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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. How many times has it rained this week?
8. What does the man want to do?
9. What are they going to do?
10. Where is this conversation most likely taking place?
11. What is JC's problem?
12. What can be inferred about Corey?
13. What will most likely happen on Wednesday?
14. What does the woman suggest the man do?
15. What will the woman probably do next?


16. To whom is this advice directed?
17. What should you be sure to do?
18. What can ruin a picture?
19. Where does the speaker probably work?
20. What is the main purpose of the message?
21. What will the listener probably do next?
22. Who is the audience of this talk?
23. According to the speaker, what is not part of the work the listeners will engage in?
24. What does the speaker mention about those under the age of 16?


25. Could you _____ me a big favor?
26. If any current employees would like to apply _____ this position, or know someone who would fit our needs, please have a complete application package sent to my office by the end of this month.
27. This color copier will last beyond its warranty _____ the machine is periodically maintained and worn-out parts are replaced.
28. One of the major _____ to the charitable organization is the Universal Group.
29. All the terms of the agreement must be clear so that the meaning and intent won't be _____ by either party.
30. Marketers must avoid making promises they can't keep while they _____ the quality of their product or service.
31. Supply cannot meet the demand which has been created by _____ more than 41 million visitors to the city in 2006.
32. It was a very long day but we _____ arrived in time for tea.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

To: Section Supervisors From: Gavin Barclay Subject: Vacation Requests

Attention section supervisors,

This is something that I think needs to be _____(1). Since each of you makes the schedule for your section, you must keep in mind that your section should always have enough employees available to cover all shifts. If you approve overlapping vacation requests, you are putting your section at risk of being _____(2). Although there are some skills that overlap with different sections, most of our employees are _____(3) fully trained nor ready to switch to another section. _____(4). Sometimes you will have to deny them if they overlap with others in the same section.


Gavin Barclay, CEO

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 40:

Reading text:

Amanda Meester 7:37 P.M.
I just bought a ticket to the Rocking Socks concert! Who else is going?


Liam Morris 7:41 P.M.
I’ve wanted to go to one of their concerts for such a long time. Their new album is amazing.


Pedro Luther 7:42 P.M.
I know, right? I tried to purchase it at several offline stores, but it sold out very quickly.


Liam Morris 7:43 P.M.
How much was the ticket?


Amanda Meester 7:44 P.M.
I purchased a general admission ticket for $90.


Pedro Luther 7:44 P.M.
Wow. I got mine for $120. Which Website did you use?


Amanda Meester 7:47 P.M.
I have a membership at Ticket Legend, so I was able to get a discount.


Liam Morris 7:48 P.M.
Get out! Normally, concerts at Torzia Hall cost well over $100. Will I be able to get a discount if I sign up for a membership?


Amanda Meester 7:48 P.M.
Absolutely. The company also provides additional discounts for first-time users. You should definitely check it out.


Pedro Luther 7:50 P.M.
I think I’ll buy all my concert tickets from that Website from now on.


Liam Morris 7:53 P.M.
Thanks for the information, Amada!


Amanda Meester 7:54 P.M.
No problem. I’ll see you guys at the concert then!

37. Why is Mr. Luther’s ticket more expensive than Ms. Meester’s?
38. What is indicated about Rocking Socks?
39. At 7:48 P.M., what does Mr. Morris mean when he writes, “Get out”?
40. What can be inferred from the online chat discussion?
Questions 41 - 45:

Reading text:

When developing a plan for a new business, the entrepreneur quite naturally wants to eliminate all risk. While it is impossible to avoid some risk, the goal is to minimize it as much as possible. How can we do this? Thorough research and careful planning are the keys. There are two parts to good research. First, you must demonstrate that there is a need for the product or service you plan to offer. Are there enough people out there who would be willing to pay for it? Second, you must look at your competition. What do you have to offer that your competitors do not? Is your product or service of better quality in some way? Is it cheaper or more easily available? Is there a niche in the market that your competitors are not addressing? If what you have to offer is identical to what your competitors are offering, your business is not likely to be successful. These are some things to consider when evaluating how well you can measure up against the competition. Once you have evaluated a need for your product or service and determined how yours will be different from your competitors', you are ready to begin the next part of your plan - financing.

