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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. Who most likely is the man?
7. What is mentioned about the Carter Institute?
8. What does the woman mean when she says, "we have a special treat for listeners"?
9. What did the man recently do?
10. What problem is mentioned?
11. Look at the graphic. When was a previous Campaign released?
12. What is the woman's problem?
13. What does the man suggest?
14. What will the man probably do next?


15. How many people were in the raft?
16. Where did they go for food afterwards?
17. What did the speaker think of the day?
18. What is the message for?
19. What is the main purpose of the message?
20. What is the speaker offering?


21. Wang is originally from Hong Kong, but he's lived in San Francisco _____ years.
22. I received a text message from Takeshi yesterday, and it mentioned that they had the equipment _____ yesterday.
23. We were impressed by the director's _____ of the conflict between good and evil.
24. Good business planning includes developing as overall _____, addressing likely objections and demonstrating why potential buyers need the product or service.
25. In this continuously changing world, the importance of price is being reduced and quality becomes a significant means of _____ sustainable competitive advantage.
26. Although the hiring panel decided not to offer Ms. West the sales position, they _____ her to apply for other job openings at the firm.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

To: Angela Thornberry
From: Vincent Nakamura
Subject: Your laptop
Date: June 18

Dear Ms. Thornberry,

I am writing about the Trax 2700 laptop you dropped off at our store on June 15 because of problems with its screen. After sending it to our _____(1) for examination, we discovered that it contained a faulty component. At present, your laptop is being _____(2). As requested, we are also thoroughly testing the device to see if there are any other issues.

As this problem appears to have been entirely our fault, we will provide you with a $50 voucher to use at our retail store. _____(3), e-coupons for our Web site are also available. Just let us know which you'd prefer.

_____(4). If you have not received it by then, please call customer service.

Best wishes,

Vincent Nakamura
Customer Satisfaction Department

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 33:

Reading text:

Name Height Weight
John 178 cm 65 kg
Andy 175 cm 67 kg
Scott 181 cm 79 kg
Bill 179 cm 77 kg

John and his three friends decided to join the army. When they went to the army office, the army doctor began checking their height and weight. John was a bit embarrassed because he was thin and weighed only 65 kg. Andy was also embarrassed because he was the shortest. After the doctor's check up, the boys began training.

31. Who checked their height?
32. Who was embarrassed?
33. Why did John and his friends go for a check up?
Questions 34 - 35:

Reading text:

Knitting Class Series: Spring 2008

Instructor: Bobbie Purnell
First Session: February 11, 25, March 3, 10 12-2 PM
Second Session: March 17, 24, April 7, 14 12-2 PM
Room: To be determined

This is a wonderful opportunity for beginners to learn about the art of knitting and for experienced knittes to perfect their skills. Experienced and advanced-level knitters are also welcome.

Fee: $15 for knitting materials. Fee will be waived if you bring your own materials. (cash only)
Capacity: 15 beginner-level students and up to 5 advanced-level students
Register: Please contact Bianca Mona, New Haven Diversity & Community Center at or stop by 128 Zankel Building.

34. What has NOT been decided yet?
35. What should one do to enroll in the program?


Questions 36 - 40:

Reading text 1:


Coming Soon... Duty-Free Shopping at Botwell Department Store

Botwell Department Store, situated in the heart of Cape Town, is pleased to announce that on April 12 it will be opening a new duty-free store designed for all international travelers. Located on Botwell's fifth floor, the establishment will feature luxury goods such as cosmetics, perfumes, liquors, jewelry, and more. In celebration of the opening, all items by Moreno Luggage and Lydia Cosmetics will be marked down by 20 percent until May 15. To buy any product being sold in the duty-free store, customers will need to provide a passport and a ticket that will be used for an international departure within 28 days. Those who are members of the Botwell Frequent Shopper program can receive an additional 10 percent off all duty-free products.

Reading text 2:


I'm very grateful to everyone for helping to make the first week of our duty-free store a success. Overall, I am pleased with your efforts and with how well the store ran. However, there are a few important things to take note of.

First, I received a number of complaints about our voucher program. Please recall that it is our policy to give vouchers to customers who make purchases totaling $500 or more. These vouchers allow them to take advantage of discounts on our partner establishments' Web sites. Please remember to give one to every eligible customer.

Second, if a member of our frequent shopper program has lost his or her card, we cannot offer the reduced price. However, shoppers may keep their receipts and get reimbursed for the difference once the card has been located or replaced.

Thank you for your attention to these matters, and keep up the good work.

Reading text 3:

Botwell Department Store Receipt

Issued: April 19
To: Emilia Fortich Citizenship: Spanish
Passport number: XCV81324
Flight: Vela Airways VI342
Date of departure: April 21 Destination: Madrid, Spain

Item Quantity Price
Riley leather handbag (plum) 1 $160.00
Lydia Cosmetics lipstick 1 $46.00
Leganz digital camera 1 $258.00
Daphne Boutique scarf 1 $62.00
TOTAL $526.00

Please note:
Cape Town Airport Authority (CTAA) regulations prohibit the transport of more than 100 milliliters of liquids and gels onboard unless the products have been purchased at a duty-free store and secured in a plastic bag bearing the official CTAA seal. Furthermore, note that such items must be removed from luggage when passing through a security checkpoint.

36. What is NOT mentioned about Botwell's new establishment?
37. What is the purpose of the notice?
38. Which product did Ms. Fortich probably buy at a discount?
39. What is true about Ms. Fortich?
40. In the receipt, the word "secured" is closest in meaning to

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