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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What are they discussing?
8. Why doesn't the man go to the gym?
9. What has Misty been doing to lose weight?
10. Where is this conversation most likely taking place?
11. What did the man submit to the head office?
12. What does the man need from the store?
13. Why is the man asking the woman if he can take off early today?
14. What does the woman ask the man to do before he leaves?
15. Who will the man see before he takes off?


16. What does she carry with her when she travels?
17. What does she have that no one else has?
18. Which place is NOT mentioned in the talk?
19. How long has Bargain City been in business?
20. What does Bargain City sell?
21. How long will the sale last?
22. What does the speaker plan to do in December?
23. Look at the graphic. How much does the subscription the speaker is interested in cost?
24. What does the speaker request?


25. He is _____ better than his brother at golf.
26. Debtors are expected to remain _____ heavy economic pressure unless the interest rates are lowered.
27. Teen magazine is offering a special promotion, which entitles subscribers _____ gift certificates at top clothing boutiques.
28. The lawyers signed the papers and the company took _____ of the new building.
29. _____ for construction contracts has been getting stiffer over the years since it can generate enormously lucrative earnings.
30. The supervisor determined during Mark Hamlin's employee evaluation that his performance so far has been _____ overall.
31. Statistical experts are still _____ the data to determine how the marketing strategy can best be reformed.
32. The building owner generally does not _____ tenants to make renovations in their units.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

New Marketing Plan for Infant Formula

According to a recent market research study by the Korean Survey Research Association, about 70% of mothers of infants and toddlers find it hard to make a _____(1) decision on infant formula due to the picky tastes of their children, who often reject infant formulas.

The new marketing plan aims to invite _____(2) mothers to a focus group discussion to allow them to try our infant formula product on their children. Meanwhile, mothers will be interviewed based on their children’s reaction to the product and asked for their ideas on how to improve it.

_____(3). Once we have secured enough of them, the plan will be reviewed by the finance team to determine its budget _____(4) it gains final approval by Jamison Sears, the marketing director.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 38:

Reading text:

Prices for natural gas will increase this winter by thirty cents per unit. That will mean higher bills for all residential consumers who use gas to heat their houses. By keeping your thermostat set below sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit, you can help reduce the cost of your bills by thirty percent or more. For more details on energy-saving tips, see the bulletin enclosed in this letter.

37. This announcement concerns what kind of bills?
38. For every ten units of gas, how much more will a customer have to pay each month than before?
Questions 39 - 40:

Reading text:

Airport Expansion in the Works

FORT REGINALD - The Fort Reginald Ministry of Transportation is currently finalizing plans to expand Mirabel International Airport. According to sources, a minimum of 142 million Euro, more than half coming from overseas investment, is to be earmarked for the project. The Ministry cites the steady increase in air traffic and the deregulation of air transport as the major factors that have led to the elaboration of a project for the expansion and modernization of the current airport.

The main feature of the project will be a major new addition to the terminal, to be designed by the architect Santiago Cervantes. This will expand the total size of the air terminal to cover an area of 25,000 square meters, including five additional gates, and experts estimate it will be capable to handle 2.5 million passengers per year. The groundbreaking ceremony is slated for early this September, and construction is expected to be completed in about 18 months.

39. Where will the largest portion of the funding for the expansion come from?
40. What is NOT part of the proposed plan for the airport?


Questions 41 - 45:

Reading text 1:

12 April 2007

Employment Officer
Porter Investments
67 Waltham Ave.
Boston, MA

Dear Mr. Wright,

I was extremely interested in your recent advertisement for an Assistant Accountant, which appeared in the March issue of Financial Times. I am confident that my educational background and work experiece make me the ideal candiate for this position.

I graduated last year with high honors from Georgetown University, where I double majored in accounting and economics. My thesis, "The Economics of Investing," received the highest grade in my class. While at University, I was also president of the Finance Club, and the Treasurer of the Student Council. In my junior year, I was responsible for organizing a fundraising event that collected 50 thousand dollars for the new gymnasium on campus.

Last summer, I was accepted for an internship position with Harvey Investments, a famous New York investment firm. During my two months at Harvey Investments, I managed over 20 corporate accounts, and was responsible for approximately 1 million dollars in investments.

I have enclosed a detailed resume, along with two letters of recommendation, and my University transcript. I hope you will find my personality and work experience a good match for this position. Please feel free to contact me at 896-326-5478, if you have any questions.

Richard Bolt

Reading text 2:

12 Frosty Rd.
Boston, MA

Dear Mr. Bolt,

I am sorry to inform you that the position you applied for has been filled. I want you to know, however, that I thought your resume and cover letter were extremely interesting. I think you would be an excellent addition to our team here at Porter Investments. If you would like to pursue other employment opportunities with our company, please contact Martin Plaster, the Director of Finances. He might be able to tell you about some other positions that will be available in the future. He can be reached at 895-654-2315. Thank you for your interest in our company.

Paul Wright

41. What did Richard Bolt achieve while at Georgetown University?
42. What does the letter suggest about Harvey Investments?
43. What news does Mr. Wright give Richard Bolt?
44. Why might Mr. Bolt contact Martin Plaster?
45. The word "extremely" of the second letter is closest in meaning to
Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

To: Customer Service
From: Maggie Flowers
Date: May 29
Subject: Compensation
Attachment: Rental receipt

Dear Customer Service,

On May 25, I was scheduled to fly on Flight 535 from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. However, the flight was canceled due to mechanical problems. While at the aiport, I was promised a flight voucher as compensation for the inconvenience. I never claimed it and would like to follow up now. Also, I'd like reimbursement for an incurred expense. I had a job interview to attend and could not wait until the following day. So, I rented a car and drove to my destination. I have attached a copy of the rental receipt in case you need it.

I hope you can help me resolve this matter.

Maggie Flowers

Reading text 2:

To: Maggie Flowers
From: Customer service
Date: June 8
Attachment: reimbursement_form
Subject: Re: Compensation

Dear Ms. Flowers,

I am sorry to hear of your inconvenience. Let me correct the situation.

First, our system indicates that you are entitled to the voucher. We normally tell customers that they will get it within four weeks. I apologize if our airline staff failed to convey this information properly at the time your flight was canceled. The voucher has been mailed and should arrive shortly. Second, all of the passengers on your flight were offered a night's stay at an airport hotel. Our policy states that we can reimburse a passenger with exceptional circumstances up to the price of the hotel stay. Your situation qualifies since the car rental amount was less than this cost. To proceed, complete the attached form and mail it to us along with your original receipt.

If I can assist you further, please contact me again. Thank you for being a loyal, valued customer.

Yours Truly,
Paul Russell
Customer service representative

Reading text 3:


Please allow up to 30 days for settlement.

Name: Maggie Flowers Membership rewards no.: 4793345
Address: 12704 Gruss Court, Cleveland, OH 44018 Tel: 555-2348
Type of claim:☐ Damage ☐ Loss ☒ Reimbursement
Amount of claim: $135.00
Flight no.: 535 Date: May 25
Origin: Cleveland, OH Destination: Pittsburgh, Paige
Please explain the reason(s) for your claim:
My flight was canceled, and I'd like to be reimbursed for some expenses.
Supporting documents (please attach): Car rental receipt

Maggie Flowers June 10
Please sign your name here Date

46. Why did Ms. Flowers write the e-mail?
47. What does Mr. Russel ask Ms. Flowers to provide?
48. In the second e-mail, the word "convey" is closest in meaning to
49. What is indicated about passengers to the canceled flight?
50. What does the form indicate about Ms. Flowers?

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