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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. Where will the speakers go to work?
8. What will they take with them?
9. What kind of work are they doing?
10. What is the woman's problem?
11. What does the man suggest?
12. What will the man probably do next?
13. Why is Patricia calling Nick?
14. Why can't Patricia reach Kevin?
15. What does Nick offer to do?


16. What is being advertised?
17. When will the performance take place?
18. Where has Larry worked for the last six months?
19. What is the main topic of the announcement?
20. Why does the speaker say, "we've got a lot to do before then"?
21. What is mentioned about George Jennings?
22. What does the company most likely produce?
23. Who is listening to this talk?
24. To what does the speaker credit the success of the company?


25. I'll go to the convention center _____ I've checked into the hotel.
26. The work took much less time to accomplish _____ the manager organized the staff into task groups.
27. Whenever the company introduces new products, its employees try the products _____ before marketing them.
28. The dentist tells jokes while he is working in order to _____ patients from their fears.
29. The Japanese _____ backed out of the World Peace Conference when more than half its members came down with the flu the day before their flight.
30. Factory officials reported that with the installation of the new machinery, errors during _____ have decreased by 15 percent.
31. Donald Jackson, the financial advisor, will _____ the president on the economic affairs for the international summit.
32. What is meant by the term capital? - though a seemingly basic question, the notion of capital varies, depending on the _____ being considered.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

NOTE: All Eddington's Membership Card Holders

_____(1). We will be adjusting the frequency that point accumulation statements are sent to our members. From January 1, statements will be mailed every six months instead of quarterly. _____(2) this change, members may continue to log in at to find current details. You can _____(3) your accumulated points and see what rewards are available in exchange for them through your online account. Or you can call us during business hours at 555-4955, and we will give you a total. _____(4), you can drop by a service counter at any Eddington's Department Store, and one of our staff will inform you of your current total.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 38:

Reading text:

At Bathland!
Everything that you need for your bathroom
For two weeks only!
50% off our extra-large luxury bathtubs
30% off luxury soap and shampoo sets
Buy two large towels and get one free
Mirrors, sinks, shelves, tiles, and much more ...
All up to 25% off!

37. What should you NOT buy at Bathland?
38. How long will the sale last?
Questions 39 - 40:

Reading text:

From: Helen Martin
To: All advertising associates
Subject: Employee Lunch

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to remind you all that the annual employee luncheon will be held this Friday, March 16th. It will be held at 1 p.m. at the Emerald Country Club. Lunch will be provided, but we would like each associate to bring one dessert. There is a sign-up sheet in the break room next to the water cooler. Also, this year we will be celebrating the achievements of Bob Hopey, the Director of Advertising, who will be retiring at the end of March. Mr. Hopey has worked for Best Advertising for thirty years, and was responsible for the successful merger with McKinley Advertising in 2004. He will be missed greatly, and we are asking each associate to contribute $25 for a goodbye gift. The gift will be handed to him at the luncheon. Please give the money to Barbara Whales in Human Resources by Thursday, March 15th.

Helen Martin

39. What information is discussed in the email?
40. What will Bob Hopey most likely receive on March 16th?


Questions 41 - 45:

Reading text 1:


Wheel-Pals, the world's most popular carpooling program, has arrived in Auckland! Download the application today onto your mobile phone, device, or computer, and find out how easy it is to save money on transportation! The application connects you with other users in your area that are interested in carpooling at specific times. All our members undergo a screening process and can post reviews about other passengers and drivers. With fees starting as low as $6 per month for a basic package, Wheel-Pals is sure to be as popular here in Auckland as it is in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne! Go to for more details.

Reading text 2:

USER REVIEW: Wheel-Pals Carpooling Application
By Jason Diaz (

Wheel-Pals recently launched its service in the Auckland area, and having already used the application while living in Brisbane, I was one of the first to sign up. As before, I purchased the basic package because, in the past, it had enough services to help me form carpool groups with other drivers or riders that live nearby. However, I don't think Wheel-Pals has done enough to promote its launch in this area. I sometimes find it difficult to find people to carpool with. In Brisbane, I only drove my car to work once or twice a week, but now I have to do it more often. Also, few people that I know locally are even aware of the application.

Reading text 3:

TO Jason Diaz
FROM Adele Simmonds
SUBJECT Thanks for the review!
DATE May 29

Dear Mr. Diaz,

My name is Adele Simmonds and I'm a public relations representative for Wheel-Pals. I recently came across an online review you left about our application. On behalf of the company, thank you for taking the time to leave the comment. We appreciate your concerns and have decided to take steps to market the program further in your area.

As a token of thanks for your review, you will receive points that you can use like cash to pay for your subscription or any of our other services. The points will show up in the application the next time you log in.

Thank you again, and we hope you will continue to find Wheel-Pals useful.


Adele Simmonds
Regional PR associate, Wheel-Pals Inc.

41. What is the purpose of the flyer?
42. What problem does Mr. Diaz mention in the review?
43. What is indicated about Mr. Diaz?
44. Where does Wheel-Pals plans to do additional product promotion?
45. In the e-mail, the word "leave" is closest in meaning to
Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

Lakeshore Recreational Complex

Our facilities are suitable for a range of activities and events. To rent a facility, fill out a request form and send it to From April to September, we are open daily from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. From October to March, we are open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Name Facility Rental costs (per hour)
Zone 1 1 Softball field, 1 Soccer field, 1 Oval-shaped track available $110
Zone 2 2 Basketball courts, 2 Volleyball courts, 3 Badminton courts available $55
Zone 3 1 Gym available for dance, yoga, martial arts $45
Zone 4 1 Hall available with facilities for bowling and billiards $35

Restrooms are situated throughout the complex. A cafeteria and vending machines are located in the recreation hall. Additional fees apply for staffing, equipment, and other services.

A 50 percent deposit is required upon booking, with the remainder due on the rental date. Companies that have used our services before may be eligible for a 20 percent discount if they book a facility during off-peak hours.

Reading text 2:

Lakeshore Recreational Complex
Facility Rental Request Form

Organization: Markovich Insurance Date: July 11
Contact: Lois Butler Telephone: 555-3858
Dates required: Saturday, August 29
Times required: 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Facilities requested:
(Mark one or more selections below)
☒ Softball field ☐ Soccer field ☒ Oval-shaped track
☐ Basketball court (Quantity: _____)
☐ Volleyball court (Quantity: _____)
☐ Badminton court (Quantity: _____)
☐ Indoor gym ☐ Recreation hall
* multiple facilities available

Additional comments:

A small group of us will be at the venue one hour before our official start time to put up signs and set up tables and chairs. Also, is it possible to reserve parking for our group? I'm not certain what your conditions are in regard to this. We will probably need about 15 spaces in total.

Reading text 3:

Markovich Insurance

Date: August 22
To: All staff
From: Lois Butler
Subject: 9th Markovich Insurance Sports Day

Hey everyone! Just reminding you that our annual sports event is going to be held next week on Saturday, August 29, at the Lakeshore Recreational Complex. We have lots of fun, food, and surprises in store, including games and prizes! By now, you should have received one of four team assignments. Be sure to wear your team's designated colors! Our first event for the day will be a softball match, so we will meet first thing at the venue's softball field at 10 A.M. If you need help with transportation, please contact Dave Begley. See you all there!

46. What is a feature of the Lakeshore Recreational Complex?
47. What does Ms. Butler inquire about on the form?
48. What is indicated about Markovich Insurance?
49. In the memo, the phrase "in store" is closest in meaning to
50. Where will the employees most likely meet on the morning of August 29?

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