attractive publication. They can work with you on any printed promotional material until you are satisfied!

In addition, for the month of May only, anyone placing an order of $75 or more will receive $25 worth of business cards for free. -[4]-.

Check out hundreds of sample publications on our site and take a tour of our design system to see how easy and affordable it is to use our services at

37. What does the advertisement mention about EZ-R-Printing Services?
38. What will be given to those customers who spend a certain amount?
39. What can visitors to EZ-R-Printing Services' Web site do?
40. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "If you're uncertain about your layout and design skills, you don't have to do it at all."
Questions 41 - 45:

Reading text:

Local Company Builds Gym

Ask any health professional and they will tell you that the key to good physical and mental health is to eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly. Alarmingly, a recent study conducted by the Institute of Balanced Living (IBL) revealed that the average person consumes some form of fast food at least twice a week, sleeps less than 6 hours a night, and exercises less than once a week. IBL said this is quite a dangerous situation for the nation's health.

In order to teach its employees to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, the popular software company, MegaWare, has built a gym in its office building, and is hoping all employees will use the facilities at least three times a week. To encourage the employees to take advantage of the gym, the company is offering a $ 200 monthly bonus to every employee that uses the gym more than three times a week.

The company even developed a special program to keep track of the number of times each employee uses the gym. Last month every staff member was issued a special ID card, which the employees must use to enter and exit the gym. Each time the card is used, the session is recorded in the main database. The company also hopes to open an organic cafeteria in June 2008.

41. According to the article, what did the IBL conclude?
42. What change recently occurred at MegaWare?
43. The word "encourage" in paragraph 2, is closest in meaning to
44. Why did MegaWare give employees a special card?
45. What does MegaWare wish to do in 2008?


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:


Wheel-Pals, the world's most popular carpooling program, has arrived in Auckland! Download the application today onto your mobile phone, device, or computer, and find out how easy it is to save money on transportation! The application connects you with other users in your area that are interested in carpooling at specific times. All our members undergo a screening process and can post reviews about other passengers and drivers. With fees starting as low as $6 per month for a basic package, Wheel-Pals is sure to be as popular here in Auckland as it is in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne! Go to for more details.

Reading text 2:

USER REVIEW: Wheel-Pals Carpooling Application
By Jason Diaz (

Wheel-Pals recently launched its service in the Auckland area, and having already used the application while living in Brisbane, I was one of the first to sign up. As before, I purchased the basic package because, in the past, it had enough services to help me form carpool groups with other drivers or riders that live nearby. However, I don't think Wheel-Pals has done enough to promote its launch in this area. I sometimes find it difficult to find people to carpool with. In Brisbane, I only drove my car to work once or twice a week, but now I have to do it more often. Also, few people that I know locally are even aware of the application.

Reading text 3:

TO Jason Diaz
FROM Adele Simmonds
SUBJECT Thanks for the review!
DATE May 29

Dear Mr. Diaz,

My name is Adele Simmonds and I'm a public relations representative for Wheel-Pals. I recently came across an online review you left about our application. On behalf of the company, thank you for taking the time to leave the comment. We appreciate your concerns and have decided to take steps to market the program further in your area.

As a token of thanks for your review, you will receive points that you can use like cash to pay for your subscription or any of our other services. The points will show up in the application the next time you log in.

Thank you again, and we hope you will continue to find Wheel-Pals useful.


Adele Simmonds
Regional PR associate, Wheel-Pals Inc.

46. What is the purpose of the flyer?
47. What problem does Mr. Diaz mention in the review?
48. What is indicated about Mr. Diaz?
49. Where does Wheel-Pals plans to do additional product promotion?
50. In the e-mail, the word "leave" is closest in meaning to
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

Office World

We offer the highest quality office supplies. Stock your supply room now with pens, tape, paper, and so much more!

From July 10 to 15, we are offering 15 percent off on all kinds of paper.* Take the time to browse through our selections of plain and specialty paper at We have embossed, parchment, and colored paper for you to choose from. We can even print your letterhead for an additional charge. Order now as our special offer applies to letterhead printing! Expedited delivery service is free within California and available for a reasonable fee in other areas. Orders will be delivered to your address within three to five days of purchase.

*This offer is good while supplies last. Go to today for information on all our sale and regular items.

Reading text 2:

TO: Purchasing department
FROM: Ted Neilson
SUBJECT: Order request
DATE: July 10
ATTACHMENT: clarkson_trading

Dear Office World,

I came across your advertisement and am interested in ordering some of your paper and supplies in large quantities for my company. I'd like to order some company letterheads on cream-colored paper, plain white paper, plastic cases, boxes for storage, and some sticky notes. The details are included in the attachment.

If you have any questions, you may contact me on my mobile phone at (402) 555-9488. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Ted Neilson

Reading text 3:

Office World
Order Number: 0000438384943
Order Date: July 11
Customer Name: Clarkson Trading, Inc.

Item Description Quantity Unit Price Amount
Stationery, cream, A4 size 5,000 $11.98/100 sheets $599.00
Letterhead printing 5,000 $0.45/page $2,250.00
Stationery, white, A4 size 8,000 $8.98/100 sheets $718.40
Archival box 15 $19.76/box $296.40
Plastic paper case 24 $4.40/case $105.60
Sub-total $3,969.40
Discount: 15% $535.11
Shipping $160.00
TOTAL $3,594.29

Please note:
- A discount has been applied for the paper items in your order.
- An additional fee of $160 was charged for expedited delivery.
- Please pay by bank transfer to the account number sent by text message to your phone.
- Your order will not be processed until payment is complete.

51. In the advetisement, the phrase "browse through" is closest in meaning to
52. Why did Mr. Neilson write the e-mail?
53. How will Clarkson Trading pay for the order?
54. Why was Clarkson Trading charged an additional fee?
55. What requested item did Office World forget to provide in the invoice?

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