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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. Why is the woman upset?
7. What does the man think about the woman?
8. What does the man suggest?
9. What is the problem?
10. What does the woman imply when she says, "Are you serious"?
11. What does the woman ask the man about?
12. What problem does the woman mention?
13. What does the man imply when he says, "the branch supervisor seems to think that's an important issue to address"?
14. What will probably happen later today?


15. Which activity does Ann NOT do?
16. What does Ann have more than fifty of?
17. When does Ann sing and play the piano?
18. What is the broadcast mainly about?
19. Why does the speaker say, "There's something for everyone"?
20. According to the speaker, what will happen at 8 P.M.?


21. She has _____ books than I do.
22. Ms. Walters was _____ to make a presentation on how to increase revenue when I entered the room.
23. It is wise to begin by _____ an inventory of equipment on hand.
24. For inquiries on estimated arrival time for your order, please contact the _____ company by clicking on the following link.
25. The company directors will look at _____ of the sales reports before deciding how to allocate bonuses.
26. Inside your cell phone, these waves are converted _____ into the sound of the caller's voice.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

Please make sure you read this guide thoroughly before using the printer as it will help you learn to use the printer properly.

Items included in the package: PAV-II Printer, Power Adapter, and Solution Disk.
Any items missing _____(2) delivered at no extra charge by contacting the retailer within five days of purchase.

To prepare for printing, first, open the two layers of covers and load paper into the paper cassette. You may _____(3) up to 20 sheets. Placing 21 or more sheets may cause a malfunction.

To print images stored on a USB flash drive, remove any memory cards from the slot first. Once the slot is _____(4) insert a USB flash drive and follow the instructions on the screen.

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 32:

Reading text:

Drake Hartford 10:38
I'm at the reception area for Dandridge & Associates to check up on the painting crew's progress. I'm not sure about the paint color being used on the rear wall. It's that deep green tone Ms. Bryant wanted, but it doesn't match well with the flooring or front desk.


Dolly O'Hare 10:42
I was afraid that might be the case as it seemed too dark. Could you drop by her office and ask her to come have a look at it? Maybe you can suggest a few colors that are more suitable.


Drake Hartford 10:45
OK. I'll see if she is available and let you know what she wants to do. I'll recommend some colors as well. I think light brown, ivory, or even beige would look nice.


Drake Hartford 10:58
She came and had a look and completely agrees with us. So, I've told the crew members not to continue painting that wall today. She will go with the first option I proposed.


Dolly O'Hare 11:00
Perfect. OK, go ahead and have Triple A Hardware mix up the paint the crew will need. You can get it delivered to the site and have the store bill my account.


Drake Hartford 11:09
I just asked Triple A about the paint, but they are backlogged with other orders and deliveries. The soonest the new paint can be here is at 1 P.M. on Wednesday.


Dolly O'Hare 11:11
No worries. The crew is ahead of schedule anyway, so they can work on other tasks in the meantime.

31. At 10:42, what does Ms. O'Hare mean when she writes, "that might be the case"?
32. What color of paint will be delivered to Dandridge & Associates?
Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Satisfy your Craving for Sweets
at Katie's Cupcakes!

For the most delicious cupcakes you'll ever taste, head to Katie's Cupcakes at 637 Elm Street in downtown Lavington! -[1]-. We can make over 50 flavor combinations of cake, filling, and frosting. Whether you like more traditional cupcake flavors or more exotic kinds, like mint and pumpkin, Katie's Cupcakes can fulfill your craving without ruining your diet. Nearly half of our items are low in both sugar and fat, making them great for those limiting their caloric intake. -[2]-. We promise that, upon your request, any of our delicious treats can be baked free of sugar, gluten, lactose, or nuts or can be made specially for diabetics.

These days, many people use cupcake arrangements instead of traditional cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. -[3]-. Katie's Cupcakes can customize an arrangement in any color and flavor, for any occasion. Stop by any time to check out examples of our work. Those placing an order for a cupcake arrangement in June will receive a 10 percent discount!

Katie's Cupcakes is open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Samples are always available, so drop by soon and satisfy your taste buds. -[4]-.

33. What is NOT indicated about Katie's Cupcakes' products?
34. According to the advertisement, what does Katie's Cupcakes do for its customers?
35. How can customers get a discount on cupcake arrangements?
36. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "And for those with dietary restrictions, we offer an array of options."


Questions 37 - 41:

Reading text 1:


Department: Human Resources
Reports to: Human Resources Director

The Human Resources department is moving from its former location at our Wilmington location to our new facility in Arkansas. This will enable us to expand, necessitating the hiring of additional staff. In order to oversee the training of these new staff and the successful transition to our new location, we are seeking a highly organized, energetic individual to lead part of the expanded Human Resources team. We feel it is important to hire someone with connections and experience in the company, so we are initially only accepting applications from current staff, regardless of department.

Minimum Qualifications:
Education and Training: A master's degree in information management or business administration.

Work Experience:
. Ten years of experience in the field (at least two years with our company)
. Proven track-record of management and budgetary responsibilities
. Effective supervision of staff

Skills and Abilities:
. Proven record of accomplishment of outstanding management and supervisory skills, including the ability to train, direct, and motivate staff

Salary: commensurate with experience
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Reading text 2:

Re: HR Manager Position
Attachments: Christina_Appleby_resume2007.doc

Dear Mr. Blake,

I'm not sure if you remember me. We met at the company Christmas party last year. My name is Christina Appleby, and I work in the information systems department. My manager, Chris Knowles, recently informed me of a position that is opening in the Human Resources department for an HR manager and suggested that I apply for it.

I have attached my resume for you to look at, and I think you will find that my background is what you are looking for. As you will see, I've been working in this industry for more than twelve years, the past five of which I've been with this company. I hold an MBA from Sloan MIT. The team that I've been in charge of has consistently produced results on schedule, and I feel this demonstrates my ability to manage and motivate others.

I understand that the position would involve relocating, but this would be fine. My husband is actually considering a job in the same area as it so happens.

I'd be very pleased to meet with you to discuss my suitability for this position. Thank you for your consideration.

37. Where would this job posting most likely be seen?
38. Why is the HR department hiring a new manager?
39. How did Ms. Appleby find out about the job posting?
40. How long has Ms. Appleby worked for this company?
41. Why does Ms. Appleby say she would like to relocate?

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