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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. How will they get to the city?
8. When will they meet Mr. Johnson?
9. Why didn't Mr. Johnson go on the trip?
10. What are the speakers discussing?
11. What type of movie does the woman prefer?
12. How many movies has the actor made this year?
13. What will they have to do once the agreement becomes final?
14. What might occur if they don't act quickly?
15. According to the man, what can result from this deal?


16. What does the speaker's cousin do?
17. How much has the speaker's cousin spend on his camera?
18. Who does he sell the photographs to?
19. When did the fire start?
20. What should residents of the area do?
21. What caused the fire?
22. According to the speaker, what will happen tomorrow?
23. Look at the graphic. Which number should guests dial to request towels or pillows?
24. What will be offered to guests this week?


25. The airport guard made us _____ our pockets at the security gate.
26. It was important _____ the presentation before giving it to the over two hundred business school graduates in the audience.
27. This project began almost five months ago _____ is expected to be finished in December.
28. Millet has a _____ of restaurants with outdoor seating to fit your tastes and budget.
29. The task force spent an entire day selecting applications that most _____ matched the requirements of the positions being offered.
30. The managers involved with the negotiations are pleased with the progress of the talks and believe that they will reach a mutually beneficial _____.
31. After this has been accomplished, the next _____ is their supply-chain partners.
32. The company has _____ hired some new staff, so we will be holding a gathering at the cafeteria to introduce them.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Do you find _____(1) your home more trouble than it’s worth? If so, call Wimberley’s—the most trusted housekeeping service in Kent. Since opening five years ago, we have consistently received top ratings from our customers.

_____(2). Our crew takes care of window and floor washing, vacuuming, and tile polishing. We use state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of the odors, dirt, and stains you’ve been struggling with. Furthermore, if you need to remove large _____(3) items such as furniture or appliances, the Wimberley’s staff can do this for a small additional fee.

We _____(4) your home at whatever time is most convenient for you! So, if you’re interested, please call us at 555-9190.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 39:

Reading text:

UBC GLOBAL Search Expert


UBC is looking for a detail-oriented, energetic team player. The person who takes this position will be given the chance to offer assistance in all aspects of Human Resources, such as recruiting, hiring, and training newcomers, as well as doing other routine work related to the human resources field.

Responsibilities include receiving résumés, planning interviews and meetings, coordinating new hire training, arranging company meetings, and scheduling travel for Human Resources executive staff. In order to successfully perform this job, an individual must be ready to get actively involved in any given duties.

Candidates should have a minimum four-year college degree and have the ability to write e-mails, business correspondence, and meeting agendas. Candidates should also have the ability to take care of inquiries and requests both from clients and from managerial staff. In addition, candidates should have strong research and communicative skills. All candidates must be fluent in English. Knowledge of an additional language is a plus.

Send a résumé along with two letters of recommendation to:

Personnel Department
3024 UBC
Jeffersn City, MO 65109

37. What is one of the stated job responsibilities?
38. According to the job advertisement, what is NOT a requirement for this position?
39. What should an interested candidates submit to apply to UBC?
Questions 40 - 43:

Reading text:

Gordon Institute Publishes Study on Americans' Eating and Exercise Habits

In its last survey conducted a decade ago, the Gordon Institute found that many Americans were not as active as they should be and often ate excessively. Now, the Atlanta-based nonprofit organization has released the comprehensive results of a new survey on the same topic.

According to the survey, 45 percent of Americans exercise once a week for 30 minutes a day or more. An additional 25 percent exercise three times a week for 30 minutes a day or more, and a further 10 percent exercise at least 30 minutes every day of the week. -[1]-.

Of the Americans who do exercise, 65 percent say they jog slowly, 25 percent say they lift weights, and the remaining 10 percent say they walk long distances or perform other activities. -[2]-. About 40 percent of this group say they don't make any effort to regulate their food intake, while about 60 percent say they strive to eat healthily at least some of the time. -[3]-.

These results make for an interesting comparison to a similar survey the Gordon Institute published 20 years ago. In that survey, only 23 percent of Americans said they exercised at least once a week. Furthermore, the percentage of those monitoring their food intake and endeavoring to make smart food choices has risen 11 percent. -[4]-.

40. What can be inferred about the Gordon Institute?
41. What type of exercise did most survey participants prefer?
42. What does the most recent survey indicate about Americans?
43. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "The rest of them say they do not work out at all."


Questions 44 - 48:

Reading text 1:

To: All members of Reinholdt Street bridge team
From: Michael Smith, manager, information services dept.
Re: Video Conference - Friday, August 21st at 6:45 a.m.