41. What is this article mostly about?
42. What does the author say about risk?
43. According to the article, what can lead to the failure of a new business?
44. The word "addressing" is closest in meaning to
45. The word "demonstrate" is closest in meaning to


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

Georgia Information Technology Committee

Nancy Hopkins
Inside Tech. Publishing
123 Watton Avenue
Village Town, Virginia 16792

July 12, 2007

Dear Ms. Hopkins,

On November 5-7, 2007, the Georgia Information Technology Committee will host the 21st annual Georgia Technology Conference (GTC) at the International Convention Center in Atlanta.

Technology leaders will have a valuable opportunity to socialize and discuss various matters in a smaller forum and to participate in sessions designed to meet their needs. The following exhibits will provide technology leaders with the chance to broaden their knowledge of the latest trends in computer technology. Representatives from companies in the field of information technology are willing to answer questions, perform demonstrations, and assist participants in finding solutions tailored to their businesses.

GTC 2007 is proud to have more than 150 presentations, ranging from nationally prominent speakers to workshops aimed at any of the concerns of technology leaders. The exhibit hall at GTC will include over 250 vendors who will display the most recent hardware and software products.

Mark your calendars and plan now for the 21st annual Georgia Technology Conference. For any inquiries, please contact me by e-mail at


Maggie Patrick

Conference Organizer

Reading text 2:

Date: July 14, 2007 Friday 10:23:02
Subject: Georgia Technology Conference

Dear Ms. Patrick,

Thank you for your letter informing us of your upcoming conference. Before registering to attend the conference, I would like to ask a few questions regarding booking a spot to display our books and multimedia products.

Please let me know if there is a deadline for reserving a display section as well as any procedures we would follow in order to participate in your conference.

Thank you. We look forward to another great conference following last year's.

Nancy Hopkins
Inside Tech. Publishing

46. Why did Ms. Patrick write to Ms. Hopkins?
47. In the letter, the word "prominent" in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to
48. Approximately how many companies will participate in the exhibit this year?
49. What did Ms. Hopkins NOT indicate in her e-mail to Ms. Patrick?
50. What is indicated about Ms. Hopkins?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

Protect Yourself with PFS

PFS is a safety systems contractor specializing in the installation of fire alarms and sprinklers for residential and corporate clients located in downtown New York. We ensure quality workmanship that is in compliance with municipal building codes. Furthermore, our work is executed promptly, and we guarantee our clients' satisfaction. If there are demands for repairs or adjustments to our work, we will take care of them within 48 hours, assuring the safety of your office or your commercial or industrial facility.

If you would like to learn about the pre-action, wet pipe, dry pipe, and deluge sprinkler systems we offer, call us at 555-5324 or visit our Web site at:, where you can also fill out a service request form.

Reading text 2:

PFS Service Request Form

Name: Gwyneth Pierce
Phone: 555-9622
Address: 84 William Street, New York, NY 10038
Company: Serene Peace Spa

I would like to replace my outdated deluge sprinkler system. I was on your site reading about the different types of sprinklers available. I think wet pipe sprinklers would be good to have in each treatment room of my spa as they seem to be low-maintenance and more cost-efficient than a dry-pipe system. However, the lobby of my business contains a lot of valuable items that could easily be damaged if the sprinklers were to go off accidentally. I read that pre-action systems are far less sensitive than other types of sprinklers and will only go off when temperatures reach those of an actual fire. So, I'd like to have a pre-action system installed in this area only.

Reading text 3:

TO: John Boone
FROM: Gwyneth Pierce
SUBJECT: Problem
DATE: April 15


I didn't have time to check everything before you and the installation crew left yesterday, but I noticed a problem this morning. I requested a different type of sprinkler system for the lobby, but the one installed is the same as the ones in the other rooms. I checked my request form, and the information is there. So, I would like the system to be changed to the one initially asked for as soon as possible. Please let me know when I can expect the work to be corrected.


Gwyneth Pierce

51. What is NOT mentioned about PFS?
52. In the advertisement, the word "executed" is closest in meaning to
53. What is suggested about the sprinklers Ms. Pierce wants in the lobby?
54. Which system did PFS install in the spa lobby?
55. What is Ms. Pierce entitled to?

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