Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 21/06/2024

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Đề thi TOEIC rút gọn ngày 21/06/2024

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Questions 1 - 3:
1. Where is this announcement most likely being made?
2. Why do the passengers have to fasten their seatbelts?
3. What will happen in thirty minutes?
Questions 4 - 6:
4. What is the announcement mainly about?
5. What is mentioned about the exhibit hall?
6. Why does the speaker say, "Mr. Donner is making preparations"?



7. Mr. Benson said that the maid never _____ to clean this quarters the whole time he stayed at the hotel.
8. Most of the employees are entitled to a maximum of one hour for a lunch break, depending on _____ assigned work schedule.
9. By the end of the first quarter, the company _____ estimated profit by over 10 percent.
10. The conference discussed _____ issues.
11. A campaign against using _____ cups, has begun.
12. When you look at the modern office today you could compare the changes with those that took place in the industrial _____ in the 19th century.
13. The improvement in staff morale is a _____ consequence of the management's decision to offer employees a pay raise this year.
14. The warranty on Lelen saucepan does not apply to damages that result from _____ use of cookware.


Questions 15 - 18:

Reading text:

Sports Complex Put to a Vote

Gainesburg, June 3—Gainesburg residents _____(1) on whether a sports complex should be built in town. It was concluded that 82 percent are _____(2) of the project. In consideration of the results, the city approved its construction, and development plans are expected to commence in the coming months.

Gainesburg’s one existing fitness club was _____(3) last year after 30 years of use. This left the area without any functional leisure facilities at all, and residents had been pushing for a sports complex ever since.

_____(4). "Having a fitness center will make athletic resources readily accessible to a wider range of people. It will also help unite the community in a fun and healthy way," said council member Claire Faukes.

15. (1)
16. (2)
17. (3)
18. (4)


Questions 19 - 22:

Reading text:

JP Store is proud to announce its new catalogue service, which will begin this September. Each month all customers with a JP gold Card will receive a free catalogue. What's so great about the JP Catalogue? You don't have to go to our store to buy your clothes. You can simply call the customer service hotline and place your order from the comfort of your own home. Plus, each month's catalogue will include special discounts on all our clothing. If you have any questiosn about this special promotion, contact us at 1-800-2365-9864. If you are not a cardholder and would like to become one, then download an application from our website, www.jpclothes.com. All customers who apply online before August 15th will receive an additional 20 percent off their first order.

19. What kind of product does JP Store sell?
20. What will JP Gold Card holders receive?
21. How often will cardholders receive the JP Catalogue?
22. How can interested customers apply for a card?
Questions 23 - 25:

Reading text:

Did you know that you don't ever have to go to the bank again? At MegaBank, you can do all of your banking electronically, and you will never have to come to a branch office. Here's how:

Direct Deposit:
Ask your employer to deposit your paychecks directly into your account each month. By doing so, you will no longer have to come to the bank to deposit the checks yourself.

Withdraw cash or make additional deposits at convenient Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) around the country with your MegaBank card and PIN.

Use the MegaBank automated operator to make transfers between your accounts or check account information.

MegaBank's website is so versatile you can check the status of all of your accounts and get money market information twenty-four hours a day.
So save yourself time and energy. Join MegaBank and do banking the easy way.

23. Which of the services allows an emmployer to deposit an employee's checks into the employee's account?
24. Which of the service allows account access all day long?
25. What does MegaBank offer to its customers through its services?
Questions 26 - 29:
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Reading text 1:

Wanted: Private Chinese Tutor

My husband, two children, and I need a Chinese teacher because we are moving to Hong Kong next summer. The teacher must come for one hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. We have some background in Chinese vocabulary and grammar, so we need to focus our classes on writing and conversation. We are willing to pay $20 an hour to the right person. Email Deb at chinafan@mailnet.com.

Reading text 2:

To: chinafan@mailnet
From: lilywong@chinmail.net
Subject: Tutor
Date: August 30th

Dear Deb,

I am a Chinese teacher from Hong Kong. I am now a student here in New Zealand. I taught Chinese in my home country, so I have a lot of experience. I am free every evening. I am very interested in meeting you and your family.

Please call me on 09-993-444

Lily Wong

26. Who wrote the advertisement?
27. Why do they need a teacher?
28. How much do they want to pay per week?
29. What did Lily Wong do before she moved to New Zealand?
Questions 30 - 34:
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Reading text 1:

Grand Deville Hotel: Five-Star Accommodation on the Vancouver Waterfront

The Grand Deville Hotel is opening at the end of August, and we are excited about offering our guests the best experience in downtown Vancouver. Our 10-story facility has already been receiving positive coverage in numerous publications, and our rooms are almost fully booked for the first two weeks.

Some of our amenities include:
• A large indoor swimming pool and exercise room, both of which every guest can use free of charge
• Single rooms starting at $100 a night and double rooms starting at $160 a night
A restaurant and event space, La Vie Boheme, that serves a variety of dishes from around the globe
A conference room with a 100-person capacity, a salon with a 50-person capacity, a boardroom with a 60-person capacity, and a ballroom with a 200-person capacity
A hot tub and a minibar in every room
Cable television with over 300 channels

Don't wait - book your room today by visiting www.devillevancouver.co.ca or by calling 555-9532. If you have any questions, send an e-mail to questions@devillevancouver.co.ca.

Reading text 2:

FROM: Derek Raymond
SUBJECT: Some queries
DATE: August 30

My name is Derek Raymond, and I'm an employee at the Biological Research Center at the British Columbia Technology Institute (BCTI). Several members of our center recently won a prestigious science award. We plan to celebrate this momentous occasion with a banquet. We would like to book a space that is large enough for about 150 guests. If that's possible, we will be holding our event on September 27 at your hotel.

Also, some of my colleagues and I would like to stay the night. Please let me know if there are any rooms still available for that date. If so, I think eight single rooms would suit our requirements.


Derek Raymond

Reading text 3:

BCTI Biological Research Center
For Pine Beetle Research Team
September 27, 7:00 P.M., Grand Deville Hotel

7:00 P.M. Opening remarks, Josh Rainer, Director of BCTI Biological Research Center
7:15 P.M. Dinner* service, meal provided by La Vie Boheme
8:15 P.M. Presentation of certificates of appreciation and bonuses to team members and team leader
9:00 P.M. Talk by team leader Edwina Paige on her team's award-winning work using technology that halts deforestation brought on by pine beetles
9:15 P.M. Live performance by band The Fulstone Trio playing favorite jazz numbers

*Please check menu cards on the table for fish, meat, and vegetarian options. Check your preference and hand the card to your server. Guests staying overnight will also be provided a complimentary buffet breakfast between 7 A.M. and 11 A.M. the next day.

30. According to the advertisement, what is true about Vancouver?
31. What is NOT a feature of the Grand Deville Hotel?
32. In the e-mail, the word "momentous" is closest in meaning to
33. Where in the hotel will the celebration probably be held?
34. What can be inferred about Derek Raymond?