You are advised that there will be a video conference with head office this morning Friday. Everyone who has been involved in the planning and implementation of that project is expected to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to update Mr. Bill Sanderson, who is replacing Jim Watson in overseeing all government contracts, about the progress that has been made and what still needs to be done. This project is presently behind schedule, and Mr. Sanderson would like to get some idea of how far back the deadline needs to be pushed before he calls the city. Please send Mr. Sanderson a brief summary of your role in the project and any other information that you think might be pertinent so that he can have a chance to prepare for the meeting. Mr. Sanderson will also be asking you for your ideas about streamlining our work-flow, so please give that some thought and offer your suggestions.
The conference is scheduled to start at head office at 9:00 a.m. EST, and the time difference means that we will have to start at 6:45 a.m. Of course, we are aware that this falls outside of your regular work schedule. You will be compensated for your time at the overtime rate. The meeting should last about 2 hours, so you will be able to start your regular workday on time.
This is the first such conference that we have conducted, and if it is successful, we hope to hold all meeting between our San Diego branch and head office via video conference. So, your participation in making it successful is very much appreciated.

Reading text 2:

To: Bill Sanderson,
From: Aaron Rothschild,
Re: Video Conference

Dear Mr. Sanderson,
My name is Aaron Rothschild, and I am the senior engineer on the Reinholdt Street bridge project. I was asked by Michael Smith to e-mail you with some information with regard to the project schedule.
As I'm sure you are aware, the project has fallen behind schedule. We were originally slated to begin construction at the beginning of May, but there were numerous problems. The most significant of these was that we were unable to find a local firm that could handle the kind of blasting that the project required. The bridge called for blasting for the underpass for James Street, and this was very close to a residential area, requiring a very specialized excavation blast. None of the firms in the San Diego area had the necessary expertise. We were able to locate a company in LA that could do it, but this put us two weeks behind schedule.
At the video conference on Friday morning, I think one issue that would be important to address is why this oversight happened. We were under the impression that the blasting company that we usually hire would be able to do the job, but this is because we were not given a clear idea of the exact nature of the site until it was too late. I think this was a simple case of communication breakdown, but it would be useful to discuss it to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Yours truly,
Aaron Rothschild

44. Who wrote the notice?
45. According to the notice, what will happen on Friday morning?
46. What are the readers of the notice asked to do?
47. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?
48. What is the main cause of the delay in the project, according to Mr. Rothschild?
Questions 49 - 53:

Reading text 1:

Announcing Babson's Annual Clearance Sale
September 1 to 15 at all our locations

Babson's Department Store is holding its annual summer clearance sale. Find great deals on select items as we make room for next season's inventory.
• Up to 25 percent off bed and bath items, including bed linens, towels, and pillows
• Up to 50 percent off women's clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves, and sunglasses
• Up to 75 percent off menswear as well as men's belts, wallets, and ties

Note: This offer may not be combined with other promotions or regular discounts available to Babson's Rewards Club members. Discount prices apply to products purchased in our retail outlets or online at

Reading text 2:

Sales Summary
August 1 to September 30

* All amounts in millions

Department August 1-31 September 1-30 Total earnings
Women's 812 924 1,736
Men's 358 312 670
Kids & Teens 448 569 1,017
Bed & Bath 589 713 1,302
Watches & Jewelry 315 388 703
Total earnings 5,428
Less discounts (1,592)
Net earnings 3,836

Reading text 3:

To: Margaret Atkins
From: Lawrence Devine
Subject: Meeting
Date: October 6

Dear Ms. Atkins,

I just wanted to confirm the details that were discussed at the marketing meeting you called this morning. Following your instructions, additional funds for market research will be allocated to the only department whose sales performance in September declined. Also, it was agreed that we should continue promoting the categories that showed an increase in sales. As for watches and jewelry, you want us to conduct surveys to learn what specific items customers want most. Since profit margins for those items are high, you indicated that the company may wish to enlarge the selection in that department next year. Please let me know if this covers everything you requested or spoke about at the meeting so that I don't overlook anything. Once I hear from you, I will discuss this with the rest of the marketing staff. We can present a tentative plan when we meet with you again next week.


Lawrence Devine

Marketing associate

49. Why did Babson's Department Store hold a sale?
50. What is NOT mentioned about Babson's Department Store?
51. What is indicated about the Watches and Jewelry Department?
52. Which department will receive additional funds for a market study?
53. What can be inferred about Ms. Atkins?

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